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Have you ever thought?
How many times in a day/week/month/year you spend time
with yourself?
How long, since last time when you made a solo “soul journey”?
How much you give space to yourself in your life?

We hardly bother about these things
After all life is going at such a fast pace
Who has time to ponder about all these silly things.

Every day we have a fixed schedule….
Meet certain people, meet certain targets
Go office, come home …the day ends.

When everything is being practiced so perfectly
Why do we require a soul journey?
Why do we bother to enquire what it actually requires?
It’s a mere waste of time for many of us.

We all have learnt the art of manipulating
We all have learnt the art of compromising
We all have made a contract with life…
And we all follow the rules and regulations so faithfully.

We never realize what is meant by LIFE
We never feel what it takes to be alive….literally!!
We never bother to be a perfect humane
Because…. we always strive to be a perfect perso…

Two To Tango….

There will be a certain kind of weak point/ weakness for every person,
Because of which he/she will remain faithful in a relationship.
It can be of any kind…husband-wife, parent-child,
friend-friend, boss-subordinate, neighbor-neighbor or
Sometimes even with a stranger.

We try our best to be in certain boundaries to
Maintain a particular relation, it can be willingly or un willingly.
We all do that …either because of responsibility or because of obligation.
We all do that....either because we value the relationship or because we are in compulsion.

Exceptions are always there….
Definitely there will be certain relationships
which we want to have....
We want to have them whole heartedly….
Because of the person involved.
I am not talking about such relations.

I am talking about general relationships where
the problem comes when one of the people involved
In a relationship forget the value of the relationship,
Under estimate the effort being put by the other person
to mainta…

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Life Is Calling……….

Yesterday my friend reminded me that “you are one short of century”!
He was talking about number of my blog posts.
This morning someone told me that “today is great Abdul Kalam’s birthday”!
We should thank him, celebrate, etc. etc.

So, I just started thinking… is there really so much significance to
A particular number or a particular day.
Or is it that, just we are making them so significant,
Without bothering about the core value.

If number 100 is significant why can’t be number 99?
And by all means, it looks more beautiful and more rhythmic.
Why we are particular about celebrating silver jubilee or diamond jubilee
Instead of celebrating when we are really, whole heartedly jubilant.

Why we want to celebrate a marriage day or friendship day?
Why is that we are allocating only one day in a year to celebrate marriage?
Whereas a marriage ….living together with the “life partner”
Should be a 24x7, 365 days celebration.

Why is that we require a day to celebrate friendship?
Whereas fri…

Keep Going…..

I just returned from a short trip to Mammalapuram.
Travelling is a passion for me,
If possible, I just want to go around the world before
I leave the planet Earth.

Any kind of travel performed….
Whether it is short or long term or
Whether to known or unknown place,
Whether it is planned or unplanned or
Whether I liked or disliked ….
Every journey I made is having its own kind of experiences,
and as I observed,
Whenever I made a journey, I have always grown as a person.

When you travel you have an entire sphere of time,
That is unique, which is exclusive to that particular place.
You meet new people, see new places,
Experience new things, learn some new lessons and …
There is an ample scope for you to look into yourself
much more leisurely, much more differently,
Much more widely, much more vividly…. than your routine.

So, my dear friends ….Never miss an opportunity to travel,
Never miss the chance to see life in a different perspective

Keep going places…explore and experien…

Some Silly Thoughts....

What is the reason which makes us attracted to certain people?
Why we give importance to them?
What is that makes them irreplaceable?
Whether it’s their character or it’s a reflection our very own character?

Off late, as I have observed, it’s seldom the first one.
Quite often it’s our inner instinct or urge that makes us connected to
certain people and reluctant to certain others.

Can we put all these actions and reactions into certain kind of neuron activity?
which gives positive signal to some persons and negative signal to some other?
It’s quite possible…there could be some kind of magnetic material in our brain….
which do processing of the signals, the very moment when we meet a person.

Because, time and again, though I tried my best to connect
with certain people I could not succeed till today,
there will be some repulsive force which always pulls me back.
At the same time there are certain persons in my life with
whom I got connected instantaneously.

