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Any day I am ready!

Hey listen……….
Let me make it clear!
Any day I am ready…
Don’t hesitate …
To come to me!

I don’t take your time
I won't make you wait!
I don’t ask for...any big deals
I won't bargain with you!

I promise…
I won't let you down!
When you knock at my door
You won't return empty hands!

You have done so many favors to me….
This one I owe for you!!

I want to make you sure
I am ready to leave…
This whole world for you!

I will hold your hands
Walk along…
Up to the skies….
Till the doors of heaven

Dear god come to me
Any day I am ready!

Why to Question GOD....

Life comes in bits and pieces!
Let it be
Pleasure or displeasure!
Ecstasy or anguish!!
Everything comes in bits!
Most of us face problems because we take all these bits and pieces in totality!

Whether its love or separation….
We consider it as never ending phase!
We consider that it’s going to be permanent!!

Especially when it comes to
Things of our interest…
The people we love…
We can’t easily part with them.

But let me tell you one thing…
We being mere humans can't think beyond certain limits
We pray god not to give us anything bad
We always seek his blessings to keep us happy

Never realizing that
He gives all the things of life in bits and pieces!

Life is nothing but an AMALGAM!
Thank god that he has given you a chance to experience the love!
Don’t curse him for separation!!

You are entitled for both
So take them in separate bits
Don’t try to combine them

Enjoy the moment of love!
But equally enjoy the tears!!
Each has its own significance!!!

Why to question him when somethi…

Jaane Kahan Gaye Woh Din?????

Mukesh is my favorite singer.
And when I am young….specially during teenage days I use to madly listen to his songs.
There is a kind of magic in his voice with inexplicable sadness….
That use to take me altogether to a different world.

There are n numbers of Mukesh songs….which I know by heart and can sing along!
But this one is like the ultimate…..Jaane Kahan Gaye Woh Din!

Whenever I listen… there will be definitely tears in my eyes…. by the time the song is complete!
The voice, the lyrics and the music….no match at all!
And today I don’t know why? after long... long... time
I just felt like listening to it!

All those …who are sensitive at heart can listen and enjoy!
”Baadhe saukyamane bhaavana raanevoy!
AA yeruke nischalaanandamoy…Brahamaanandamoy”!

Learn Telugu if you want to follow it!

Sun & Sea!....Shot By Me!

Sun and Sea ….two indispensible things for existence of life on Earth!
And there is no better time than seeing Sea at Sunset!
Perfect for Soul Rendering!

Really The Real "YOU"

So many tasks to do
So many people to meet
So many things to tell
So many wishes to fulfill

I think …..
Life never gives you time to be real you!

It always prefers you in some other form
Which is defined…?
Which is fixed…?
As per the preference of the other person
Not you…the real you!

You think it’s me
Seldom will it be you
Always it will be….
“You” in different roles
Never in your real self!

So…when you look back
It’s all different figurative of you
Not the real you!

I think only Death is the one, which gives you freedom!
To be really the real YOU……….

What do you say??????????


ముళ్ళు ఉంటాయని గులాబీకి
అందం లేదంటామా?

ఎడబాటు ఉంటుందని మనం
ప్రేమించడం మానుతామా?

రేపు ఎప్పుడో చస్తామని
నేడు శ్వాసించడం ఆపుతామా?

ఓడిపోతామని నేస్తం
మనం పోరాటం మానుతామా??

Fragile Life...

I know it thoroughly…..
But today again life has hinted to me in bold letters
“I am fragile”

Whether you handle with care or don’t care
How it takes turn, at the end of the day…
Nobody can predict.
But certainly it has the upper hand!

I just returned from home of my colleague
Who died all of a sudden ….today in early hours!
He was not having any ailment or any complaint.
Everything happened in minutes.

Both husband and wife are geologists and work in my office
Happy go lucky sort of a Couple!

The news is a rude shock to all of us
But no one can do anything!
Except praying GOD to give the mother and daughter duo
Some courage to face the life!

Someone rightly commented
At least birth we can control to some extent....but not death!

May his soul rest in peace!

पागल नयना

नज़रोंसे इतना दूर

फिर दिलके इतना करीब कैसे रह्तेहो

हातोंमे तुम नहीं

फिर दिलको कैसे छु जातेहो

एक पलमे साथ पाती हू

एक पलमे खो देती हु

पागल नयना क्यों तुजे दूंडे

पलकोंमे जो तू बसा हुए हो

Universal Law Of Perception

Some time back a colleague of mine went to his native place to see a girl for marriage.
The next day when he returned to office, during tea time discussions,
A senior colleague of ours put a stupid question to the guy...
”Is the girl beautiful”…
Pat came a reply from the person “yes sir to me the girl is beautiful just like aishwarya”.
Obviously the person who enquired couldn’t utter anything after listening to that answer.

I think knowingly unknowingly the guy gave us the universal law….
Everyman’s perception to looking at a thing differs…,

And that’s what makes this world keep going!
Whether it’s with reference to beauty or duty,
Luxury or simplicity, negativity or positivity…towards a thing,
It all depends on how you perceive a thing.

If one can understand this, keeping in view that every individual in this universe is unique!
And everyone is entitled to a fixed set of perceptions!
Then, I think there won’t be any problem in understanding the people around you!


आकिर क्यों

याद बनके कभी

ख्वाब बनके कभी

बिन बुलाये तुम क्यों चले आतेहो ?

दिलके सितारको क्यों छेद जातेहो ?

आंधी बनके कभी

आंसू बनके कभी

बिन बुलाये तुम क्यों चले आतेहो ?

मन की गलीमे क्यों हलचल मचातेहो ?

నిజంలాంటి అబద్దం

నిశబ్దమైన నిశీధిలో
నిట్టూర్పుల శ్వాసలలో
నిజంలాంటి అబద్దమైన నీవు
కలలాంటి నిజమై వస్తావు

కనుపాపలలో నిండి పోతావు
గుండెలయలో ఇంకి పోతావు

నీ రాకతో

కలతతో కలవరపడిన హృదయం
ఉలిక్కిపడి మేల్కుంటుంది
మూసిన కనులతోనే నిను తడుముతుంది
నిస్తేజమైన దేహం కదులుతుంది

కనులు తెరిచి చూసేలోగా

గుండెలో నీ జ్ఞాపకం ముళ్ళును గుచ్చి
నీవు మాత్రం వెళ్లిపోతావు
కనులలో కన్నీరుగా మిగిలిపోతావు!!!

Personal Anthem….

Just like National Anthem if there is a provision for Personal Anthem….
I just choose this one...

Main zindagi ka saath nibhaata chala gaya...

And can never get bored to sing along!

There won’t be a better song than this…
Such a master piece!!!

Fondly remembering DEV…My Favorite Actor

Not for his acting skills,
But for the all those melodious numbers
In which he enacted and become time immortal!


