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Open Thought

Every day I open the door The door to the new span The door to the new life
All the sunshine right upon The entire cool breeze out there Welcome me with the open arms
All the clouds in the blue skies All the waters of the flowing rivers Cheers me with their waving hands
Life seems same but for your approach Change the angle by which you see Keep an open mind to live the life Face afresh the world everyday
Garner the faith…. keep the hope alive Take your stride on right path Always go with an open thought
Life will be never be the same
Life will be never the same….

For Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Open / Openness

We all are lonely stars

We all are like lonely stars Having a standard orbit Having a fixed acceleration We all stay in our very own cocoons
When we look's all bright Close to each other making bonds
Go close….. you realize All are just a mere astronomical dust Bound loosely without any coherence
Look accurate…then you estimate All are miles apart from each other Just maintaining the distant relations
We often forget…we are made of same dust The dust that is universal The dust that is spread inseparable
Still we make constellations Still we make galaxies Still we make planetary systems
True… we believe in making boundaries True ….we believe in being in isolation True…. we all are lonely stars

For Poets United Poetry Pantry 299

A bundle of organic matter

We all are....a bundle of organic matter From single cell organisms to stem cell technology Life evolved?
Pushing aside nature… Climbing up the ladder of evolution We all forgot the truth We are the living…full of organic matter
From mother’s womb to mother earth We all are completely earthy What comes around goes around We live and we perish
Then why do you bargain with nature Why do you question it? Why do you control it?
Just be like that
Like the wind Like the water
Like the sky  Like the earth
Like the living matter… Completely organic
Just that…being you Being human to the world around you Living and let the world to live In it's own space it's own shape!

For Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Organic


How long could you hold How much you could bear Tiny heart fumbles and tumbles Sometimes elevates…Sometimes shrinks But you see…it sustains…. it goes ahead strong
True… the disc space is more in mind But still…we can’t convert all the feel into thoughts The thoughts of logic and reason You know… feel only can happen in heart Heart is the only place where love persists
Heart relays only on feel... Holding all the unanswered questions As a bunch of fruitful felt momentous moments
Heart takes the leap in to the territories of love That is beyond the boundaries of thought!

For Poets United Poetry Pantry #298

Home is the place....

I don’t know where to begin I don’t know where to end Because ….I thinks we are inseparable
Probably the boundaries have changed Probably the geography has changed But we are always together In fact home you are an integral part of me
I was born in one home I am married to one home In fact my whole life revolves around you
People keep changing…. Addition of a new member Subtraction of an old member Growing and moving in different directions
But you remain there…rock solid Making four walls and roof a Home Binding all of us together Making us a family…
Home is the place where I belong to
Home is the place where I want to be

For Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Home

None can separate us....

Citizen of Universe"