The most fascinating…

MY FRIEND.......

You make me laugh, you make me cry!
You know when to listen and when to talk with me!!
You make me think, you make me feel!
You know when I am right and when I am going wrong!!

I know my friend …no matter what I do…
I know… you are always there for me!

In the moments of delight, in the moments of distress!
You know when to hold and when to let go off myself!!
In the moments of aplomb, in the moments of crisis!
You know when to depart and when to accept me!!

I know my friend …no matter whatever I go through …
I know….. You are always there with me!

I know… you are always there for me!
I know….. You are always there with me!!


Today morning I came across with a quotation by Dale Carnegie
“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing”
I was just thinking to find out the most important criteria that differentiates
A successful person from an ordinary person.

I am not talking about materialistic success….
Success which is estimated by name, fame, wealth etc…etc...
I am talking about success as a person, success as a human
So many things came into my mind….but all appear somewhat superficial.

What is something unique to successful people which make them stand tall among the crowd…
And I think its “FLEXIBILITY”……and not “having fun in what they are doing” as Dale Carnegie said.

You may laugh at my interpretation but….
I strongly believe that unless a person is flexible to people associated with him/her, flexible to surroundings, flexible to situations and more importantly flexible to opportunities,
It’s not possible to be successful in life.

It’s not that you have to always do something gr…

Your Thought and Mine

Your thought is a tree rooted deep in the soil of tradition and
whose branches grow in the power of continuity.
My thought is a cloud moving in the space.
It turns into drops which, as they fall,
form a brook that sings its way into the sea.
Then it rises as vapour into the sky.
Your thought is a fortress that
neither gale nor the lightning can shake.
My thought is a tender leaf that sways
in every direction and finds pleasure in its swaying.
Your thought is an ancient dogma that
cannot change you nor can you change it.
My thought is new, and it tests me and I test it morn and eve.

You have your thought and I have mine.

----------Khalil Gibran

Just Like That....

At some or other point of life every one of us will realize that..
We all came into this world as a single entity
And we leave the world also as… single entity!

Then why we struggle so much to maintain the relationships?
Why we attach ourselves to certain persons?
Is it because we are not aware of the fact? or
Is it because we know, but don’t want to understand and apply it.
The latter may be more correct and appropriate reason.

It is not that we don’t have realization..
In fact we all know pretty well that …
We came all alone to this world and
One day we leave all alone
But does this stop us to live unattached?
Without any commitment…

If at all we can live such kind of life
Can it still be called life?
How can we live without any emotions?
sentiments, feelings, reasons and above all…
Relations, who fulfill the very thing called life.

All of us keep ourselves engaged with some kind of occupation…
Some kind of attachment in the name of all kinds of relations
Father-mother, bro…

Act Spontaneous

People often commit one mistake
They plan for doing something extraordinary
They think of doing something so perfect that….
They miss the real timing and end up with something else,
They get something different than the actual thing.

The problem is not committing the mistake
The problem is never realizing that they have committed mistake.
Of ‘course I know pretty well that....
One is not going to gain something big by doing right thing at right time.
But definitely they are going to lose the actual value of doing right thing at right time.
It’s nothing but the satisfaction, the feeling of completing the task in right moment, in the right manner.
The person, who has achieved this, only can really understand what I am saying…
It’s all together a great feeling.

So my dear friends never postpone a thing or try to plan for a thing
Act immediately, act on your impulse.
If you want to say sorry…. say sorry immediately
Don’t wait for a day, when it no more has same effect.

It’s not just sa…

The Ultimate Tragedy

I was just wondering what is the ultimate tragedy in one’s life.
If I ask the question, the answer may vary from person to person.
But if you can think little deep, then you can really understand the thing.

It’s not that you losing someone dear
It’s not that you don’t gain something big
It’s not that you won’t get what you wanted
It’s not that you didn’t met with your expectations
It’s not the biggest physical abuse you have ever faced
It’s not the worst mental trauma you have to pass through.
It's definitely none of these....

Because, there is always a way out to overcome each one of these in our life
People survive for so many years, even after all these tragedies,
So, this itself is a proof that they are not the ultimate tragedies in life
by which life becomes void.