If I ask all the persons I know.... to define luck
Each one may give a different definition

According to me lucky is the one who can make friends!
Luckier is the one who can keep up those friendships!!
(If not all ...atleast most of them)

Luckiest is the one......
Who have such friends …
(If not many ...atleast One)

In whose presence you can think "aloud"
In whose association you can grow…as a person! as a human!!

I have....

DO YOU????

Uluru / Ayers Rock....From Space.

Uluru also known as Ayers Rock, is a large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory, central Australia.

Uluru is one of Australia's most recognisable natural landmarks. The sandstone formation stands 1,142 ft high, with most of its bulk lying underground, and has a total circumference of 5.8 miles. Uluru is notable for appearing to change colour at different times of the day and year, most notably glowing red at dawn and sunset.

Uluru is an inselberg, literally "island mountain", an isolated remnant left after the slow erosion of an original mountain range

Uluru is dominantly composed of coarse-grained arkose and some conglomerate. Average composition is 50% feldspar, 25–35% quartz and up to 25% rock fragments; most feldspar is K-feldspar with only minor plagioclase as subrounded grains and highly altered inclusions within K-feldspar. The grains are typically 2–4 millimetres in diameter, and are angular to subangular; the finer sandstone …

Look into your heart…Check now and then!

Let me tell you one secret of learning ART OF LIVING….
No...No...You no need to go to Shri Shri Ravishankar.

You just look around your kitchen and do little bit of cooking.
Definitely once in a while you are going to get life’s finest lessons at no cost.

But… you have to have that ability…as I have mentioned earlier.
Ability to read in between lines.
(Doing most of compilation and editing jobs in my Lab,
I think I have developed the critical eye for looking into details).

Let me tell you one recent incidence…

In my kitchen all containers are transparent,
So that not only for me… for anyone else also... it becomes easy for picking up the things they want, when I am away.
Usually the things that are rarely used or empty containers I keep in the back row,
the front row consisting mostly the day to day, regularly used items in each shelf.

Last week I thought of preparing UPMA.
I looked up in the shelf, not found the Rava container (I regularly prepare upma)
and without even thinking and c…

అమృత హస్తం..

చీకట్లోనే వెలుగు కిరణం పట్టుకుంటా!
అడ్డువచ్చిన గోడలు చేదించి నిలబడతా!
పోరాటం నా ఊపిరి మరి!!

కొన్ని సార్లే.....

ఈ అంతర్మధనం ఆపాలని ఆలోచిస్తా!
చీకటిని తరమాలనే నా ఆరాటాన్ని
అదమాలని ప్రయత్నిస్తా!
నన్ను నేను మరిచి పిచ్చిదాన్ని అవుతా!

అప్పుడే నన్ను ఆప్యాయంగా తడుతుంది!
నా పోరాటం చివురు పోసుకుంటుంది!
నన్ను కర్తవ్యముఖురాలిని చేస్తుంది!!

నీ అమృత హస్తం!!!!!

सिर्फ मै

तेरा दिल क्यों इतना बेक़रार हो रहा है ?

दिलकी धड़कन को नज़रसे क्यों दूंड रहा है ?

आँख बंधकर तेरे आंखोंमे मै हु

आवाज़ मतकर तेरे होटोंपे मै हु

तेरे हर तरफ मै हु

सिर्फ मै ही मै

Come fast to see me..........This One is Very Nice!

If one day you feel like crying...Call me.
I don't promise that I will make you laugh,
But I can cry with you .

If one day you want to run away—
Don't be afraid to call me.
I don't promise to ask you to stop...
But I can run with you .

If one day you don't want to listen to anyone...Call me.
I promise to be there for you.
And I promise to be very quiet.

But if one day you call...
And there is no answer...
Come fast to see me.
Perhaps I need you.

Will you allow me please……….

I don’t know why……
Why you come into my thoughts!

I thought you are gone
I thought you are no more…for me!

Still …how is it possible?
You dwell in my thoughts
Day and night……..

You make me laugh
You make me cry
You make me elated
You make me sick

Without being with me
You are there with me
All through
All time

Will you allow me please……….
To be alone…
To be myself!


जितना मै सोचा था

उतना सब कहना था ||

दिलके बात जुबापे आकर

बस इतनासा रह गया ||

तेरे तक पहुँचते पहुँचते

कमोशी में बदल गया ||

तुजे दिलके धड़कन सुनादिया

तो समजो....

मै दस्तक देकर चल आया ||

Every Meeting is.....

Every rise has a fall!
Every progress has a regress!!
Every advance has a retreat!!!

I know it’s inevitable…
Every meeting is a prologue to a separation!!
But yet it doesn’t sink into my mind!!!

When I met you….
I thought “WE” are eternal!!

Nothing going to change the law of nature!
It’s always cyclic!!
One day we come alone into the world!
Another day we leave this world alone!!

Nothing can be pragmatic
As principle of life!

It’s all so naked…
Yet we miss the sight!!

We make bonding…
We keep relations…
We love people…
We cherish memories…

It’s all so temporary…
Yet we miss the fact!!


आकाश में लहराता बादल ,
उसका नाम है दोस्ती,
जमीन पर छाई हरियाली है,
उसका नाम है दोस्ती |

खून के कुछ रिश्ते होते है,
दूर के कुछ रिश्ते होते है,
खूनके ना सही, दूर के ना सही,
दिलसे जो रिश्ता बनता है,
वो रिश्ता का नाम है दोस्ती |

धरम के कुछ रीत होते है,
करम के कुछ रीत होते है,
करम से बढकर, धरम से बढकर,
दुनिया में एक रीत होते है,
वो रीत के नाम है दोस्ती |

हिन्दू अपना मंदिर जाता है,
मुसलमान मस्जिद जाता है,
मंदिर से बढकर, मस्जिद से बढकर,
अपनासा एक मजहब होता है,
वो मजहब का नाम है दोस्ती |

माँ बाप को हम छोड़ आते है,
भाई बहेन हम छोड़ जाते है,
उम्र भर जो साथ निभाता,
वो शख्स का नाम है दोस्ती |

ऊँच नीच का जहाँ फर्क नहीं,
रंग रूप का जहाँ भेद नहीं,
मुश्खिल में जो राह देता है,
मुस्कुराकर जो साथ देता है,
वो साथ का नाम है दोस्ती |

అసందర్భ ప్రేలాపన

నాకు నీవు, నీకు నేను
అంతా సందర్భానుసారమే

అనుబంధాలు ఆత్మీయతలు
అన్నీ అలంకారప్రాయమే

నవ్వినపుడు నలుగురూ నీవాళ్ళే
నీకు మాత్రమే అనుభవైకనైవేద్యం

నీవు తల దించితే నిశబ్ధం కూడా
నిన్ను నిలదీస్తుంది...

ఎదురు తిరిగితే తూట కూడా
మోకరిల్లుతుంది !!

బ్రతుకు అడిగి రాదు
చావూ.. చెప్పి రాదు
రెండూ సంశయాలే!

జీవన గమనంలో
రెండూ సంక్షిప్తాలే!!

