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Have you ever thought?
How many times in a day/week/month/year you spend time
with yourself?
How long, since last time when you made a solo “soul journey”?
How much you give space to yourself in your life?

We hardly bother about these things
After all life is going at such a fast pace
Who has time to ponder about all these silly things.

Every day we have a fixed schedule….
Meet certain people, meet certain targets
Go office, come home …the day ends.

When everything is being practiced so perfectly
Why do we require a soul journey?
Why do we bother to enquire what it actually requires?
It’s a mere waste of time for many of us.

We all have learnt the art of manipulating
We all have learnt the art of compromising
We all have made a contract with life…
And we all follow the rules and regulations so faithfully.

We never realize what is meant by LIFE
We never feel what it takes to be alive….literally!!
We never bother to be a perfect humane
Because…. we always strive to be a perfect perso…

Two To Tango….

There will be a certain kind of weak point/ weakness for every person,
Because of which he/she will remain faithful in a relationship.
It can be of any kind…husband-wife, parent-child,
friend-friend, boss-subordinate, neighbor-neighbor or
Sometimes even with a stranger.

We try our best to be in certain boundaries to
Maintain a particular relation, it can be willingly or un willingly.
We all do that …either because of responsibility or because of obligation.
We all do that....either because we value the relationship or because we are in compulsion.

Exceptions are always there….
Definitely there will be certain relationships
which we want to have....
We want to have them whole heartedly….
Because of the person involved.
I am not talking about such relations.

I am talking about general relationships where
the problem comes when one of the people involved
In a relationship forget the value of the relationship,
Under estimate the effort being put by the other person
to mainta…

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Life Is Calling……….

Yesterday my friend reminded me that “you are one short of century”!
He was talking about number of my blog posts.
This morning someone told me that “today is great Abdul Kalam’s birthday”!
We should thank him, celebrate, etc. etc.

So, I just started thinking… is there really so much significance to
A particular number or a particular day.
Or is it that, just we are making them so significant,
Without bothering about the core value.

If number 100 is significant why can’t be number 99?
And by all means, it looks more beautiful and more rhythmic.
Why we are particular about celebrating silver jubilee or diamond jubilee
Instead of celebrating when we are really, whole heartedly jubilant.

Why we want to celebrate a marriage day or friendship day?
Why is that we are allocating only one day in a year to celebrate marriage?
Whereas a marriage ….living together with the “life partner”
Should be a 24x7, 365 days celebration.

Why is that we require a day to celebrate friendship?
Whereas fri…

Keep Going…..

I just returned from a short trip to Mammalapuram.
Travelling is a passion for me,
If possible, I just want to go around the world before
I leave the planet Earth.

Any kind of travel performed….
Whether it is short or long term or
Whether to known or unknown place,
Whether it is planned or unplanned or
Whether I liked or disliked ….
Every journey I made is having its own kind of experiences,
and as I observed,
Whenever I made a journey, I have always grown as a person.

When you travel you have an entire sphere of time,
That is unique, which is exclusive to that particular place.
You meet new people, see new places,
Experience new things, learn some new lessons and …
There is an ample scope for you to look into yourself
much more leisurely, much more differently,
Much more widely, much more vividly…. than your routine.

So, my dear friends ….Never miss an opportunity to travel,
Never miss the chance to see life in a different perspective

Keep going places…explore and experien…

Some Silly Thoughts....

What is the reason which makes us attracted to certain people?
Why we give importance to them?
What is that makes them irreplaceable?
Whether it’s their character or it’s a reflection our very own character?

Off late, as I have observed, it’s seldom the first one.
Quite often it’s our inner instinct or urge that makes us connected to
certain people and reluctant to certain others.

Can we put all these actions and reactions into certain kind of neuron activity?
which gives positive signal to some persons and negative signal to some other?
It’s quite possible…there could be some kind of magnetic material in our brain….
which do processing of the signals, the very moment when we meet a person.

Because, time and again, though I tried my best to connect
with certain people I could not succeed till today,
there will be some repulsive force which always pulls me back.
At the same time there are certain persons in my life with
whom I got connected instantaneously.

The most fascinating…

MY FRIEND.......

You make me laugh, you make me cry!
You know when to listen and when to talk with me!!
You make me think, you make me feel!
You know when I am right and when I am going wrong!!

I know my friend …no matter what I do…
I know… you are always there for me!

In the moments of delight, in the moments of distress!
You know when to hold and when to let go off myself!!
In the moments of aplomb, in the moments of crisis!
You know when to depart and when to accept me!!

I know my friend …no matter whatever I go through …
I know….. You are always there with me!

I know… you are always there for me!
I know….. You are always there with me!!


Today morning I came across with a quotation by Dale Carnegie
“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing”
I was just thinking to find out the most important criteria that differentiates
A successful person from an ordinary person.

I am not talking about materialistic success….
Success which is estimated by name, fame, wealth etc…etc...
I am talking about success as a person, success as a human
So many things came into my mind….but all appear somewhat superficial.

What is something unique to successful people which make them stand tall among the crowd…
And I think its “FLEXIBILITY”……and not “having fun in what they are doing” as Dale Carnegie said.

You may laugh at my interpretation but….
I strongly believe that unless a person is flexible to people associated with him/her, flexible to surroundings, flexible to situations and more importantly flexible to opportunities,
It’s not possible to be successful in life.

It’s not that you have to always do something gr…

Your Thought and Mine

Your thought is a tree rooted deep in the soil of tradition and
whose branches grow in the power of continuity.
My thought is a cloud moving in the space.
It turns into drops which, as they fall,
form a brook that sings its way into the sea.
Then it rises as vapour into the sky.
Your thought is a fortress that
neither gale nor the lightning can shake.
My thought is a tender leaf that sways
in every direction and finds pleasure in its swaying.
Your thought is an ancient dogma that
cannot change you nor can you change it.
My thought is new, and it tests me and I test it morn and eve.

You have your thought and I have mine.

----------Khalil Gibran

Just Like That....

At some or other point of life every one of us will realize that..
We all came into this world as a single entity
And we leave the world also as… single entity!

Then why we struggle so much to maintain the relationships?
Why we attach ourselves to certain persons?
Is it because we are not aware of the fact? or
Is it because we know, but don’t want to understand and apply it.
The latter may be more correct and appropriate reason.

It is not that we don’t have realization..
In fact we all know pretty well that …
We came all alone to this world and
One day we leave all alone
But does this stop us to live unattached?
Without any commitment…

If at all we can live such kind of life
Can it still be called life?
How can we live without any emotions?
sentiments, feelings, reasons and above all…
Relations, who fulfill the very thing called life.

All of us keep ourselves engaged with some kind of occupation…
Some kind of attachment in the name of all kinds of relations
Father-mother, bro…