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Gods Must Be Crazy!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday when I was talking to my sister over phone…

She told me that they are going to TIRUPATHI today...

(My mother, sister, her daughter and my brother with his family)

The main reason behind this trip being…

To fulfill my brothers promise to the GOD.

That….if his venture is successfully completed and given to rent…

The first month's rent, (two lakh rupees)

He will donate to two of his favorite deities…

One lakh to the great lord Venkateswara of Tirupathi and

The other one lakh to the Sai Baba of Shirdi

While having the dinner at night…

I have mentioned the same thing with my family

(That is the time we do all sorts of discussions generally)

I don’t know why...may be the food effect!

I said…."he is giving one lakh rupees to God; instead he can feed so many poor".

My husband thinking that he is a little bit modest than my brother, suggested…

"There is nothing wrong in giving to God, but he should have chosen

A bit poor temple, somewhere in our neighborhood, so …


I think....

Thinking is the only process which separates human beings from rest of the species on the Earth

It's not that the other species don’t think….

But definitely they won't be doing….. all the stuff we will be doing when we think!

We do….

Selective thinking

Constructive thinking… calculative thinking

Exhaustive thinking….enthralling thinking

Destructive thinking…endearing thinking

The list is never ending….

We can do all sorts of things in our thoughts…

We kill a person…we kiss a person

We praise a person…we abuse a person

You mention…. and you can do a damn thing in your thoughts…

Which otherwise you can't even imagine to do in your real world

I don’t know who made all these categories….

Certain things…forbidden!

Certain things not!!

Why so…

No one ever bother to ask…

I think…

No other species on earth is as obedient as us!

To make our survival...we surrender the maximum!!

We readily accept a thing without much questioning!

That’s the reason possibly…

We all are …

You still can't fence my thoughts!!

I never bothered to know …. Who in this bloody world

Took this stupid decision

To build four walls and boundaries

To make some rules and few laws

Countries and continents….

All to divide people!

Why anyone should be told

Where to live…what to do

Why anyone should be controlled

Of their impulses and actions

How long and how much

A person can be controlled

In terms of space and speech

In terms of life and love

Hey world listen to me

Let me declare today

Limitations are ephemeral

Universe is eternal

God never made walls

Nature never obeyed laws!

Whatever is your technology….

You still can't fence my thoughts
They have no limits

No walls can bind them

No laws can control them

They are all mine

Spreading across the boundaries

Spreading across the minds

Without any restrictions

Touching all the hearts….


How can I tell you that…?

I am remembering you!

I know I can't do that….

I know remembrances are for those

Whom we have forgotten!

Not for those ….

Who live with us…..

In all the four seasons of life!

In all the 365 days of the year!!

Not for those....

Who live in our dreams and aspirations!

Who live in all our desires!!

Not for those…

Who is part of all our thoughts!

And parcel of all our paths!!

How can I say that …?

I am remembering you!

When I know that….

You are me….

And I am you!

PT’s Quote


हर दिन हम घरसे एक नक़ाब पहनके निकलते है
चहरे पे अपनी एक नकली हँसी बनाके निकलते है

दिल को बंध कमरे में रक् कर
जीह पे एक ताला लगाकर
खालीपन को लेकर हम लोगोंसे मिलने निकलते है

न कोई प्यार का रिश्ता है न कोई अटूट बंधन
हर रिश्ता को हम तोल मोलके निबाते है
वक़्त के सात सात हम रिश्ता बदलते है

न कोई दिलकी भाशा है न कोई मीटी बातें
हर बात को एक बोली लगाके कहते है
मतलब से हम अपना जीब बदलते है

दूसोरोंका फिकर हम क्यों करे भय्या...
अपनी ही बलाई में हम डूबे रहते है

आज कल ...दुनियादारी कुछ ऐसी होगई है
इनसानियत की वजूद कही कोगई है

अब न हम सच्छा है...
न हमारी जिन्दगी सच्छा
नकलीपण अपनी कण कण में बरा है

पर्यावरण शोधना तो दूर की बात है
अब इनसानियत की शोधना जरूरी है
लोगोंकी सोंच में परिवर्तन की जरूरी है

कुछ सच्छाई... कुछ अच्छाई अपना के
इनसान बनके …जीनेकी जरूरी है
इनसान बनके …जीनेकी जरूरी है

Isn’t It Good Time To Dump?

We women, specifically me, have the habit of clinging to things!
Of course same habit we extend to persons also….
We can’t get rid of anything so easily and as fast as men do!

Today morning I got up early (almost 1-1 1/2 hours, compare to my normal time)
So with lot of time at hand…which I rarely get….
I started looking around and found so many things kept in store for future usage!