మెత్తగా ఉన్న వాడిని చూస్తే...

Sometimes for reasons unexplainable I get irritated…rather frustrated. Because I know it’s not my mistake but …still …I have to bear the brunt.

I too can talk about the philosophy of life…
I too can say about something called destiny…

But…still…I feel there is some kind of injustice in nature itself!
There is a saying in Telugu…మెత్తగా ఉన్న వాడిని చూస్తే...మొట్ట బుద్ది అవుతుందంట!

What to do…it’s in my character ….can’t get rid off the softer side of me.

Inspiration to Poetry!

People often put a query; rather they raise a doubt about my inspiration to write poetry.
Because most of the times its either love or philosophy of life.

I don’t exactly remember…the year but certainly at quite an early age….7-10 years….I started writing.
First it’s a kind of couplets either to tease or praise friends.
Then by the age of 13-15…it was something like following the lines some of my favorite poets …

I use to read a lot…Krishna Shastri, Nanduri Subba Rao, Sri Sri, Tilak, Shiva Reddy, Indraganti Mohan Sharma, Boyi Bhimanna etc…etc…..
Whom so ever I use to read, I use to try…. to write in their style.

To be frank poetry is inspiration to poetry!

Some time back also I have mentioned….
Love for the sake of love! Not for the sake of a person!
Live for the sake of life! Not for any particular reason!

Write Poetry for releasing your thoughts…what so ever,
Not with some single... inspiration!

TIME ….You Are Really Clever!!

Slowly you unfold me
I am a stupid…that I trust you!

Slowly you release me
I am an idiot….that I hold you!

Slowly you are killing me
I am a fool …that I celebrate!
The approach of death by
Saying ….Happy Birth Day!!

You are really clever
You never make me feel …
The bitterness of the life!
You make it sugar coated
With your manipulation!

Really I am so obtuse…
Always think that time will heal everything!

Never realized that….
One day you will heal me too….
Into the eternal dust!!!

तुम मिले

एक दिल जो तुमे देखे

एक प्यार जो तुमसे करके

इतना कुछ पालिये हमने …

एक पलमे सौ साल जीलिया हमने !

अब न कोई शिकायत है

न कोई आरजू है जिंदगीसे …

तुमको पाके सबकुछ पालिया हमने !

एक ख्वाब जो बरसोंसे दिलमे चुपाता

पूरी हुई वो आज तेरे बाते सुनके ...

सचमे …

अब न कोई शिकायत है

न कोई आरजू है जिंदगीसे …

बस मरजानेके दुवाः किया हमने !

The Journey Called LIFE!

What to think?
Why to think??
We came a long way….
There is no meaning in thinking now!

In the journey called life,
There is no meaning in repenting!
There is no meaning in looking back!

Now it’s over…
You and Me chosen the path,
Before deciding the destination!

We no need to bother!
It's fixed now!
Our destination!!
One thing is sure….
The path will take us there!

There are no short cuts
There are no shifting routes
Just we have to follow the path!

The pace may change ...
A little bit here and there
But it’s definite….
We too reach our goal!

We too will complete….
The journey…
The journey called LIFE!

Digitizing Thoughts.....

Long time ago….me and my dear friend thought of writing a book …...
Of course…It’s neither fiction nor fantasy…..
But simple one, containing all our random thoughts.
Something like Musings.

Lot of discussions has taken place.
Then we came to a conclusion, that….
We just can’t put what all we think in text form, particularly for two reasons.
One reason is obligation and
The other reason is transformation.

The First reason, I think all of you can understand…
If we really write... what we really think…
Most of the people may not appreciate…
Leave about our book but….us for obvious reasons.

The other reason is quite complicated
By the time our thought are converted into text
Certainly there will be some addition or deletion to the original thought…

So we thought why can’t we have a device,
Something like a Head gear….
Which can be directly connected to our head, rather to our brain?
So that the moment we start thinking about something…. it will get digitized
And same thing can be trans…


శ్రావణ జల్లులలో
శారద రాత్రులలో
మెరిసిన వర్ణాలెన్నో?
విరిసిన కలువలు ఎన్నో??

జీవన గమకములో
జీవిత గమనంలో
పలికిన రాగాలెన్నో?
కలిసిన హృదయాలెన్నో??

కనుల కలవరింతలలో
మనస్సు భావదొంతరలో
గడచిన స్వప్నాలెన్నో?
నిలిచిన సత్యాలెన్నో??

You Become Memory…

Slowly it will creep in…
Slowly it will settle….
Slowly it gets frozen!

You become memory…
Slowly it will happen!

Possibly I can’t realize
When, where and why

Probably I can feel ….
Some uneasiness!
Through all the process…
That is taking place!

I know it’s obvious…
I know it's certain…
I know it…in and out!

But how can I control

It’s TIME…..
It transcends ….

It is the one...
Which puts you in a sealed cover!
It is the one...
Which turns you into memory!!


पल बरमें जिन्दगी पलट जाती है
अरमानोंकी मंजिल टूट जाते है

खिलता हुआ चहरा बिकर जाते है
होटोंके मुसकान चीन जाती है
किस्मत का नज़ारा यूँ बदल जाता है
हाथोंके लकीरे मिटते चला जाता है

अपनासा बदन राख बनजाता है
खुशियोंका दामन चूर होजाता है
पाँवतले जमीन यूँ पिसल जाती है
कांच की तरह दिल टूट जाता है

चाहे देश की नेता हो या करोड़ोंका मालिक
विधाथा के सामने सबी जुख जाते है
कमोशी जहाँमे जब खो जाते है

कलका क्या बरोसा हे मेरे दोस्त
आज है, अबी है.. इस पल में जियो


पल बर में जिन्दगी पलट जाती है
पल बर में जिन्दगी पलट जाती है




ఎందుకో నా మనస్సు
మల్లీ మల్లీ వగచు
మరలి రానిది సమయం
తెలిసి కుడా వెదుకు

కనులలో, కలలలో
ఇహములో, పరములో
సౌఖ్య జాడలు చూడ
తరలి తరలి వెదుకు

ఆశ వీడని మనస్సు!
మనసు చావని బ్రతుకు!!

बस इतनीसी बात है

दिलमे बस गये जो

उस से क्या मिलना... क्या जुदाई ...

गम से डरना क्यों .......

वोतो अपना वफादार साथी

गम से ही कुशीका कीमत

खुदा का बी इनसान से वजूद

जबतक जिन्दा है

न हम खाली न तुम खाली


In the times of distress
In the times of damage
You held me high
You hold me tight

How can I forget?
How can I ignore?

In fact without you
I can’t sustain!!

To be precise…
You are my life!!!

From sapling to a plant
From plant to a tree...
All through my growth

You dwell deep down
So that I can flourish atop

How can I forget?
How can I ignore?

In fact without you…
I can’t survive!!

To be precise…
You are my belief!!

To be precise…

No Two Paths Are Same On Earth!

We all believe in that… and we all try to do that….
Following a known path…to make it sure… to achieve success!!

