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Sometimes suddenly the mind becomes restless
The more you try to keep it at a place,
The more it wonders

Why its so? certainly I dont know.

I dont know many a things
Is it just because I dont know or
Is it just because I dont want to know.

The later may be the correct reason
Because it involves a lot of thought process
I dont want to do it now

Thats all.......................


Just I was wondering

What makes us move
You, me and and this whole world..
What is that which keeps us to go ahead or
Doing anything big and small.

I know everybody says its hope
But I dont agree
I think rather than hope
Its faith.........
That keeps us moving

If I dont have faith in anything I do
I am just going to lose myself
To this world

What do you say??????


Yesterday I was thinking


Why we talk
Why we write
Why we think
Why we do a thing or anything

Its because......... we feel

When you dont feel about anything
You wont be doing anything

You will be at peace

So feel is the culprit
People without feel live more happily
Than people with feel

What do you say??????



Its me
Atlast I have started
I have started writing
Its  a great feeling