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What If?

Have you ever thought? What if….?
If you have to face the worst situation of your life?
The answer is simple….You will learn the lesson of your life time!!!

Many a times we hear that… a person, almost gone case
had a miraculous escape… from death…
We call it destiny…he/ she still has life to his/ her credit…so he/she is alive.
A person almost lost everything in life
rises to riches just by an incident
We call it destiny…he/ she still has luck to his/ her credit…so he/she flourished.

Then why that particular thing should happen to him/her at all?
Why the one who has gone so close to death is
relieved of that pain at the end?
why the one who has seen the worst of his life
relieved of that problem at the end?
Have you ever thought?

Till yesterday I have also not got an opportunity to think in that line
But when you face the worst
You will learn the best…..
So yesterday it happened with me and
I have learnt the lesson of my life ….

If everything is going so perfect
We take our l…

what makes you love?

We all describe the things either by quantity or quality
Most of the things may be classified using either of these terms.

So, what about love?
Can we quantify love?
Large…medium…small.. according to performance?
I don’t think so….

Then what about quality of love?
Can we do grading?
Good.. better.. best…according to perfection?
I don’t think so….

Can we make a generalized scale and
fix these terms for every one’s love?
Or for that matter, at least for love of one person?
I don’t think so…

It is not an easy task to fix the terms for love..
Because love is not a static element
It is very dynamic by nature

Actually it is not a big problem even if you don’t
understand what is the quality or quantity of love
you are involved with…

The basic problem is to understand why you love
Why you love a particular person(s)….

We all know that… a person is nothing but
Made of certain features…certain qualities….

Then why it is not so that
We love every one having similar qualities/ features?
Why o…


In life nothing goes as we have planned
But the beauty of life is......
It always gives us a ray of hope!

It always makes us to believe that..
Tomorrow something may happen
according to our wish.......
and it will make you to continue the journey.

By the time we realize the real thing...
That its just our illusion and there is no such horizon
where sky and earth meet, our life ends.


The more time passes between us
The more I realize….
How deep is the love behind our relationship
How precious was the time we have spent together….

The more I realize
The more often I feel like expressing it
But rarely I get an opportunity to say…..
Life wouldn’t have been this wonderful
Without you!!

Thank you…..
For all that you were to me
During all these days!!


I think we all feel,
At least on few instances in our life……that
We can do nothing about the situation,
We remain quite helpless….
We become quite hopeless and
We readily accept the defeat
We decide that ..can’t play any further
We start believing that this is …the end of the game
We surrender ourselves completely to the situation.

What makes us to think so?
Why we become so vulnerable at certain times?
Why we stop fighting?
Why we don’t want to face the situation?
Why we think that this is it…no other way around..
Why we think to say …“I QUIT”

Is there anything in the world...
that is more worth than life?
Why can’t we look at life in its totality?
Why we give so much importance to any one incidence?
Why we think in terms of big or small?
Why we categorize it as simple or complicated?

There can be always some aspect of life which is challenging..
There can be always a relation which you can’t change..
There can be always a situation which you can’t handle..
There will be always a…


Last night I was just thinking.. why do we love?
rather why to love anybody at all?
Why we involve ourselves so much in a relationship called love?
What makes us to keep loving? etc…etc…
Then I started counting what all the things love brings into our life…
Creativity, passion, emotion, sentiment, anguish, happiness …
the list goes on….

Probably all the kind of feelings one want to experience can be
experienced once they are in love.
So, definitely love is a good thing, rather a profitable thing
to happen in one’s life.
You learn so many lessons just by paying for one thing.

The next thing I started thinking was how love begins?
I don’t want to discuss the intricacies but, yes,
I believe that, its wholly depends on the person involved..
The particular person is 100% responsible for generating
the feeling called love and all the things attached with it.

The next thing that came to my mind was… where love leads?
Why and when the problem comes in love?
This could be because of on…

I realize....

Every time I make a trip
Every time I take a road
Every time I realize....
It’s the journey that matters
Not the destination!

Every time I meet the people
Every time I talk with them
Every time I realize....
It’s the value of relation that matters
Not the mere conversation!

Every time I make a mistake
Every time I take a wrong step
Every time I realize....
It’s the lesson learnt that matters
Not the failure of your expectation!

Every time I look at life
Every time I count the time
Every time I realize....
It’s the experience gained that matters
Not the years spent in vain!

Yes, every time I do realize…
It’s the journey
It’s the relation
It’s the lesson
It’s the experience
That matters

That’s what matters to me
That’s what life means to me


They say an idel brain is Devil’s Workshop
But as I observe myself, quit often I found that
Even when I am not idel, my brain is a Devils Workshop!

It can’t be kept at rest in spite of all my trials and tributes..
So, now a days I stopped doing the stupid thing of controlling it.
I allow it to wander on its own…
Either I just observe it or follow it…
And I think that is the best way to make peace with myself.

It has got lot of positive attributes to it!
As long as you don’t involve yourself …..
In all the matters that are going on in your workshop…
You are at complete peace!
Bonus…. you will learn a thing or two.

It’s all matter of time and space…
How much time you spend for an incident
How much space you give for that incident
It’s all the matter of your Devils Workshop!

Once you learn the art of detachment
Once you are capable of observing things
Just being neutral….
Once you can follow the things
Just by not getting involved…

You realize that you are at peace!!

Let the devil do its…

Word has its Life

It can happen with any one
Rather it happens with every one
Some or the other time of their life
The frequency may vary.
It is most common with some people
Some people rarely do it
But I am sure......
No one can completely avoid it..

Yes..One cannot avoid it
Though he/she tries their best to avoid it.
It’s nothing but....
Uttering what they really don’t want to utter
Saying what they really don’t mean to say.

Yes, it happens in a moment of anguish
It happens in moment of frustration
It happens in moment of dis-satisfaction
It happens in moment of disappointment

It can be any temporary feeling
It can be love or hatred
But definitely it’s a momentary reaction

We forgot that word has....
Word has got its own value
Word has got its own impact
Word has got its own consequences
Word has got its own LIFE....

Seldom do we realize
And we do say something ...
Which we are not intended to say..
We may regret afterwards..
We may feel sorry or
We may even say sorry...

But is there anything we ca…