It may be education, carrier, marriage, arts, sports or even hair style….

So and so studied in that coaching centre and got good rank in IIT….
So, admit your son in that….without a blink!
Whether your son is capable of putting the same effort in studies or not!

So and so chosen that profession and flourishing….
So, make your daughter take the same course…
Whether your daughter prefers to take the same job or not!

Sania Mirza got coaching from the same tennis academy….
Join your ward in that…. without any botheration!
Whether your child is inclined towards tennis both physically and mentally!

Anushka looks simply superb with the hair cut….
You too opt for same … without a second thought!
Whether your face cut and personality matches with Anushka or not!

Even once in a life time occasion like marriage also we try to imitate
Same marriage hall………though it’s far off from your…

Why Only Good???

Since last week I was casually thinking about a serious thing….
Why do we always prefer to be associated with something GOOD???

Good deeds, good qualities, good carrier, good children, good life partner
And even….good movies, good food…..

Why do we always try to put something in to the bracket of good or bad?
Is it our weakness or habit?

I think over the centuries we have become habitual of good and today it has become our weakness!!

We have trained ourselves so badly and madly that…. Everything has to be picture perfect.
Anything crossing the line becomes grave mistake…you have evidence of that you see…

Sita crossing the Lakshman Rekha…people take the negative aspect of that….
You should not cross the limit!

They never ever try to analyze that unless Sita crosses the Lakshman Rekha...

There is no scope of her getting abducted and …
The Rama-Ravana war….
Ultimately Ravana getting killed.

So, the lesson we all should learn from the history is….

Never hesitate to cross the limit….


Thank You...MS!!

The wounded heart will be soothed like anything when I listen to MS,
Specially her Bhaja Govindam…I regularly listen to it.

But yester day I came across with this version of You Tube where they have given approximate English meaning for the verses.

My fondness for this has grown multifold after understanding the full meaning.

Really soul rendering!

How Can I ???

How can I forget???
How much I have cried
How much I laughed
How many times I have sighed!!

The moments I lived…
The life to the fullest!
The moments I felt…
That I am dead!!

I can’t wipe off anything
I can’t remove anything
Everything remains intact!
Just like a Xerox Copy!!

May be living with the rocks
Over a period of time…
I too became one!
Hard, compact and massive!!

That may be the reason…

Everything gets engraved…
Everything gets fossilized!
Keeps some remnants…
Carries history all along!!

I am sure about Rock Cycle…
What about Life Cycle???

When will it Melt???????????????


देख के वो मुझे

तेरे पलकें झुका देना ,

याद बहुत आये

तेरा मुस्कुरादेना …

कैसे बुलावू ...

वो मीठी बातें ,

वो सारी रातें ,

वो मुलाकातें ….

Fluid Inclusion

सीदसा दिखते हो, सादासा दिखते हो
आंखोंमे बसते हो, हलचल मचाते हो

उछलते हुए निकलते हो
अचानक टपकते हो
न जाने कहाँ तुम छुप छुपके रहते हो

उबलते हो, पिघलते हो
चहरा बदलते हो
अपनेही दुनिया में तुम खोये रहते हो

मुश्किल नहीं है तुजे पहचानना
मुंकिन नहीं है पर तुजे हम समजना

Delhi is Still Green...

Hey now days I am in Dil walonke Delhi.....
(Of course for me Hyderabad is the best place in the world)

Getting trained in study of FLUID INCLUSIONS!

Everything is flowing.

No control over things.

One thing I have observed

Since my last trip to Delhi.

In spite of all the high end buildings

Delhi is still maintaining the greenary

Hydarabadies should take a leaf out from Delhi people.

If Govt. cant plant more trees, at least it should not cut them (just like vegetables) at the name of development

What do you say?.

When The Going Gets Tough…

There is an advertisement….that says…
“When the going gets tough…The tough gets going”
I don’t exactly remember what it sells …but
Now days I think my life is something similar to that.

Some time back one of my friends told me that….
“You are quite opposite of what your name denotes….
Instead of weak, you are quite strong….and
Instead of being dependent, you are quite independent”.

At that time I just took it as a compliment and forgot.
I never realized that one day…I have to take it literally!
I have to fully engross in what my friend said and face life …in the toughest times!

And now I really realize…what I am truly capable of.
How strong I am mentally…
How independent I am actually…

And let me tell you
Once you leave all the fears aside
Once you keep all the doubts aside

There is none who can defeat you…
The one who wins over self…
Is a winner in life!

Thoughts Live

"We are what our thoughts have made us;
So take care about what you think.
Words are secondary.
Thoughts live; they travel far".

Swami Vivekananda.


I started wondering...

Whether it’s the PATH that's dark
My MIND that's dark

Life seems blind now days...

Remembering Krishna Shastry's verse
How soulful it is.......

ఇంత తెలియని యాత్ర
ఇంత కాల్చెడి యాత్ర
ఎంత కాలమో నాకు దేవ దేవ!
అంతరమ్మున శాంతి
అంతటా నీ కాంతి
అలరింప జేయుమో దేవ దేవ!!

ఇక హిమవంతము వలదు
ఇక నిశీదియు వలదు
నీ సన్నిధియే నాకు దేవ దేవ!
ఒక ప్రభాతమున
ఒక ప్రశాంతమున
ప్రసరింప జేయుమో దేవ దేవ!!

I like this E-mail........

Hows every thing
No reply mails
No phones
No phone pickup

Are you on mounavratham? (ritual of being silent)

if so
you can send blank mail
You can send blank attachment
you can pick up phone and be silent

In Memoriam

There rolls the deep where grew the tree.
O earth, what changes hast thou seen!
There where the long street roars, hath been
The stillness of the central sea.

The hills are shadows, and they flow
From form to form, and nothing stands;
They melt like mist, the solid lands,
Like clouds they shape themselves and go.

But in my spirit will I dwell,
And dream my dream, and hold it true;
For tho' my lips may breathe adieu,
I cannot think the thing farewell.


Have you ever thought what is that least you want to have?
When you successfully complete a tough task….
When you smoothly finish something unexpected….
When you a do an almost impossible job relentlessly….

May be….
A small word of appreciation…. Well done!
Perhaps a little pat on your back…Keep it up!

But off late I have observed
We rarely get someone who can really appreciate us whole heartedly.

The reason for not getting enough appreciation and recognition could be anything…
They may look from a different angle...
They may not be that generous…
They may be jealous….
They may be too busy…
Simply.. they may be ignorant.

But the problem is not with them
It is with us….
We all yearn for such one person…
We all want to hear somethinh good from others!
Its our weakness!

We can't simply get away with our achievement
Whether it's small or big
We want a record of it…in the history book of our life!
We want to underline it…with indelible red ink!
If there is none…
We get demor…

The Pursuit of Happyness

Chris Gardner:

"It was right then that I started thinking about Thomas Jefferson on the Declaration of Independence and the part about our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

And I remember thinking how did he know to put the pursuit part in there?