Then what is the ultimate tragedy of life?
According to me, the most tragic thing to happen in one’s life is…..
To know what is going to happen.
It appears very simple at the very first instance
But as I said, if…


“Assumption” is the word struck to me, when I started thinking
about the reasons for all the happenings of life, whether it’s good or bad.
Assumption is like a preconceived idea regarding anyone or anything.

The first mistake we all commit in life is…..
We often approach a thing or a person based on an assumption,
The second one is …we expect something based on that assumption.
We never realize that when the very assumption is wrong
Then there is every possibility of our expectations also going wrong.

An assumption is like mirage, yet it makes us believe that
we are seeing an absolute thing.
And then, we yield to it again and again,
Never ever making even a slightest effort to see beyond the assumption.
Our thinking, there by our living, becomes
so narrow once we start assuming things
that we lose the track of an absolute path.

We never try to act on our impulses, our intuitions, our senses
with which we are bestowed with....
We forget that we are humane, we practically live l…

When You Go Away

Everything appears so perfect when you are around
But, nothing seems to be alright when you go away

I walk, I work, I eat and sleep as the day passes
Yes, I become a mere perfectionist when you go away

I smile, I wave, I meet and talk when people come across
True, I behave just as a methodologist when you go away

Neither heavens fall on earth, nor Earth quake or brake
Yet, I loose everything on earth when you go away

Its not that I can’t live leaving you,
Its not that I am going to die without you,but
Life seems so imperfect when you go away!!
Life appears so disastrous when you go away!!!

Precious Moments

Just now I read …..”happiness is momentary
That is the reason why it becomes precious”
Then why can’t we treat sadness,
also momentary for that matter..,
As precious as happiness?

It’s all the mind game…….

Though happiness is momentary
You can always relive the moments of happiness
You can relish the thing again and again
Those moments refresh your body
They soothe your senses
Brings you a sort of contentment..
You ask for it more and more!!!

Though sadness is also momentary
You never ever want to look at those moments
As they will drain your energy
They will make you depressed
Those moments will bring you a sort of dissatisfaction
You never wish to repeat such moments in your life…

But just I started thinking......
Is there any way by which we can make
all the moments of our life as precious, irrespective of
whether they represent happiness or sadness?

It may not be possible all the time
But if make little effort to retaliate
and try to make out the reasons behind the

Lesson Learnt From “Lime”

Sometimes we learn big lessons from small things,
Of course one has to have an open mind to observe and analyze!

Today morning I was trying to extract lime juice
I was thinking something else and cut the lime along instead of across...
Then it became very problematic for me to hold the lime and extract its full juice.
In spite of all my efforts I was not successful to full extent …in extracting juice,
Definitely I couldn’t get completely what I want.

The reason is very simple I cut along not across….
But I have not realized the fact and at the same time
expected that it doesn’t make much difference in completing my job.

But today the lime has taught me a tough lesson..
Even though it’s a small one …if not treated in proper manner
It will not yield completely to us…

So my dear friends just think twice when trying to bend rules
To get something done…

You may assume “why not?” …
But every big or small thing in this world has its own individuality
You first try to understand it, accept it…

“ME” becoming "You"

In the midst of night
In the darkest of silence
You enter into my world
Taking dream flight

I never knew
How it happens
Seldom do I realize
How you creep in

All the doors are closed
All the windows are shut
My eyes are covered with sleep
I am tight lipped without taking your name

But you enter…
You enter into my world
Just like silence occupying the space
You overwhelm me
Just like wind filling the atmosphere

But you enter…
You enter into my heart
Just like hot gushing blood
You engulf me
Just like breath filling the lungs

By the time I realize
How? What? When?
I am no more ….

It’s totally you
My body and soul…
It’s just you…

You becoming “ME”

I started counting all the stars of the Sky to put it number
I tried to measure all the Air of universe to put it in space

I started reckoning all the waters of the Ocean to put it in volume
I tried adding up all the places on the Earth to put it in area

I started calculating all the heat of the Sun to put in warmth
I tried computing by all the magnanimous things I know….

