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Uluru / Ayers Rock....From Space.

Uluru also known as Ayers Rock, is a large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory, central Australia.

Uluru is one of Australia's most recognisable natural landmarks. The sandstone formation stands 1,142 ft high, with most of its bulk lying underground, and has a total circumference of 5.8 miles. Uluru is notable for appearing to change colour at different times of the day and year, most notably glowing red at dawn and sunset.

Uluru is an inselberg, literally "island mountain", an isolated remnant left after the slow erosion of an original mountain range

Uluru is dominantly composed of coarse-grained arkose and some conglomerate. Average composition is 50% feldspar, 25–35% quartz and up to 25% rock fragments; most feldspar is K-feldspar with only minor plagioclase as subrounded grains and highly altered inclusions within K-feldspar. The grains are typically 2–4 millimetres in diameter, and are angular to subangular; the finer sandstone …

Look into your heart…Check now and then!

Let me tell you one secret of learning ART OF LIVING….
No...No...You no need to go to Shri Shri Ravishankar.

You just look around your kitchen and do little bit of cooking.
Definitely once in a while you are going to get life’s finest lessons at no cost.

But… you have to have that ability…as I have mentioned earlier.
Ability to read in between lines.
(Doing most of compilation and editing jobs in my Lab,
I think I have developed the critical eye for looking into details).

Let me tell you one recent incidence…

In my kitchen all containers are transparent,
So that not only for me… for anyone else also... it becomes easy for picking up the things they want, when I am away.
Usually the things that are rarely used or empty containers I keep in the back row,
the front row consisting mostly the day to day, regularly used items in each shelf.

Last week I thought of preparing UPMA.
I looked up in the shelf, not found the Rava container (I regularly prepare upma)
and without even thinking and c…

అమృత హస్తం..

చీకట్లోనే వెలుగు కిరణం పట్టుకుంటా!
అడ్డువచ్చిన గోడలు చేదించి నిలబడతా!
పోరాటం నా ఊపిరి మరి!!

కొన్ని సార్లే.....

ఈ అంతర్మధనం ఆపాలని ఆలోచిస్తా!
చీకటిని తరమాలనే నా ఆరాటాన్ని
అదమాలని ప్రయత్నిస్తా!
నన్ను నేను మరిచి పిచ్చిదాన్ని అవుతా!

అప్పుడే నన్ను ఆప్యాయంగా తడుతుంది!
నా పోరాటం చివురు పోసుకుంటుంది!
నన్ను కర్తవ్యముఖురాలిని చేస్తుంది!!

నీ అమృత హస్తం!!!!!

सिर्फ मै

तेरा दिल क्यों इतना बेक़रार हो रहा है ?

दिलकी धड़कन को नज़रसे क्यों दूंड रहा है ?

आँख बंधकर तेरे आंखोंमे मै हु

आवाज़ मतकर तेरे होटोंपे मै हु

तेरे हर तरफ मै हु

सिर्फ मै ही मै

Come fast to see me..........This One is Very Nice!

If one day you feel like crying...Call me.
I don't promise that I will make you laugh,
But I can cry with you .

If one day you want to run away—
Don't be afraid to call me.
I don't promise to ask you to stop...
But I can run with you .

If one day you don't want to listen to anyone...Call me.
I promise to be there for you.
And I promise to be very quiet.

But if one day you call...
And there is no answer...
Come fast to see me.
Perhaps I need you.

Will you allow me please……….

I don’t know why……
Why you come into my thoughts!

I thought you are gone
I thought you are no more…for me!

Still …how is it possible?
You dwell in my thoughts
Day and night……..

You make me laugh
You make me cry
You make me elated
You make me sick

Without being with me
You are there with me
All through
All time

Will you allow me please……….
To be alone…
To be myself!