That maybe happiness is something that we can only pursue

And maybe we can actually never have it.

No matter what.

How did he know that?"


In my this many years of life
I never bother to check…..
Check the meaning of RELATIONSHIP…..
I never tried to understand the meaning….

So, this morning the situation has forced me to check Thesaurus
The following meanings were given against relationship…….
Association, connection, affiliation, rapport,
bond, liaison, link and correlation etc..etc..

Whatever may be the meaning, I came to know that….
There can be only two types of relationships…
One by choice….One by chance…..
One we can choose….One just happens….

There is a lot of difference between these two kinds of relationships
But yet……….there remains a few similarities…
Any relationship….though it may began on any basis…..requires
Fundamental criteria called trust!!
It all depends on how you nurture it…
How much value you give to it….

It’s always easy to make or break a relationship
But definitely very difficult to maintain a relationship
It requires lot of understanding….
Lot of adjustments…Lot of patience …..and
Above all….L…

Why to Explain????

Yesterday one of my colleagues miffed with me. She thought I have given some kind of complaint against her and without any queries held me responsible for the scolding she got from the boss.

First I was shocked to hear that... all of a sudden from her when I entered the room,
Then I felt bad as I was no way involved with that. Before I say something she left the room.

Immediately I thought I should go to her and explain that I am no where involved in the tousle.

The moment I stepped out suddenly somehow I realized that…
I am going to give her explanation about a thing which I am not a part of.

I could realize that...with her mere influencing character…
She could invoke the thought in my mind that I have done some mistake….
That means ….she has already won half a battle….

And if I really go and do the explanation means ….
I am accepting a thing which I have not done….
I am accepting that she is correct!

The moment I realized the thing….I stopped goin…

Just to Tell You.......

In the long run of busy life..
In the day to day struggle for existence......

I may not say quite often...

I remember you
I miss you

Wherever I go..
Whatever I do..

You will be always there
In the core of my heart....

With same love and affection
As you were during all these days......

(Wish you were alive today)

You Live Only Once!!

Everything is likely to change
Everyone is prone to revise
Bear in mind……
You always get a chance
To change the way you perceive

Look beyond boundaries
Look beyond limitations
Don’t forget…..
You always have a chance
To expand the way you think

Life is a flow and you never know
When and where you will land
But recall……
You always have a chance
To alter the route you travel

You live only once…and
Failing to live your life
Don’t make any sense
Remember …..
You always have a chance
To transform the way you live

Because…Life comes only once!
Because …..You live only once!!

Indians...Jai Ho!

Today morning I woke up to a remix of all kind of patriotic songs coming in full volume from loud speakers from all the four sides of my house.

Nothing much has changed….
The way the programs are conducted….
The way the schools celebrate …
The way the leaders give the speeches….and
Not even in the genre of songs…
I was listening to same old mere "desh ki dharthee"….
Since past 25 years or even more.

I think we are perfectly tuned for celebrating Independence Day!
Independent fully to celebrate according to our choice….
Sit at home watch Avatar and enjoy holiday,
Go to office to impress boss and get quick promotion,
Visit a friend/relative's home and use time wisely,
Wash your car/ clean carpet…
The list goes on, choices are plenty.

We Indians always know how to and where to be independent.
No one has ever complained…we all are very comfortable the way we are independent in India.

We can talk all bull shit about politics and certainly never bother to whom we are giv…

Take Time.... Before You Celebrate!

Have you ever thought why do we celebrate?
Celebrate a special day once in a year….

Such as marriage day...birth day….friendship day….
fathers day…mother’s day….etc., etc.,

We celebrate, because…
In 365 days of busy and routine life…

This One Day gives us an opportunity to reflect upon the past ….
Where and how we began, what are our commitments….

It gives us a chance to re-look at the present ….
Where we stand today and what are our achievements

And finally …..

It gives us a choice to get reorganized for the better future…
Where and how we want to be….at the end of the day.

So, take time... at least once in a year
Before celebrating and before receiving the wishes…..

"Many Many Happy Returns of The Day"

Take time to look back…to look around…
So that you can go ahead in life.

Because…in a journey called life
All the relationships require…only one ingredient!
The ingredient called TIME!!

What do you say?

You Are My Life

Each passing moment of time
Reminds me that I am missing YOU....
My life

But this time never realizes that
My life is countable only when I am with you

How can I miss my life?
When I am living without you.........

జీవన పయనం

ఎడతెరగని జీవిత పయనం
అలుపెరుగని జీవన గమనం

కరిగిపోయే ప్రతిక్షణం
సాగిపోయే ప్రతిదినం
అవధులులేని పయనం
అంతుతెలియని గమ్యం

కనులు మూసి తెరిచే లోగా
కదలిపోయే కాలం అంచున
స్వప్నవీచికలాంటి పయనం
రాగమాలికలాంటి పయనం

మనస్సు పలికే మౌనాలలోన
పెదవి తెలిపే భావాలలోన
నిత్యవేదనలాంటి పయనం
సత్యగీతికలాంటి పయనం

నిర్ణీత సమయాలలోన
నిర్దేశిత మార్గాలలోన
కాలభ్రమణంతోటి పయనం
కడతేరేవరకు పయనం!!!

Become One With The Dead

One day...all become dead…

But….suddenly some times
All come alive…

Taking name of memory
All come back…
Back into our lives!

They enter with more logic
They enter with more vigor
They move us…they shake us
They enter with more coherence

Memories are like knife
They cut us into pieces
They break us into tears
They take away our peace
They leave us in abeyance

Though dead…
Will turn you into an asylum
Where they can rest
Making you unrest…

Go away...
Go away quite far....
So that…

You become one with them
You become one with the dead
Hanging in never ending memories...


Let us talk a billion times dear
But don’t be silent…
Come what may!

Let us walk a million miles together
But don’t depart…
Come what may!

Let us do a thousand things dear
But don’t be different…
Come what may!

Let us take a hundred oaths together
But don’t separate…
Come what may!

Let us live this ONE life dear
But don’t be apart…
Come what may!

Together …
U and ME!
Forever my dear…
Come what may!!



They bear!
They hold!
They roll!
They flow!

They evaporate!!


They mourn!
They love!
They hate!
They fight!

They emulate!!


They correspond!
They console!
They consume!
They support!

They exonerate!!

Life Passes!!

Drop by drop the ocean fills!
Day by day life fills!

By the time you realize…

Moment becomes memory!
Memory becomes life!

It’s true my friend….
Stage by stage, life ages!!

Pixel by pixel picture fills!
Point by point time fills!

By the time you look around…

Present becomes past!
Feature becomes lost!

It’s true my dear ….
Pass by pass, life passes!!


Daughters are like Daisy flowers, reflecting their symbolic meaning ….
Beauty, Innocence, Loyal love and Purity.

Today is a special day for me
Sometime in the past on this very same day, I got a new designation …MOTHER!

Life at every stage has its own plus and minus points
My daughter’s birth took away my freedom and gave me some new responsibilities…
Making me more vulnerable and stronger at the same time.
Vulnerable with sentiment!
Strong with support!