We always do that…store the things!
This is going to help us that time and this one on that day!

I am sure (99.9999%)…. that time and day will never turn up!

Today may be I am in a mood for dumping things (which I rarely do)

So I took out all those things which I found was not going to be useful in near future…
Kept them in a bag and when my maid came told her to dispose off!

I was quite relieved!

I started thinking…
If something materialistic can give me this much pleasure!

What about all those...personal attachments?
Why can’t I dump people and their thoughts?

When I know that their term is over
When I …

I've Learned ....

I've learned -
that you cannot make someone love you.
All you can do is be someone who can be loved.
The rest is up to them.

I've learned -
that no matter how much I care,
some people just don't care back.

I've learned -
that it takes years to build up trust,
and only seconds to destroy it.

I've learned -
that it's not what you have in your life
but who you have in your life that counts.

I've learned -
that you can get by on charm for about fifteen minutes.
After that, you'd better know something.

I've learned -
that you shouldn't compare
yourself to the best others can do
but to the best you can do.

I've learned -
that it's not what happens to people
that's important. It's what they do about it.

I've learned -
that you can do something in an instant
that will give you heartache for life.

I've learned -
that no matter how thin you slice it,
there are always two sides.

I've learned -
that it's taking me a long time

Struggle For Existence!!

Life is pulling me from all the directions
It is strangling me to death!

I don’t know when and to whom I have given
All these threads to hold on my behalf…

Now I don’t have any control to control them
They have taken the liberty…
Liberty of playing with me...

A little bit this side
A little bit that side…
Pulling and pushing me
Whenever they want!

It’s in their control now
My life!

The problem is not with them
The problem is with their technique

Neither they know how to handle it properly
Nor they know how to pull it apart correctly

That’s why all this struggle for me
Struggle for survival!
Struggle for existence!!

Neither can I die!!
Nor I can live!!!!

Bloody Shit Poetry........

I can’t say

How many days


How many years

The day you left me…
Time is stand still for me!

I am living just in the past
Dwelling in the moments I spent with you!

Thinking all the time....

How I use to talk to you
How you would listen to me

How I use to look at you
How you would stare at me

How you use to make me laugh
How you would console me

I still feel bizarre…
What made me to do that?

What’s the fun in letting you go dear?
Holding this deadly life all alone

You are not here
I became an isle

Watching life passing by
Writing this bloody shit poetry
Thinking of you!

Let Me Tell You Dear…

They say…

Happiness is doubled
Sorrows are halved….
When we are with dear ones

But let me tell you dear….

For me….

There is no happiness without you!


There is nothing called sorrow in presence of you!!

Friend….You are Wrong!


You told me that….
“You and you are only responsible for your happiness”

I believed!
Because I trust you…I thought what you said is right!

But…today…after trying so hard for this many days….
I realized that you are wrong!

I can no more take the responsibility of my happiness
It’s not the case always that…I create chaos in my life!

I don’t live in isolation
I am surrounded by people
How can I ignore them?
How can I remain intact?

I am living
I am sensitive
I feel

Someone makes me cry and something makes me laugh
So it’s totally a mutual act!

How can I remain without any reaction?
When some action is going on in my surroundings

I am not a sage dear…
You know that…
I am just like you!
A simple human with a gentle heart!

Where shall I go?
What shall I do?

Just take out my heart and dump it some where
So that I can live…happily ever after

Tell me!


तेरे याद मेरी साथ बना
तेरे सपने मेरी राह बना

बस मै तो यूँही राहों पे बटक रही हूँ

ज़हा तेरा याद मिले वही मेरी रास्ता है
ज़हा तेरे सपने कुले वही मेरी मंजिल है

The clouds and The hills

The clouds embracing the hills

The Dirty Picture….

Day before I was watching "The Dirty Picture"….
Whole night I was sleep less thinking about the character SILK!
The problem with me is I think a lot….when I read, hear or see something sensitive!

The highlight of the movie is the suicide note
In which she questions about her mother …why she closed the door on her face instead of hugging!

It reminded me of one thing I always tell my two daughters…

“Whatever you do in life…
Whether it’s small or big mistake or even a blunder….
Never ever hesitate to tell me or come back to me…
I am always there to accept you!
Accept you with all your flaws!!”

And that’s all one wants…
To be accepted with one’s weaknesses

I always tell no one is perfectly perfect!
Everyone in this world is entitled to take some liberties…
To try and do some things of his/her choice….

By doing so, at times….they do commit certain unwanted things
Mistakes happen!! No one wants them!!