But in vain my dear………….

You can really FEEL my love….
Only by one means…..

You becoming “ME”
Though it’s for a moment…..


Suddenly……sometimes …..
I loose the track….
I become quite random
In my thoughts
In my deeds

I don’t realize what’s happening
I don’t know why is it happening
Yet it happens………….

And obviously I become part of it
Without my concern.

The problem isn’t with the happening
The problem is with the end result,
For which I become responsible.
Irrespective of my involvement
People become judgmental….

Nobody ever bothers to ponder even for a minute
How do I become responsible for things which I have not done
Is it not wrong on their part to decide on my part?
Yet they will do that
Yet I have to bear the brunt……….

How stupid I am?????
To go along with the flow…
Instead of swimming across.
Why I become so timid at times?

Is it because I am “Latha”
Is it because of the belief?
Belief that I require a support all the time?
Is it because I refrain from swimming across the odds?

Probably the last one may be most opt answer…..
Yah true… at times I prefer to be an escapist
That may be the most …

What If?

Have you ever thought? What if….?
If you have to face the worst situation of your life?
The answer is simple….You will learn the lesson of your life time!!!

Many a times we hear that… a person, almost gone case
had a miraculous escape… from death…
We call it destiny…he/ she still has life to his/ her credit…so he/she is alive.
A person almost lost everything in life
rises to riches just by an incident
We call it destiny…he/ she still has luck to his/ her credit…so he/she flourished.

Then why that particular thing should happen to him/her at all?
Why the one who has gone so close to death is
relieved of that pain at the end?
why the one who has seen the worst of his life
relieved of that problem at the end?
Have you ever thought?

Till yesterday I have also not got an opportunity to think in that line
But when you face the worst
You will learn the best…..
So yesterday it happened with me and
I have learnt the lesson of my life ….

If everything is going so perfect
We take our l…

what makes you love?

We all describe the things either by quantity or quality
Most of the things may be classified using either of these terms.

So, what about love?
Can we quantify love?
Large…medium…small.. according to performance?
I don’t think so….

Then what about quality of love?
Can we do grading?
Good.. better.. best…according to perfection?
I don’t think so….

Can we make a generalized scale and
fix these terms for every one’s love?
Or for that matter, at least for love of one person?
I don’t think so…

It is not an easy task to fix the terms for love..
Because love is not a static element
It is very dynamic by nature

Actually it is not a big problem even if you don’t
understand what is the quality or quantity of love
you are involved with…

The basic problem is to understand why you love
Why you love a particular person(s)….

We all know that… a person is nothing but
Made of certain features…certain qualities….

Then why it is not so that
We love every one having similar qualities/ features?
Why o…


In life nothing goes as we have planned
But the beauty of life is......
It always gives us a ray of hope!

It always makes us to believe that..
Tomorrow something may happen
according to our wish.......
and it will make you to continue the journey.

By the time we realize the real thing...
That its just our illusion and there is no such horizon
where sky and earth meet, our life ends.


The more time passes between us
The more I realize….
How deep is the love behind our relationship
How precious was the time we have spent together….

The more I realize
The more often I feel like expressing it
But rarely I get an opportunity to say…..
Life wouldn’t have been this wonderful
Without you!!

Thank you…..
For all that you were to me
During all these days!!


I think we all feel,
At least on few instances in our life……that
We can do nothing about the situation,
We remain quite helpless….
We become quite hopeless and
We readily accept the defeat
We decide that ..can’t play any further
We start believing that this is …the end of the game
We surrender ourselves completely to the situation.

What makes us to think so?
Why we become so vulnerable at certain times?
Why we stop fighting?
Why we don’t want to face the situation?
Why we think that this is it…no other way around..
Why we think to say …“I QUIT”

Is there anything in the world...
that is more worth than life?
Why can’t we look at life in its totality?
Why we give so much importance to any one incidence?
Why we think in terms of big or small?
Why we categorize it as simple or complicated?