How true it is as someone quoted … “Through birthing a daughter, a woman finds herself face to face not only with an infant, a little girl, a woman-to-be, but also with her own unresolved conflicts from the past and her hopes and dreams for the future”.

This is the beauty and this is the problem in mother daughter relationship…
The relationship which I enjoy and also fear…
Enjoyment…because she reflects me and tries to surpass me.
Fear…because by doing so she should not tumble upon something unwanted.

As a mother I always wish a smoo…


Life goes on…as time passes!
You never know…
You never realize…
But time controls you!

It comes as a belief
It comes as a riddle
It gifts you
It fools you
Time… controls you!

It comes as a friend
It comes as a foe
It console you
It confront you
Time… controls you!

It comes as a smile
It comes as a tear
It makes you
It breaks you
Time…. controls you!

It comes as a life
It comes as a loss
It’s a part of you
It parts with you

Time… controls you!



Yesterday late in the evening we had a power cut for about four hours.

Being a workaholic and as there is nothing I can do…. no Major work, no Reading, no TV, no Internet and no Music…. I was going on thinking what else I can do so that the time won’t be wasted.

With the help of candle light I have finished almost all the daily chores and made some preparations for next day.

Then, standing in the balcony, looking at the dark cloudy sky,
in the calmness of night and feeling the breath....

I have realized one thing….

I can’t eat tomorrow’s food today!
I can’t sleep tomorrows sleep today!
And finally
I can’t live tomorrow’s life today!!

Then what is the point in…
Bothering about all unnecessary things
Why to rush….Why to get tense….

Live in present!!
Be content!!!

Mumbai Blasts ….

Serial blasts struck Mumbai …. AGAIN.

I am frustrated
I am desperate
I am irritated
I am shame full
I am guilty

How can one forget all the things happening in our surroundings and go back to their regular routine I never understand.

We fight for all useless things, which are not going to help anyone.
But when it comes to take stand on serious things like Terrorism
We all discuss among a group of people, a little bit of Hu-Ha….then forget.
Eat, go to your job, come back home and sleep.
We are ready to face next attack.

The Mumbai city has witnessed multiple acts of terrorism over the years.
I saw news papers giving statistics
When, where and how many dead.
Is that what we want?

Why can’t Anna Hazare or Baba Ramdev take a fast unto death till terrorism is removed from the roots?
Why can’t Government take a stern action against all those involved with these activities?
Why do we bargain at the cost of innocents?
Why do we take care of Kasab spending millions?
Why don’t people come out o…

The Only Believable Thing!

People often say, life is calling………
And they blindly try to follow it.
But, they often forget that
By following life… we are approaching death.

It’s not life, but death… which sends us an invitation.
We often ignore that, we rarely realize that …
Because, we never consider life as a sphere.

If one can look at life in total perspective…
One can really perceive that…
There is more faithfulness in death’s invitation rather than life’s call.

Isn’t it true? that life will cost you more than death!

Life always puts up some demand on you…
Life always expects some thing from you…
Life always takes some one from you…

I think …
Death is the only thing which never keeps you in abeyance.
It is the only one which never makes you any false promises and
It is the only one which never questions your integrity.

It accepts you, as you are….
No conditions, No rules.

Whether you are a king or a beggar
Whether you are a lover or betrayer
For death… every one is same
It embraces all with equal warmth.


Broken Heart!!!

It’s the same old story ….
Story of Heart Breaking!
You are never tired of breaking
I am never tired of gathering!

Like shells from the sea shore
Like pebbles from the river bed
Every time you break my heart
Every time I gather…
Broken pieces of my heart!

I never understand
What keeps my faith up?
I never understand
What makes me to go on?
But, I am never tired of gathering!

May be….because I always thought…
May be….because I always believed…
That, there is a way out…
A way out to make it ONE!
Once again….like the original one
The one with which GOD has sent me to this world!

I know…I can’t quote any excuses
I know…I can’t make him feel sorry
I know…I shall go as ONE when I go back to him!
I know…I shall go as ONE with him!!

So, I am never tired of gathering!
Gathering all the broken pieces!!
Broken pieces of my heart!!!

A Place Can Change Your Life…..

Some people have lasting impression on us and similarly some places leave lasting imprint on us. Rarely does it happen that …a person and a place together make long lasting and, in my case, life changing impact which we might not even guessed at the beginning of that particular journey and meeting that particular person.

I was on a short trip to Karimnagar (three days) and during this trip yesterday I went to see two places…Vemulawada and Kondagattu after, I think, almost 25 years.

It looks so strange to go down the memory lane and recollect all the incidences associated with these places. The tender age of 16, the innocence, the ignorance and finally the imbalance in my character. When?, Where?, How? and Why? all seems so absurd now.

I never knew when I first made a casual trip to see my sister working at Karimnagar during that time that…. my life is going to take a complete ‘U’ turn from that day onwards.

I never realized at first instance that the person, a colleague of m…

Karoge Yaad To Har Baat Yaad Aayegi ....

This is one of my favourite songs.
The mesmerizing voice of Bhupinder,
The melodious composition by Khayyam and above all
The marvellous lyrics of Bashar Nawaz.

Whenever I listen, it takes me altogether to another world,
Specially the last four lines.
Enjoy the song....

करोगे याद तो हर बात याद आयेगी
गुज़रते वक़्त की हर मौज ठहर जायेगी

ये चाँद बीते ज़मानों का आईना होगा
बटकते अब्र में चहरा कोई बना होगा
उदास राह कोई दास्तां सुनायेगी
करोगे याद तो ...

बरसता भीगता मौसम धुआं - धुआं होगा
पिघलती शम्मों पे दिल का मेरे गुमा होगा
हथेलियों की हीना याद कुछ दिलायेगी
करोगे याद तो ...

गली के मोड़ पे सूनासा कोई दरवाज़ा
तरसती आँखों से रास्ता किसीका देखेगा
निगाह दूर तलक जाके लौट आयेगी
करोगे याद तो ...

Someone to Share...........

Hectic schedule…..responsibilities….deadlines…
Today the day was nothing less than a running machine.
I was just attending all the jobs without bothering about the surroundings.

Amid all these chaos suddenly I started thinking ….
What is that one thing without which life becomes rotten and routine?

In spite of having all worldly things
What is that one thing… one can’t live without?

I think it’s someone to share!

It literally doesn’t mean that …
The person will be sharing half of the jobs you do.
But yes…. definitely sharing your thoughts…views…ideas.

Everyone should have at least one such person
Who can listen to us…. as and when we want
Who can understand us…. as the way we want to be understood
Who can believe us …irrespective of situation.
Who can be available to us ….any hour of the day

I think that’s all one want to have at the end of the day…

Someone to lean on….
When we are too tired of standing………..

What do you say?

Welcome to Monsoon..

Now a days Hyderabad feels like Heaven!

The cloudy sky most of the day....

