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They bear!
They hold!
They roll!
They flow!

They evaporate!!


They mourn!
They love!
They hate!
They fight!

They emulate!!


They correspond!
They console!
They consume!
They support!

They exonerate!!

Life Passes!!

Drop by drop the ocean fills!
Day by day life fills!

By the time you realize…

Moment becomes memory!
Memory becomes life!

It’s true my friend….
Stage by stage, life ages!!

Pixel by pixel picture fills!
Point by point time fills!

By the time you look around…

Present becomes past!
Feature becomes lost!

It’s true my dear ….
Pass by pass, life passes!!


Daughters are like Daisy flowers, reflecting their symbolic meaning ….
Beauty, Innocence, Loyal love and Purity.

Today is a special day for me
Sometime in the past on this very same day, I got a new designation …MOTHER!

Life at every stage has its own plus and minus points
My daughter’s birth took away my freedom and gave me some new responsibilities…
Making me more vulnerable and stronger at the same time.
Vulnerable with sentiment!
Strong with support!

How true it is as someone quoted … “Through birthing a daughter, a woman finds herself face to face not only with an infant, a little girl, a woman-to-be, but also with her own unresolved conflicts from the past and her hopes and dreams for the future”.

This is the beauty and this is the problem in mother daughter relationship…
The relationship which I enjoy and also fear…
Enjoyment…because she reflects me and tries to surpass me.
Fear…because by doing so she should not tumble upon something unwanted.

As a mother I always wish a smoo…


Life goes on…as time passes!
You never know…
You never realize…
But time controls you!

It comes as a belief
It comes as a riddle
It gifts you
It fools you
Time… controls you!

It comes as a friend
It comes as a foe
It console you
It confront you
Time… controls you!

It comes as a smile
It comes as a tear
It makes you
It breaks you
Time…. controls you!

It comes as a life
It comes as a loss
It’s a part of you
It parts with you

Time… controls you!



Yesterday late in the evening we had a power cut for about four hours.

Being a workaholic and as there is nothing I can do…. no Major work, no Reading, no TV, no Internet and no Music…. I was going on thinking what else I can do so that the time won’t be wasted.

With the help of candle light I have finished almost all the daily chores and made some preparations for next day.

Then, standing in the balcony, looking at the dark cloudy sky,
in the calmness of night and feeling the breath....

I have realized one thing….

I can’t eat tomorrow’s food today!
I can’t sleep tomorrows sleep today!
And finally
I can’t live tomorrow’s life today!!

Then what is the point in…
Bothering about all unnecessary things
Why to rush….Why to get tense….

Live in present!!
Be content!!!

Mumbai Blasts ….

Serial blasts struck Mumbai …. AGAIN.

I am frustrated
I am desperate
I am irritated
I am shame full
I am guilty

How can one forget all the things happening in our surroundings and go back to their regular routine I never understand.

We fight for all useless things, which are not going to help anyone.
But when it comes to take stand on serious things like Terrorism
We all discuss among a group of people, a little bit of Hu-Ha….then forget.
Eat, go to your job, come back home and sleep.
We are ready to face next attack.

The Mumbai city has witnessed multiple acts of terrorism over the years.
I saw news papers giving statistics
When, where and how many dead.
Is that what we want?

Why can’t Anna Hazare or Baba Ramdev take a fast unto death till terrorism is removed from the roots?
Why can’t Government take a stern action against all those involved with these activities?
Why do we bargain at the cost of innocents?
Why do we take care of Kasab spending millions?
Why don’t people come out o…

The Only Believable Thing!

People often say, life is calling………
And they blindly try to follow it.
But, they often forget that
By following life… we are approaching death.

It’s not life, but death… which sends us an invitation.
We often ignore that, we rarely realize that …
Because, we never consider life as a sphere.

If one can look at life in total perspective…
One can really perceive that…
There is more faithfulness in death’s invitation rather than life’s call.

Isn’t it true? that life will cost you more than death!

Life always puts up some demand on you…
Life always expects some thing from you…
Life always takes some one from you…

I think …
Death is the only thing which never keeps you in abeyance.
It is the only one which never makes you any false promises and
It is the only one which never questions your integrity.

It accepts you, as you are….
No conditions, No rules.

Whether you are a king or a beggar
Whether you are a lover or betrayer
For death… every one is same
It embraces all with equal warmth.


Broken Heart!!!

It’s the same old story ….
Story of Heart Breaking!
You are never tired of breaking
I am never tired of gathering!

Like shells from the sea shore
Like pebbles from the river bed
Every time you break my heart
Every time I gather…
Broken pieces of my heart!

I never understand
What keeps my faith up?
I never understand
What makes me to go on?
But, I am never tired of gathering!

May be….because I always thought…
May be….because I always believed…
That, there is a way out…
A way out to make it ONE!
Once again….like the original one
The one with which GOD has sent me to this world!

I know…I can’t quote any excuses
I know…I can’t make him feel sorry
I know…I shall go as ONE when I go back to him!
I know…I shall go as ONE with him!!

So, I am never tired of gathering!
Gathering all the broken pieces!!
Broken pieces of my heart!!!