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In this many days of my planned life!
In this much dose of silent memories!!

I could not recollect…. when and where I met you!!!

But when I look back….

There is no single moment….
Which I spent, without you!!
There is no single path…..
Which could separate you and me!!

There is no enjoyable thing….
Which I did without you!!

There is no place….
Where I took shelter without you!!

The room where I sleep will be complete void ….
Without you!!

Your thought is a thorn…
Which stands out in my rosy memories!!
You are the flavor of my daily routine!!
You are the knot….
That binds my luck strings!!!

I loved you
I criticized you
I hated you

I have invited you wholeheartedly
I have closed the doors on your face

But what is this?
Without you…..

There is
No place for me!
No joy for me!!
No identity for me!!!

Inspired by poem “Neevu” of
Devarakonda Balagangadhara Tilak.

Save Earth!! Save Yourself!!!

I am a doctorate in geology.
Geology is a passion for me.
I think geology is the only subject which makes you
In tune with Yourself, Nature and God.

Today I was busy preparing lecture notes/ power point
As part of training schedule for new recruits of my office.

Once I started noting down the definitions,
The rock types, minerals, textures etc.
I felt nostalgic of my college/ university days.

Really it’s a kind of a simple delight…..
To go down the memory lane.

The way I chose geology as my subject
The way I learnt the composition of Earth….
The different layers of it…
Knowing about the plate tectonics….
Everything so enchanting!!

The way I began the study of rocks/ minerals…
The vibrant colors, the varied textures
The crystals, the shapes…..
All mesmerizing!!

The silly tricks by which we used to remember the composition of a mineral,
The short codes by which we used to remember the stratigraphy of an area,
The secret signs on rock samples/ thin sections by which
We use to i…

I don’t know why….

I don’t know when......
The present has become the past!!

When I look back….
It seems as if everything is lost!!

When I open the window of yester years….
I find some moments of joy and some tears!!

The school ground I use to play….
The narrow lanes I use to walk….
Everything has changed!!

But I don’t know why…
Still I remain unchanged!!

The silly poetry I use to tell….
The serious thoughts I use to share….
Every opinion is distorted!!

But I don’t know why….
Still I remain unaffected!!

I know …..Life is a continuum….
I know…. life is a bell curve….
Every moment is distinct!!

But I don’t know why….
Still I remain untouched!!!


The day I was born…
I know you are there for me!!

The day I begin this journey…
I know you are my destiny!!

Wherever I am…
Whatever I do...
You are aware of ME!!

I know… I need not bother...
How, when, where!!!

I know… I need not search...
I know… you will come to me!!

It can be any moment
May be after a few hours ….
May be after a few days….

But I am sure ….
You are going to come….
To embrace me with all good care!!

All through life
I was longing for you…
I was eager to reach you

Because, I know …
You are the only one
Who will end my lifelong agony!!

I know …..
You are the only one
Who can give me solace!!!

Let there be none for me
Let there be nothing for me

But I am sure….My Dear!!
You are always there for me!!

I may wander in any place
I may mingle with any body

I know very well…
Its only “YOU”……………

My Dear Death!!
With whom I will rest in peace!!

Blessing in Disguise

Last week I met with an accident.
Unable to move with injuries all over the body,
especially without glasses (broken during accident)
I have really become disabled.

No going out, no watching TV, no reading books,
no internet browsing.
This incident has forced me to sit at home without work.

After a long time I really got some time.

I realized the meaningfulness of all little things
I use to do so casually without ever realizing the importance.
Whether it’s combing of hair or stretching of hands, holding a tea cup or chewing food.

I realized, only when I lost the control of doing things as per my wish, as per my choice…..

I realized how I tend to ignore things /people/ facilities/ and more importantly each and every minute part of my body which without my order so orderly does all the things for me.

I could really do some meaningful introspection;
rather it’s a kind of critical analysis of
nature, life, people and situations
which control all these things.

Suddenly lif…


Being an idiot by nature...
I have done it again!

I don’t know the exact reason...
Everything can’t be explained!

So, I have done it again...
Believing you!!

May be you are like this, since the day one
Calculated, constructive, conservative…

I know… I am unchangeable
Ingenuous, inoffensive, inventive….

When you are firmly grounded...
I will be flying in clouds!

When you are sitting atop hill...
I will be found in deep-sea!!

How can I approach you?
You are rigid with your thoughts!

How can I confront you?
You are stern with your actions!

Our ways are separate...
Our aims are different...

I want to live in present!
You dwell in the past!!

You construct castles!
I lean on grassland!!

Ambiguity can’t hold relationship for long!
Now you and I can’t walk along!!

You better go ahead!!
I better remain in solitude!!!

Nothing Starts Quicker Than Kindness…

Kindness doesn’t require any introduction, it’s as glaring as Sun. Yesterday I came across with a person who has exemplified this...a person need not be eminent to show generosity.

Now let me tell the incidence…One of my close relative is ailing since past one week. His condition is quite demanding and we have been adviced to consult the number one specialist in the field for his opinion. On our enquiry we came to know that the least time required getting the doctors consultation is one week. We were quite shattered to hear the news, as per our case we must visit him.

Then I came to know about this guy, working as office bearer at registration desk of this big corporate hospital. Neither I met him nor did he see me. We are absolutely strangers.

Just to console myself, I made a trial and rang up his office. I gave the reference of the person who told about him and put forth my request, explaining him the condition of the patient.

He said he will try his best and asked me to give …