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I am Listening to.....


Flip the coin...

Sometimes....I am lost
I don’t know the exact reason
I don’t know the exact time 
I don’t know the exact spacewhere on Earth I left my true self and going ahead with the so called life just like that...

Life appears mad...probably it’s my mental state which makes life look like that

I do realize that...Life is same every time... any time
It fallows rules meticulously....

It’s only me who breaks rules, goes berserk and yells again...asking why? How?

Stupidity is one thing which is not leaving me.
It appears as lifelong companion!

Probably it’s the other side of me...I have to get on with it till the very end

Better late than never
At least now I should accept that and learn to flip the side when required rather reacting without thinking.

If situations won’t turn around...I can turn around
If I can’t face situation, I can back off....
Take break...go in other direction...see the other side
Who knows the best thing may be there at other end waiting for me to receive....

What say?

Flip the coin...