There can be always some aspect of life which is challenging..
There can be always a relation which you can’t change..
There can be always a situation which you can’t handle..
There will be always a…


Last night I was just thinking.. why do we love?
rather why to love anybody at all?
Why we involve ourselves so much in a relationship called love?
What makes us to keep loving? etc…etc…
Then I started counting what all the things love brings into our life…
Creativity, passion, emotion, sentiment, anguish, happiness …
the list goes on….

Probably all the kind of feelings one want to experience can be
experienced once they are in love.
So, definitely love is a good thing, rather a profitable thing
to happen in one’s life.
You learn so many lessons just by paying for one thing.

The next thing I started thinking was how love begins?
I don’t want to discuss the intricacies but, yes,
I believe that, its wholly depends on the person involved..
The particular person is 100% responsible for generating
the feeling called love and all the things attached with it.

The next thing that came to my mind was… where love leads?
Why and when the problem comes in love?
This could be because of on…

I realize....

Every time I make a trip
Every time I take a road
Every time I realize....
It’s the journey that matters
Not the destination!

Every time I meet the people
Every time I talk with them
Every time I realize....
It’s the value of relation that matters
Not the mere conversation!

Every time I make a mistake
Every time I take a wrong step
Every time I realize....
It’s the lesson learnt that matters
Not the failure of your expectation!

Every time I look at life
Every time I count the time
Every time I realize....
It’s the experience gained that matters
Not the years spent in vain!

Yes, every time I do realize…
It’s the journey
It’s the relation
It’s the lesson
It’s the experience
That matters

That’s what matters to me
That’s what life means to me


They say an idel brain is Devil’s Workshop
But as I observe myself, quit often I found that
Even when I am not idel, my brain is a Devils Workshop!

It can’t be kept at rest in spite of all my trials and tributes..
So, now a days I stopped doing the stupid thing of controlling it.
I allow it to wander on its own…
Either I just observe it or follow it…
And I think that is the best way to make peace with myself.

It has got lot of positive attributes to it!
As long as you don’t involve yourself …..
In all the matters that are going on in your workshop…
You are at complete peace!
Bonus…. you will learn a thing or two.

It’s all matter of time and space…
How much time you spend for an incident
How much space you give for that incident
It’s all the matter of your Devils Workshop!

Once you learn the art of detachment
Once you are capable of observing things
Just being neutral….
Once you can follow the things
Just by not getting involved…

You realize that you are at peace!!

Let the devil do its…

Word has its Life

It can happen with any one
Rather it happens with every one
Some or the other time of their life
The frequency may vary.
It is most common with some people
Some people rarely do it
But I am sure......
No one can completely avoid it..

Yes..One cannot avoid it
Though he/she tries their best to avoid it.
It’s nothing but....
Uttering what they really don’t want to utter
Saying what they really don’t mean to say.

Yes, it happens in a moment of anguish
It happens in moment of frustration
It happens in moment of dis-satisfaction
It happens in moment of disappointment

It can be any temporary feeling
It can be love or hatred
But definitely it’s a momentary reaction

We forgot that word has....
Word has got its own value
Word has got its own impact
Word has got its own consequences
Word has got its own LIFE....

Seldom do we realize
And we do say something ...
Which we are not intended to say..
We may regret afterwards..
We may feel sorry or
We may even say sorry...

But is there anything we ca…


ఈ పాత బడిన క్షణాలని కోయిల గొంతులో
కలకాలం మిగలనీ..
ఎప్పుడన్నా వెనక్కు తిరిగినప్పుడు
ఆ సంగీతాన్ని వెతుక్కుంటాను!!

పిలిచినా వెంటనే పుట్టిన రోజు నాజూకుగా
రావడం ముదావహం..
వెళ్ళిపో అన్నామని అలిగి మల్లి తిరిగి
రాకపోవడం గడిచిన కాలానికున్న అహం!!

గడచిన కాలాన్ని నెమరువేసుకుంటూ...
రాబోయే కాలమంతా నీవు సుఖ సంతోషాలతో వర్దిల్లాలని ఆశిస్తూ!!

Don't Postpone Happiness

Why is that we always fix a target for everything in life?
Why is that we fix a norm for every thing we do?
Why is that we always long for things which are not in our hands.
When we are young our parents plan for us and fix the terms!
And as we grow up we ourselves start fixing the terms!!

