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Love Is...................

Love is life
Love is divine
Love is supreme
Love is eternal
Love is beautiful
Love is magical
Love is powerful
Love is this
Love is that
Love is what not.......everything
Love has always been prefixed with so many superlatives/ adjectives.

But today I want to put love into a different bracket
Love is conditional.....

Off late I have observed……..
In any relationship
There is an equation
Just like Einstein's theory of relativity.....
If you love me this much with this much intensity
I will love you that particular period with more or less equal intensity
If there is slight shift……..
The equilibrium will shift as the reaction can't take place with the same speed.

This applies to
And for that matter any relationship you put into application it will have similar repercussions,
Once there is shift in amount of love.

So, love here is conditional..........
Yes, unless the other person fulfills all your conditions
Your lov…

Do More

I have realized ..........

The more you do the things

The more you learn about life!

The more may be in the form of meeting a new person
The more may be in the form of reading a book
The more may be in the form of taking one photograph
The more may be in any form of an experience.

Definitely you are going to learn something..........

Something more about life!
Something new about life!!

There may be that one particular thing
That will change your whole perspective of life

Never sit at a place
Go around the world

Do more!
Learn more!!
Live more!!!