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पल बरमें जिन्दगी पलट जाती है
अरमानोंकी मंजिल टूट जाते है

खिलता हुआ चहरा बिकर जाते है
होटोंके मुसकान चीन जाती है
किस्मत का नज़ारा यूँ बदल जाता है
हाथोंके लकीरे मिटते चला जाता है

अपनासा बदन राख बनजाता है
खुशियोंका दामन चूर होजाता है
पाँवतले जमीन यूँ पिसल जाती है
कांच की तरह दिल टूट जाता है

चाहे देश की नेता हो या करोड़ोंका मालिक
विधाथा के सामने सबी जुख जाते है
कमोशी जहाँमे जब खो जाते है

कलका क्या बरोसा हे मेरे दोस्त
आज है, अबी है.. इस पल में जियो


पल बर में जिन्दगी पलट जाती है
पल बर में जिन्दगी पलट जाती है




ఎందుకో నా మనస్సు
మల్లీ మల్లీ వగచు
మరలి రానిది సమయం
తెలిసి కుడా వెదుకు

కనులలో, కలలలో
ఇహములో, పరములో
సౌఖ్య జాడలు చూడ
తరలి తరలి వెదుకు

ఆశ వీడని మనస్సు!
మనసు చావని బ్రతుకు!!

बस इतनीसी बात है

दिलमे बस गये जो

उस से क्या मिलना... क्या जुदाई ...

गम से डरना क्यों .......

वोतो अपना वफादार साथी

गम से ही कुशीका कीमत

खुदा का बी इनसान से वजूद

जबतक जिन्दा है

न हम खाली न तुम खाली


In the times of distress
In the times of damage
You held me high
You hold me tight

How can I forget?
How can I ignore?

In fact without you
I can’t sustain!!

To be precise…
You are my life!!!

From sapling to a plant
From plant to a tree...
All through my growth

You dwell deep down
So that I can flourish atop

How can I forget?
How can I ignore?

In fact without you…
I can’t survive!!

To be precise…
You are my belief!!

To be precise…

No Two Paths Are Same On Earth!

We all believe in that… and we all try to do that….
Following a known path…to make it sure… to achieve success!!

It may be education, carrier, marriage, arts, sports or even hair style….

So and so studied in that coaching centre and got good rank in IIT….
So, admit your son in that….without a blink!
Whether your son is capable of putting the same effort in studies or not!

So and so chosen that profession and flourishing….
So, make your daughter take the same course…
Whether your daughter prefers to take the same job or not!

Sania Mirza got coaching from the same tennis academy….
Join your ward in that…. without any botheration!
Whether your child is inclined towards tennis both physically and mentally!

Anushka looks simply superb with the hair cut….
You too opt for same … without a second thought!
Whether your face cut and personality matches with Anushka or not!

Even once in a life time occasion like marriage also we try to imitate
Same marriage hall………though it’s far off from your…

Why Only Good???

Since last week I was casually thinking about a serious thing….
Why do we always prefer to be associated with something GOOD???

Good deeds, good qualities, good carrier, good children, good life partner
And even….good movies, good food…..

Why do we always try to put something in to the bracket of good or bad?
Is it our weakness or habit?

I think over the centuries we have become habitual of good and today it has become our weakness!!

We have trained ourselves so badly and madly that…. Everything has to be picture perfect.
Anything crossing the line becomes grave mistake…you have evidence of that you see…

Sita crossing the Lakshman Rekha…people take the negative aspect of that….
You should not cross the limit!

They never ever try to analyze that unless Sita crosses the Lakshman Rekha...

There is no scope of her getting abducted and …
The Rama-Ravana war….
Ultimately Ravana getting killed.

So, the lesson we all should learn from the history is….

Never hesitate to cross the limit….


Thank You...MS!!

The wounded heart will be soothed like anything when I listen to MS,
Specially her Bhaja Govindam…I regularly listen to it.

But yester day I came across with this version of You Tube where they have given approximate English meaning for the verses.

My fondness for this has grown multifold after understanding the full meaning.

Really soul rendering!