With Sun peeping out now and then.

The all embracing cool breeze...

The occasional drizzles....

The glimmering moon at nights....

Welcome to Monsoon..........

Everything I Do… I Do It For You!

“I would fight for you - I'd lie for you
Walk the wire for you - ya I'd die for you”

Everything I Do… I Do It For You!

Just now I was listening to Bryan Adams -

Can we really have one such person in our life?

I think that’s really too much of asking.

For me…..

The one need not fight….
But should help me to fight against odds!

The one need not lie…
But should save me from others lies!

The one need not walk the wire…
But should walk with me the life wire!

The one need not die….
But should help me live perfectly!

This too sounds….Too much?

Allow Love...... To Be Natural!

I heard people telling love is a natural thing to happen.
I wonder if it’s natural... where the question of happening is.

Just like wind and water, it has to be existent…
It has to have a natural flow….without any restrictions…
Beyond any boundaries, beyond any particular person.

I never understand...
Why there are so many categories?
Why there are so many limitations?

Why we want to specify a natural thing?
That person….this relation.
Why we want to quantify?
How much….so much.

This is what we try to make…
Make simple love complicated.

We always have intriguing nature.
We just don’t want love to be simple...natural.

Just like our pulse...
Just like our breath...
Let it exist in its own way!

Don’t count on it…

Just allow it to be its true natural self!!

Money can neither Create nor Distroy...........

Once upon a time
A good friend of mine
Befittingly told me...
“Anything that comes free

Days, months, years gone….
Yet it doesn’t sink into my mind!
Always I use to ponder….
How? How can it be true!


Some tears, some smiles…
Some friends, some love!
All that we need….
To fulfill our life!

All these things comes free
All these things have “no value”…
All these things are priceless
All these things are treasure!

Thanks my friend….
It took me this long to realize...
(Hope I got it right!)

“Money can neither create nor distroy these things”

Make room….so that good can enter!!

I have often observed many people, even when it comes to me… its true.
We keep bad things in memory for a long time than good things.

We often find it difficult to forget... if a bad thing happens to us.
Let it be big or small, we dwell in its memories.
We relive that moment many a times.
By doing so we get nothing but more pain.

Still we can’t forgo the habit of multiplying the tragic moments of our life…
And this thing is the biggest tragedy to happen!

We lose our present happiness, our present peace of mind and our present moment of life…thinking about the bad. Why it happened? How it happened? Etc...

I strongly believe that…everything in life has a reason.
Let it be good or bad.
It has got some meaning in it…

And nobody else but ….
You are responsible for every action of yours.
So, accept that you have to have both good and bad.

The problem isn't in lies in our thinking…

If we do something bad to someone we easily forget that.
We remember only the good we have…

If you don’t help anybody its well and good............

I never say I am very principled person, but there is one Funda which I believe in and which I always follow.

“If you don’t help anybody its well and good, but never harm anybody”.

I accept …there will be a few occasions in everyone’s life when unknowingly we may harm someone by our deeds.

But there are so many people in today’s world who never realize the repercussions of their comments they casually make, impact of their deeds they carelessly do.

Even if they realize they never bother…. Because they always think about their life, their benefit...not about the loss they cause to others.

It’s a sort of regular practice to many to put the blame on other person to save themselves. It’s a momentary thing for them but the after effects will be life changing for others.

Whether it’s official/ personal or your relationship with people around in society….


Impulsiveness doesn’t make any sense…

Never forget that a thing which is done spontaneously …


Days are passing into years
I remember you in silent tears

You never gave me a word of assurance
You never made any big promise
But the mere presence of you
Use to give me immense solace

How can I forget all those times?
You were there for me…
As undisclosed confidence

The cup of tea you use to prepare for me
During my early morning exam times
Taking time to drop me at my college
Changing your route to office

How can I forget all those times?

How glad we were to compare
The two doctorate degrees….
Yours and mine
On the day of my convocation

How can I forget all those times?
You were there for me….
As unconditional buttress

The number of temples you took me
When I was not well
The best doctor you found at
When my problem was resurfacing

Most important of all these things
You taught me...the lesson of my life

You taught me the thing called TRUST
You taught me the thing called FAITH
You are the one who guided me to God

Though you left me in between
You gave me the path to follow


In this many years of life there are quite a number of occasions when I felt
“This is it”….. “I can’t take it anymore”
I should end….. End my life.

Always I thought that...
"this is the worst situation… of my life".
Never realizing that ...there is a much more worse situation waiting for me
than the worst situation, I have faced till that time.

It’s like…tributary, river…sea and ocean
Unless we see the mighty one …
We won’t realize how small the other one is!

The advantage of being in more and more worse situations than what we expect is….
We will get used to face and tackle the situation more efficiently.

The situation what we think ultimate… will no sooner be a passing phase.
Every complicated issue….
Makes us to think….
In much broader spectrum.

We will expand our view…
The horizon will extend!
It makes us tougher.

Definitely there will be 101 excuses to die….
But we ought to find that one reason ….
Which makes us to continue the journey called life.

There may not be a …



वो फिर नहीं आते ....

फूल खिलते हैं, लोग मिलते हैं
फूल खिलते हैं, लोग मिलते हैं मगर

पतझड़ मे जो फूल मुरझा जाते हैं
वो बहारों के आने से खिलते नहीं

कुछ लोग एक रोज़ जो बिचड़ जाते हैं
वो हजारों के आने से मिलते नहीं

उम्रभर चाहे कोई पुकारा करे उनका नाम
वो फिर नहीं आते , वो फिर नहीं आते

ज़िन्दगी के सफ़र मे, गुज़र जाते हैं जो मक़ाम
वो फिर नहीं आते, वो फिर नहीं आते


Ego lives by getting and forgetting!

Love lives by giving and forgiving!!

Self is contraction!

Love is expansion!!

Self is lovelessness!

Love is selflessness!!

-Sathya Sai Baba

Reminder To The God......

It’s not that I tweet you everything I do!
It’s not that you are aware of every update …
On My Face Book!!

Neither I cal you every half an hour…
Nor I send messages of my minutes!!

But I always use to feel that
We are connected!!

Rather I use to believe that
24x7, 365 days you are with me!
People may come and go
You are always there for me!!

I never bothered…
What others are thinking of me!
I never cared…
What value they assign me!!

I always felt that...
It’s your opinion which matters!
I may forgo anything big
But never to lose your faith in me!!

But off late it appears …
That you have deleted me..
From the list of your Beloved!

You have departed from me..
From the nest we have established!!

You no more care for me...
Neither you give any hint nor help!

You just watch…
and enjoy my struggle!!

It appears that….
We are no more Friends!

May be you want to prove me wrong …
Without you!
May be you want to convey the message…
Live alone!

But you might have forgotten
Our c…

Satya Sai Baba Passes Away....So, What Next?

So, finally they declared……Satya Sai Baba passes away.
Spiritual leader Satya Sai Baba who has thousands of followers in India and abroad died Sunday of cardiac and respiratory failure.