जितना मै सोचा था

उतना सब कहना था ||

दिलके बात जुबापे आकर

बस इतनासा रह गया ||

तेरे तक पहुँचते पहुँचते

कमोशी में बदल गया ||

तुजे दिलके धड़कन सुनादिया

तो समजो....

मै दस्तक देकर चल आया ||

Every Meeting is.....

Every rise has a fall!
Every progress has a regress!!
Every advance has a retreat!!!

I know it’s inevitable…
Every meeting is a prologue to a separation!!
But yet it doesn’t sink into my mind!!!

When I met you….
I thought “WE” are eternal!!

Nothing going to change the law of nature!
It’s always cyclic!!
One day we come alone into the world!
Another day we leave this world alone!!

Nothing can be pragmatic
As principle of life!

It’s all so naked…
Yet we miss the sight!!

We make bonding…
We keep relations…
We love people…
We cherish memories…

It’s all so temporary…
Yet we miss the fact!!


आकाश में लहराता बादल ,
उसका नाम है दोस्ती,
जमीन पर छाई हरियाली है,
उसका नाम है दोस्ती |

खून के कुछ रिश्ते होते है,
दूर के कुछ रिश्ते होते है,
खूनके ना सही, दूर के ना सही,
दिलसे जो रिश्ता बनता है,
वो रिश्ता का नाम है दोस्ती |

धरम के कुछ रीत होते है,
करम के कुछ रीत होते है,
करम से बढकर, धरम से बढकर,
दुनिया में एक रीत होते है,
वो रीत के नाम है दोस्ती |

हिन्दू अपना मंदिर जाता है,
मुसलमान मस्जिद जाता है,
मंदिर से बढकर, मस्जिद से बढकर,
अपनासा एक मजहब होता है,
वो मजहब का नाम है दोस्ती |

माँ बाप को हम छोड़ आते है,
भाई बहेन हम छोड़ जाते है,
उम्र भर जो साथ निभाता,
वो शख्स का नाम है दोस्ती |

ऊँच नीच का जहाँ फर्क नहीं,
रंग रूप का जहाँ भेद नहीं,
मुश्खिल में जो राह देता है,
मुस्कुराकर जो साथ देता है,
वो साथ का नाम है दोस्ती |

అసందర్భ ప్రేలాపన

నాకు నీవు, నీకు నేను
అంతా సందర్భానుసారమే

అనుబంధాలు ఆత్మీయతలు
అన్నీ అలంకారప్రాయమే

నవ్వినపుడు నలుగురూ నీవాళ్ళే
నీకు మాత్రమే అనుభవైకనైవేద్యం

నీవు తల దించితే నిశబ్ధం కూడా
నిన్ను నిలదీస్తుంది...

ఎదురు తిరిగితే తూట కూడా
మోకరిల్లుతుంది !!

బ్రతుకు అడిగి రాదు
చావూ.. చెప్పి రాదు
రెండూ సంశయాలే!

జీవన గమనంలో
రెండూ సంక్షిప్తాలే!!

మెత్తగా ఉన్న వాడిని చూస్తే...

Sometimes for reasons unexplainable I get irritated…rather frustrated. Because I know it’s not my mistake but …still …I have to bear the brunt.

I too can talk about the philosophy of life…
I too can say about something called destiny…

But…still…I feel there is some kind of injustice in nature itself!
There is a saying in Telugu…మెత్తగా ఉన్న వాడిని చూస్తే...మొట్ట బుద్ది అవుతుందంట!

What to do…it’s in my character ….can’t get rid off the softer side of me.

Inspiration to Poetry!

People often put a query; rather they raise a doubt about my inspiration to write poetry.
Because most of the times its either love or philosophy of life.

I don’t exactly remember…the year but certainly at quite an early age….7-10 years….I started writing.
First it’s a kind of couplets either to tease or praise friends.
Then by the age of 13-15…it was something like following the lines some of my favorite poets …

I use to read a lot…Krishna Shastri, Nanduri Subba Rao, Sri Sri, Tilak, Shiva Reddy, Indraganti Mohan Sharma, Boyi Bhimanna etc…etc…..
Whom so ever I use to read, I use to try…. to write in their style.