We fix a target for everything, rather anything we do
education , marriage, children, job, friends, relations…
And above all, for the life itself…..
“I am not going to be happy”…..unless it is going to be like this….
We make happiness conditional ….
Thereby life also conditional.

We seek happiness in life by achieving something
Rather than being ourselves,
Living our own life as it comes…accepting it as it is…
We forget that life has got both…..
Highs and lows…we forget that.. life is a wave!
We want to fix the boundaries..
We want to control the flow..

We try to decide when we want to be happy
We postpone enjoyment in everything we do……
Till it reaches a particular level….
We train our br…


Today some one compared my laughing with lightning and thunder
Just like lightning is followed by thunder
Laugh first reaches the eyes, followed by ears
Because, we all know…. that light travels faster than sound.

Its true… the other person will be first attracted to…
The glow brought in your face by the laugh,
Then listens to the melodious sound it carries ...

As I have observed many a times
A laugh rarely go unnoticed
Most of the times it has a reciprocation.
It always gives you something
Something more than just a laugh..

It gives you warmth!
It gets you affection!
Takes you high!
Makes you sigh…!!

What not…
Sometimes small things
Sometimes big things
Sometimes a laugh will give you everything…
Everything you want..

But more than all these things
It just struck me today that
There is something more special about laugh

When you laugh… before anyone receives it
You yourself will receive….
Receive in plenty….
Plenty of happiness before you make the other person happy
Plenty of …

Life is Now

Quite often we do that
But rarely do we realize…
We realize…. that we think a lot about
Either past or future and
Forget about the PRESENT!!

We go on think about things
Which we have done
Which are closed!
Which are sealed!
Permanently in the time frame!!
Which we can not change by any means..

But still we think
Think endlessly….
What would have been…
If it would have been
Etc etc…etc…..

Never we try to realize that……..
That thing… that action… was perfect for that moment
That thing and that action had a perfect past….
We keep on try to rebuild the building
In which we are already living…
And by doing so… we lose the happiness of living
Living in the present moment…….

Similarly we think about future…..

We go on plan for things….
Which we are going to do…
Which may or may not take place
Which are rather uncertain……
Which we can not decide right now……

But still we plan……
Plan untiringly………
It is going to be like that…
I am going to do that…

We go on build castle i…


Why our thoughts are always categorized?
Why are they always either negatively or positively skewed?
Why we always put an emotional tag attached to them?


It can be anything.
But never it comes without any thing…
Never it remains just as thought!!

We always try to make a simple thing into complicated one
Just by adding these tags…
We go on try to churn out some meaning from all these meaning less things!!

Why can’t we just allow the thought to flow..
Just like wind… just like water…
Going in any direction
Without any control…….

Why we always think that
We are either good thinkers or bad thinkers
Why can’t we just think……

Think without any limitation…
Think without any horizon…
Think without any prefix and suffix…
Why can’t we allow the thoughts to flow……

Just try it……
The thoughts will take you to heaven……
I promise!!!

How Can You Rule My Life?

Its my mind,
The thoughts are always yours!

Its my heart,
The feelings are always yours!

Its my life,
The moments are always yours!

Wherever I go, whatever I do
you are always there

Can you tell me dear
What right do you have,
To decide.... my life
Withou my concern....


Just I started thinking ………..

What is memory

What it takes to make a thing into memory
Whether its good or bad memory…….

The place…..
The time……
The person or
All put together?

If these things can make a memory
Why not all the things of our life turned into memories?
When we look back at things
Why only few remain with us?

When we meet the same person,
for the same amount of time, at the same place
Can it give same kind of memory?
I am sure certainly not…..

Today somehow I got to realize
Realize the truth….
The truth behind memory
What makes a thing into memory…….

Yes involvement……
If we get ourselves involved with that
Particular moment
Particular place
Particular person
Then the ordinary thing will turn into memory
Otherwise not….
Absolutely not.

So. unless you have really involved yourself
whole heartedly in a particular thing
It can not turn into memory!