I am not his devotee but, whatever work Baba has done for the public is exemplary.
There is no argument in the fact that Sai Baba did a lot of good for people around him.

But when I was going through all kind of ambiguity surrounding his successor, I was wondering why a person like him also not thought about future course ….in spite of prolonged illness.

Why he has not made clear... who can take the responsibility of Satya Sai Central Trust which manages several welfare activities across the country.

Why there is so much uncertainty? Why there is a succession war breaking out among members.
Why the Trust built and developed over the decades has suddenly in doldrums.

Why a man of so much calibre who can attract and mobilise millions around the world could not visualise the future both of him a…


Some time back I read a story ….

In a seminar, an assumingly intelligent fellow compares a 500 Rupee note with a person’s value.

First he displays a fresh note, then he crumples it with his hands and then he grinds it into the floor with his shoe.

Each time he will ask the audience "Who would like to have this 500 Rupee note?". At each stage there will be people who want to grab the note, though the number decreases.

So, finally he concludes …..

“No matter what I did to the money, you still wanted it because it did not decrease in value. It was still worth Rupee 500/-. Many times in our lives, we are dropped, crumpled, and ground into the dirt by the decisions we make and the circumstances that come our way. We feel as though we are worthless. But no matter what has happened or what will happen, you will never lose your value”.

It looks so strange when I first read the story…

First of all how one can compare a lifeless physical entity like a 500 Rupee note with a pe…

No one is Perfect…

It’s of normal practice that we easily compromise with outside people rather than with our near and dear ones.

We seldom take their habits/ attitude/ character so seriously. Even if we come across with some problem, we forget the differences so quickly and mingle with them as if nothing has happened.

The problem arises only when we have to deal with dear/ near ones, because we always want to see them flaw less.

We assume that they can never do anything wrong. We make a perfect opinion that they are so perfect and even a slight shift in their behavior makes us go berserk and we all throw some tantrums
“Hey I didn’t expect this from you” .

Though we are quite intelligent in dealing with so many critical problems…when it comes to accessing the near/ dear ones we easily become fools.

The root cause of this kind of thinking is assumption.
First we assume and then based on that we deduce their character,
Irrespective of what they are or what they are capable of.

No one in this univers…

What an enlightenment!!!!!

Yesterday on my way back to home from Secunderabad, pillion riding my daughter on Two wheeler,
I just happen to see a family taking photographs with their newly acquired car in front of Ford Showroom.

When I mentioned the scenario to my daughter…my daughter told “Yah mom it’s Ford Car that too they bought it on an exceptional and special day like Sreerama Navami”.

My immediate reaction was “what so special about Sreerama Navami?

See Rama’s fate….he got married on this day and faced so many problems.
First he lost his throne, then he has to spend a period of exile in the forest, there also he couldn’t stay peacefully as Ravana abducted Seetha.

He has to bear the separation, and then cross the Sea to reach Lanka, followed by the Great War to win over Ravana.

His sufferings have not ended here, even after Seetha proving her integrity by Agnipravesham; Rama has been forced to send Seetha on exile again, to prove his truthfulness and please people of Ayodhya. Then he lived all alone …

Hell's Gate!!!

This place in Uzbekistan is called by locals “The Door to Hell”. It is situated near the small town of Darvaz. The story of this place lasts already for 35 years. Once the geologists were drilling for gas. Then suddenly during the drilling they have found an underground cavern, it was so big that all the drilling site with all the equipment and camps got deep deep under the ground. None dared to go down there because the cavern was filled with gas. So they ignited it that no poisonous gas could come out of the hole, and since then, it’s burning, already for 35 years without any pause. Nobody knows how many tons of excellent gas has been burned for all those years but it just seems to be infinite there.

The end will be definitely.... Something different!!!

What lesson one has to learn from yesterdays
World Cup Final Match between India and Srilanka.

In life…… sometimes we have to be mere spectators.

The way it took turns…..the ups and downs….

They were 31/1 in first 10 over power play….
Raising the hopes of over a billion Indians!

Then the man called Jayawardene came,
Hitting a ton, he Kept the hopes of Srilankans alive!!

And then ….we were 31/2….that includes Tendulkar!
Supposed to be most promising batsmen of the day…
Draining all the energy of enthusiastic Indian crowds,
Sitting there at Wankhade Stadium and
Millions world over, watching the live match
Thought "It's Gone"..

At this crucial moment...came our hero of the day Gautam Gambhir!
Who has toil hard, literally soiled himself
Scoring an inspiring 97.
That too…under such a great pressure.

In a true sense, yesterdays Match was sensational!!
Raising and dropping adrenalin levels of millions!!

And literally all we Indians have to be mere spectators!!

We all know …we…


In this many days of my planned life!
In this much dose of silent memories!!

I could not recollect…. when and where I met you!!!

But when I look back….

There is no single moment….
Which I spent, without you!!
There is no single path…..
Which could separate you and me!!

There is no enjoyable thing….
Which I did without you!!

There is no place….
Where I took shelter without you!!

The room where I sleep will be complete void ….
Without you!!

Your thought is a thorn…
Which stands out in my rosy memories!!
You are the flavor of my daily routine!!
You are the knot….
That binds my luck strings!!!

I loved you
I criticized you
I hated you

I have invited you wholeheartedly
I have closed the doors on your face

But what is this?
Without you…..

There is
No place for me!
No joy for me!!
No identity for me!!!

Inspired by poem “Neevu” of
Devarakonda Balagangadhara Tilak.

Save Earth!! Save Yourself!!!

I am a doctorate in geology.
Geology is a passion for me.
I think geology is the only subject which makes you
In tune with Yourself, Nature and God.

Today I was busy preparing lecture notes/ power point
As part of training schedule for new recruits of my office.

Once I started noting down the definitions,
The rock types, minerals, textures etc.
I felt nostalgic of my college/ university days.

Really it’s a kind of a simple delight…..
To go down the memory lane.

The way I chose geology as my subject
The way I learnt the composition of Earth….
The different layers of it…
Knowing about the plate tectonics….
Everything so enchanting!!

The way I began the study of rocks/ minerals…
The vibrant colors, the varied textures
The crystals, the shapes…..
All mesmerizing!!

The silly tricks by which we used to remember the composition of a mineral,
The short codes by which we used to remember the stratigraphy of an area,
The secret signs on rock samples/ thin sections by which
We use to i…

I don’t know why….

I don’t know when......
The present has become the past!!

When I look back….
It seems as if everything is lost!!

When I open the window of yester years….
I find some moments of joy and some tears!!

The school ground I use to play….
The narrow lanes I use to walk….
Everything has changed!!

But I don’t know why…
Still I remain unchanged!!

The silly poetry I use to tell….
The serious thoughts I use to share….
Every opinion is distorted!!

But I don’t know why….
Still I remain unaffected!!

I know …..Life is a continuum….
I know…. life is a bell curve….
Every moment is distinct!!

But I don’t know why….
Still I remain untouched!!!