To be frank poetry is inspiration to poetry!

Some time back also I have mentioned….
Love for the sake of love! Not for the sake of a person!
Live for the sake of life! Not for any particular reason!

Write Poetry for releasing your thoughts…what so ever,
Not with some single... inspiration!

TIME ….You Are Really Clever!!

Slowly you unfold me
I am a stupid…that I trust you!

Slowly you release me
I am an idiot….that I hold you!

Slowly you are killing me
I am a fool …that I celebrate!
The approach of death by
Saying ….Happy Birth Day!!

You are really clever
You never make me feel …
The bitterness of the life!
You make it sugar coated
With your manipulation!

Really I am so obtuse…
Always think that time will heal everything!

Never realized that….
One day you will heal me too….
Into the eternal dust!!!

तुम मिले

एक दिल जो तुमे देखे

एक प्यार जो तुमसे करके

इतना कुछ पालिये हमने …

एक पलमे सौ साल जीलिया हमने !

अब न कोई शिकायत है

न कोई आरजू है जिंदगीसे …

तुमको पाके सबकुछ पालिया हमने !

एक ख्वाब जो बरसोंसे दिलमे चुपाता

पूरी हुई वो आज तेरे बाते सुनके ...

सचमे …

अब न कोई शिकायत है

न कोई आरजू है जिंदगीसे …

बस मरजानेके दुवाः किया हमने !

The Journey Called LIFE!

What to think?
Why to think??
We came a long way….
There is no meaning in thinking now!

In the journey called life,
There is no meaning in repenting!
There is no meaning in looking back!

Now it’s over…
You and Me chosen the path,
Before deciding the destination!

We no need to bother!
It's fixed now!
Our destination!!
One thing is sure….
The path will take us there!

There are no short cuts
There are no shifting routes
Just we have to follow the path!

The pace may change ...
A little bit here and there
But it’s definite….
We too reach our goal!

We too will complete….
The journey…
The journey called LIFE!

Digitizing Thoughts.....

Long time ago….me and my dear friend thought of writing a book …...
Of course…It’s neither fiction nor fantasy…..
But simple one, containing all our random thoughts.
Something like Musings.

Lot of discussions has taken place.
Then we came to a conclusion, that….
We just can’t put what all we think in text form, particularly for two reasons.
One reason is obligation and
The other reason is transformation.

The First reason, I think all of you can understand…
If we really write... what we really think…
Most of the people may not appreciate…
Leave about our book but….us for obvious reasons.

The other reason is quite complicated
By the time our thought are converted into text
Certainly there will be some addition or deletion to the original thought…

So we thought why can’t we have a device,
Something like a Head gear….
Which can be directly connected to our head, rather to our brain?
So that the moment we start thinking about something…. it will get digitized
And same thing can be trans…


శ్రావణ జల్లులలో
శారద రాత్రులలో
మెరిసిన వర్ణాలెన్నో?
విరిసిన కలువలు ఎన్నో??

జీవన గమకములో
జీవిత గమనంలో
పలికిన రాగాలెన్నో?
కలిసిన హృదయాలెన్నో??

కనుల కలవరింతలలో
మనస్సు భావదొంతరలో
గడచిన స్వప్నాలెన్నో?
నిలిచిన సత్యాలెన్నో??

You Become Memory…

Slowly it will creep in…
Slowly it will settle….
Slowly it gets frozen!

You become memory…
Slowly it will happen!

Possibly I can’t realize
When, where and why

Probably I can feel ….
Some uneasiness!
Through all the process…
That is taking place!

I know it’s obvious…
I know it's certain…
I know it…in and out!

But how can I control

It’s TIME…..
It transcends ….

It is the one...
Which puts you in a sealed cover!
It is the one...
Which turns you into memory!!