Don’t just discourage and discord them…
Because they did some mistake or some m…










Calculative Thinking!

Two things I hate the most…

Unfortunately now days…I am doing nothing but these two things…
Put together…..what they make is calculative thinking!

I really hate it…
To utter a thing thinking twice!
To do a thing after much calculation!!

Alas…if I knew earlier that life would be this much calculated act!
I would have never opted for it!!
(Of course now also it is not because of my option)

So what to do ….where to dump…
These two things which off late are adulterating my life…
And not allowing me to be myself!!

Any one… any suggestions!

Life is nothing but melting ice!!

Days, hours…and minutes
Life is just killing time!

Moments turn into memories
Present becomes past
Life is nothing but melting ice!!

I don’t know when and where
I took this big pause….

Now when I look around…
Life has gone much ahead
Leaving me far beyond!!

I am desperate…
Trying to catch life at least once!
Before the death stands at my entrance!!

What For You Live???

Yesterday night I went to dinner along with my daughters
During the course of meal, my younger daughter asked me a question
“Do you live to eat or eat to live”
My answer was…eat to live! (But of course, I enjoy good food)

Once I came back home….I was just thinking about that answer in little detail…
According to my answer I eat to live….but strangely…I got a doubt…first of all....
Why should I eat? what for I live?

Seriously…after thinking throughout the night also,
I couldn’t find a single meaningful reason for which I live!
Children, husband, education, carrier, friends…nowhere…I can tell that I am irreplaceable!

To be frank it’s not even the question of being required or not required by some one!
Definitely…it’s neither the exact answer nor the exact reason to live or not to live!

Suddenly I started wondering that…in this many years of my life…
Till now… I really don’t know exactly for what I am living!

I was living just for sake of living!

Never realized that….
There is no big …

अब न मुझे कोई शिकायत है ..

आज कल तुमसे नाता कुछ ऐसा हो गया है
हर वक़्त तेरे संग रहनेका एहसास होने लगा है

सितारोंमे तेरा चहरा देकती हूँ
हवाओंमे तेरे बाते सुनती हूँ

बारिश्की बून्दोंसे तेरे आहट चुनती हूँ
बहारोंकी पूलोंमे तेरे कुशबू पाती हूँ

अब न मुझे कोई शिकायत है ..

न बिचडने की गम है
न मिलने की इन्तेजार

क्योंके अब हर पल मै ....

आंखोंमे तेरे सपने सजाये बैटी हूँ
दिल में बस तेरा ही याद लिए बैटी हूँ

Rains …..

Rains …..

Messengers from heavens!
Messages from dear ones!!

They bring down showers!
They lighten up our hearts!!

They mesmerize our senses!
They captivate our feelings!!

They mellow life to flow!
They allow love to grow!!

They quench our thirst!
They satiate our burst!!

Indulge in rains….

They just take you overboard!
They just make life abound!!

Happiness is......

Some time back a good old friend of mine told me that….
Happiness is the integer of all pleasures put together!

Two days before someone asked me….” are you not happy?”
I have become quite confused with that query.

To be frank off late I am unable to do the analysis,
Rather I can say…
I am unable to tally and maintain the balance sheet of all the pleasures/ displeasures
To arrive at a conclusion to state….whether I am happy or not!

Pleasure is momentary…
Happiness is a sum total of all pleasurable moments of life!

Its keeps on changing….
Depending on the course of life

But let me tell you….
It’s problematic….if you go on keep the track of
What has happened…?
Especially….the account of displeasures!

Make a practice of checking out day to day accounts

Remove all the displeasures of the day….
Save all the pleasurable moments!

Make space for the next day….

Every day brings fresh life!
Every dawn gives new hope!!

Think to…
Multiply …pleasures!

Ego…. should not over rule reasoning!

Ego is one thing which rules many of us!
I agree one can and one will always of certain amount of ego and there is nothing wrong in it
But…I always feel that a person’s Ego…. should not over rule reasoning!

Recently we had some technical discussions in office
We are discussing about a particular rock type (syenite) and its classification using QAP diagram
A senior officer having different idea about the rock composition said that I am wrong!
There is nothing wrong in telling that the other person is wrong….
Anyone can be wrong…

But he commented that…
Even if the building is powdered and plotted in QAP it will give some rock name!
Being a petrologist for past twenty years I know that….
What he told is…illogical
QAP ….I will use only to classify a particular kind of igneous rock (phaneritic) having essentially those particular minerals (felsic)

Whether it’s scientific discussion or discussion on personal front
One should try to convince the person with reasoning
Not with dominance!…