Start counting your memories………


In our life time,
We come across with lots of people
at different points of time.
Of those people, some remain with us
and are in touch.. in one way or the other..
and some just remain in memories!
It may not always be logical to think
as to why life took the turns it actually took,
why we did what we actually did
and more importantly why we did not do what we did not do
why did not say or what we did not say.
It may sound absurd and vicious thinking
about all such things in life.
Sometimes we say it
but the one whom we told would NOT HAVE "HEARD" IT.
What it means is...... it would not have been heard
in the way it was said and it was intended to be.


So many things to say..
So many feelings to share..
None will come to rescue!
When I want to express a few!!

Why you come and go..
When you know
You can't be
With me forever!!

No pain no gain people say..
What I get is only pain...
As I always see!!

Just I am asking.......
Are you gaining anything..
From the other end,
Which I cant see!!!!!!!

Love Is...................

Love is life
Love is divine
Love is supreme
Love is eternal
Love is beautiful
Love is magical
Love is powerful
Love is this
Love is that
Love is what not.......everything
Love has always been prefixed with so many superlatives/ adjectives.

But today I want to put love into a different bracket
Love is conditional.....

Off late I have observed……..
In any relationship
There is an equation
Just like Einstein's theory of relativity.....
If you love me this much with this much intensity
I will love you that particular period with more or less equal intensity
If there is slight shift……..
The equilibrium will shift as the reaction can't take place with the same speed.

This applies to
And for that matter any relationship you put into application it will have similar repercussions,
Once there is shift in amount of love.

So, love here is conditional..........
Yes, unless the other person fulfills all your conditions
Your lov…

Do More

I have realized ..........

The more you do the things

The more you learn about life!

The more may be in the form of meeting a new person
The more may be in the form of reading a book
The more may be in the form of taking one photograph
The more may be in any form of an experience.

Definitely you are going to learn something..........

Something more about life!
Something new about life!!

There may be that one particular thing
That will change your whole perspective of life

Never sit at a place
Go around the world

Do more!
Learn more!!
Live more!!!


Off late I have realized one thing

I am not a good person

I always try to put blame on others

For my unhappiness

I always think that people have deceived me

But in fact more than anybody else

I have deceived myself

I always use to assume rather erroneously

That I have given so much

And expect others to give it back

When the estimation itself is wrong

How can I expect right things from the other person

Its not me, the other person should feel that

Yes, she has given me so much

I never bother to consider others opinion about me

What they think of me

How much do they care about me

Its all my mistake

I use to imagine

My stature

Irrespective of what they think about me

Then why should I now bother that

They are not giving me enough space

They were like that

Since the beginning

Its me

Who started thinking so many things

I myself gave so much credibility all relationships

And expect them to return

What a big fool I am

I was wrong, in telling that "I am always correct"

Infact I was…

Magic Called Love

I aways think
There is something untold...
Something unheard from you..
So I want to talk
Talk for my hearts content
But that day will be probably the last day in my life

When I want to convey exactly what I feel
The words won’t come to my rescue
They go here and there
They just can’t catch up with
My thoughts
My feelings
My emotions

So there will be always a part of me
Which is not able to connect with you

That makes me more frustrated
That’s what keeps me trying my best
By all possible ways of me to say...
Keep talking...
One-day you may succeed

Many a times I thought beyond the boundaries and limitations
Certainly it gives me pleasure
But more than that it also gives me tears
I never understand this phenomena
I keep questioning my self
My god
But never I got any answer...........

Earlier.... I always use to think
what all these people write in novels and show in movies
is somewhat unrealistic and more of imaginative
but once i experienced
I started believing in the magic calle…


I just happened to meet one good old friend of mine yesterday
Its not that we completely lost touch with each other
We are very much in contact by phone/ e-mail / greetings etc etc
But some how .........personally we could not meet each other since so many years

So yesterday when I met the person suddenly
I realized how valuable the presence of a person is
To get connected, feel connected and just really be connected............
Its totally a new feeling...... its totally a new me

I started recollecting all that we have passed through
All the so journey we have made in past years
How precious is that time and this person in my life
Once upon a time..........really........

