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कैसे तुजे समजावू

तुमको खोकर जो तुमे पाया हमने
तुमको पाकर जो तुमे खोया हमने

अब कैसे तुजे समजावू जानम ...........

न मिलके बी मै तुजे कैसे पाथी हू
मिलनेके बावजूद तुमे मै कैसे खोती हू

कसम से...

तेरे हर एक मुलाकात से
एक बात जुड़ जाती है

तेरे हर एक बात से
एक याद जुड़ जाती है

तेरे हर एक याद से
एक सांस जुड़ जाती है

इन हर एक सांसोंसे
मेरी जान जुड़ जाती है

कसम से कहरही हूँ

तेरे मौजूदगी के वजह से .....
मेरी जिन्दगी बनती है....

Decide Your Priority!

I often see people actually feel good about other people’s bad situations!
Though they appear sad from outside…from within they will be quite happy!
They feel satisfied…if someone is on their knees!

After all we are human beings you know!
We can’t think beyond certain limits!

We can never feel fully satisfied with others behavior
Their riches, their intellect, their spouse…kids….car…
Anything that matters to the society!

We think that we should be always on top!
No problem….think!
But at the same time …
We also think...that others should not come near to us…
If not in all matters, at least in some things!
And that is the problem!

That’s what makes... most of us in this world, so very competitive!
We all and run!
Tirelessly…endlessly...beyond time limit!
Till death!

By doing so...we actually forget to live!
This one and only life!

We all bother about petty things...
Promotion, palatial house…bank balance…branded goods…
If possible dream buying a Bentley or at least a Benz!


Me A Puppet!

Strings are attached!!
From all the moments …
I have spent!

They pull me…
From all directions!
They tie me…
From top to bottom!

They hang me!
They lift me!
In fact…
They play with me!!

Making me a puppet!

It seems …
There is no escape!
I must do the act!
Till I go into dust!!

Old Wine …In New Bottle

Today morning on my way to Office in the bus, an old song from film Aashiqui was playing...मैं दुनिया भुला दूंगा , तेरी चाहत में!

This made me to recollect that….

During my post graduation times a friend of mine use to cover the text book of paleontology with news paper containing beautiful… innocent face of Anu Agrawal from movie-Aashiqui.

He use to tell that “at least for sake of Anu Agrawal I will pick up the boring book of paleontology”.

After about 20 years, now…when I see my daughter keeping Mahesh Babu’s photo graph in her book shelf!
I realize that nothing much has changed with the new generation…

We still follow the traditions faithfully
Just like old wine …in new bottle!

"हम" कोगाये!

एक वो बी क्या जमाना था
मै तुम था
तुम मै था
हम "हम" थे !

न जमाना बदला
न मौसम बदला
बदला थो बस ...
अपनी नज़रिया बदला

अब थो... बस...
मै मै हु
तुम तुम हो

न जाने कहा ??????
"हम" कोगाये है!

I am BACK!

There is a song in Telugu

నా జన్మభూమి అంత అందమైన దేశమూ!
నా ఇల్లు అందులో కమ్మని ప్రదేశమూ!

(My Motherland is such a beautiful place!
And in that…..
My Home is such a sweet/ cute place!)

After about three weeks…. .
Today early in the morning (2.55 am), when my flight landed at Hyderabad,
I felt the same!

Deeply inhaling the cool breeze of my city!
Listening to A.R.Rahman’s musical …Chinni Chinni Ashaa….in the 91.1 FM!
All the dark and silent roads!
Reaching home!

Really... feels like Heaven!
Feels like….
I am BACK!

Every body....there!



జీవన గమనంలో ఎప్పుడూ
నీలో ఏదో ఒక మూల దాగి
నీతోపాటు కడవరకూ సాగే
అపురూపమైన నేస్తం!

నీలో విలీనమై
నీతో అనేకమై
గెలుపు ఓటమిలోనా
తేడాలేక ఆర్తితో నిన్ను సేదతీర్చే
చల్లని తీరం!

చెలిమి నిన్ను వెలి వేసినా
వలపు నిన్ను గేలి చేసినా
అభిమానంతో నిన్ను
అక్కున చేర్చుకొని ఆ దరికి చేరవేసే
ఆపన్న హస్తం!

Have The Whole World With You...

Have you ever thought???
Why we do a thing….for that matter anything!

Today when I just started thinking in that line….
I found that basically there are three reasons for doing a thing
Rather I can say that fundamentally there three categories of things!
Which we do normally.

Doing a thing... without which we can't live!
Just like eating, breathing, sleeping…etc.

Doing a thing... which makes us happy!
Just like listening to music, reading literature …etc.

Doing a thing…. which does not involves any risk or loss!
Just like following religion, believing god…etc

But there is A thing…
There is only one thing in this world....
Which composes all these three qualities in it!

A thing Without which we can't live,
A thing Which makes us happy…and
A thing Which never puts us in loss!

Can anybody guess???
What it could be...



So if you have good friends by your side…
You have the whole world with you…

What do you…

Do It Yourself...

Long ago when I was quite young …
I read a poem!

"వలపెరుంగక కులికి మురిసేకంటే
వలచి విఫలంబొంది విలపింప మేలురా" !!!

I not only literally took the meaning
But believed in the quite essence of the meaning!
And followed it till today!

Experience a thing…
Rather than just believing what others say or do!

Do it yourself
Live your moment!

Don’t be part of history
Don’t be part of dead!

Be a part of nature
Be a part of living!!

O.K-Not O.K

If you can't prove yourself right....
Its O.K!

To prove yourself right is...
Not O.K!!


Since last four days I am suffering from cold.
Being a natural observer and having plenty of time at hand
I have found some close similarity between COLD and MARRIAGE

Both are COMMON in one's life!

Though we assume so many reasons for getting…
We just can't figure out clearly...
WHY we catch cold/ get married!

We partially lose all our senses
We can’t see/ hear properly

We try hundred one remedies still...
We have to bear all the suffering!

And finally………

You can't get rid of it when you want!

It will last as long as it has to be last!
(So better...not to try!)

Ha ha ha…
Hope you like it!