One has to make an effort to meet the friends then only one will realize
No e-mail, no phone call can give you the feeling of belonging

The feeling one gets when you really
Meet the person ....see the person ...........
Touch the person........

A pat on the back.........
A hand in hand..............experience.....…

Good Deed

A good gesture always gives you more pleasure

Whether you are at receiving end or giving end

The process is always filled with joy and happyness

Ask yourself one question everyday before going to bed
"Have I done anything small/ big for anybody today?
without expecting any returns?"

If the answer is yes..... that means you are going to have a good night
Otherwise a sleepless night

So prctice doing good deeds for a goodnight's sleep

I swear it really works..............


I exactly don’t know what title to give and how to begin

But that should not stop me from writing

For that mater anything we do at the first instance it looks indescribable in totality

It gradually builds up .........step by step, then it will attain a shape

Maybe a very irregular shape, as in present case

But the effort is more important here than the result........

So here I am, writing some nonsense without thinking much into it

I am neither qualifying it into any category nor quantifying it by any figures

It’s absolutely absurd

How does u like it??????

Why Should I ?

Some times the urge to write is more
More than what actually write.

Its not that something important is happening
Something more important is missing
But........ just like that

Once I start writing
I feel much releived ........
As if some big problem has been solved

Its not that some one will go through
what all I write

I am writing for my sake
Its an uncontrollable act
It happens.........just like that
No regrets, no complaints
No problems, no solutions

I am writing for me
Not to please anybody.........

Living Their Lives....

I always have a doubt........

Whether we live our life for our sake
or its just to make others happy?

I think from the day one of our life
We try to please,
Rather we have been trained to please others.

I do remember myself training my daughter to utter
The first words like amma, atta etc.,
So, people use force you to tell
The words they want to hear,
Rather than allowing you to speak
What you want to speak.

So, our life has been planned
To live according to others choice.
Its not a new thing
Only thing is we recognise it a little later in life
That we are living for others sake
and we make a big howl and cry

No need.
Go with the flow
People will be happy
Who bothers whether you are happy or not
Living their lives..............

Whom am I?

Quite often I think

How this happened?

Without my knowledge

Nobody took my concern

Nobody bother to ask either

“would you like to”

And one fine morning

I am here on planet Earth

Seldom do I realize that

Moments pass into days

And days into years

All the time passes by

Life changes in such a fast pace

Quite often I think

Everything I can control

After all, this is my life………..

Seldom do I realize that

The first step was without my concern

I cannot hold back the last one too

When I cant fix up these two ends

How can I claim that this is my life?

Quite often I think

That everything I can hold back

After all, these things belong to me…….

Seldom do I realize that

Nothing is permanent

Time, matter or Person

Everything has to pass by

Life at any moment is so fragile


Sometimes we think that we are thinking......
Is it really true?or its just that,
Whatever is going on in our surroundings is
Just making a digital imprint in our brain??

And we think that we are thinking
Do we really think????or is it just a process
Like any other things like breathing/heart beat etc etc
Which goes on without any control of us
I think its just another natural happening
We name it .....thinking

To proclaim that we are intellectuals

What do you think??????




Sometimes suddenly the mind becomes restless
The more you try to keep it at a place,
The more it wonders

Why its so? certainly I dont know.

I dont know many a things
Is it just because I dont know or
Is it just because I dont want to know.

The later may be the correct reason
Because it involves a lot of thought process
I dont want to do it now

Thats all.......................


Just I was wondering

What makes us move
You, me and and this whole world..
What is that which keeps us to go ahead or
Doing anything big and small.

I know everybody says its hope
But I dont agree
I think rather than hope
Its faith.........
That keeps us moving

If I dont have faith in anything I do
I am just going to lose myself
To this world

What do you say??????


Yesterday I was thinking


Why we talk
Why we write
Why we think
Why we do a thing or anything

Its because......... we feel

When you dont feel about anything
You wont be doing anything

You will be at peace

So feel is the culprit
People without feel live more happily
Than people with feel

What do you say??????



Its me
Atlast I have started
I have started writing
Its  a great feeling