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Make room….so that good can enter!!

I have often observed many people, even when it comes to me… its true.
We keep bad things in memory for a long time than good things.

We often find it difficult to forget... if a bad thing happens to us.
Let it be big or small, we dwell in its memories.
We relive that moment many a times.
By doing so we get nothing but more pain.

Still we can’t forgo the habit of multiplying the tragic moments of our life…
And this thing is the biggest tragedy to happen!

We lose our present happiness, our present peace of mind and our present moment of life…thinking about the bad. Why it happened? How it happened? Etc...

I strongly believe that…everything in life has a reason.
Let it be good or bad.
It has got some meaning in it…

And nobody else but ….
You are responsible for every action of yours.
So, accept that you have to have both good and bad.

The problem isn't in lies in our thinking…

If we do something bad to someone we easily forget that.
We remember only the good we have…

If you don’t help anybody its well and good............

I never say I am very principled person, but there is one Funda which I believe in and which I always follow.

“If you don’t help anybody its well and good, but never harm anybody”.

I accept …there will be a few occasions in everyone’s life when unknowingly we may harm someone by our deeds.

But there are so many people in today’s world who never realize the repercussions of their comments they casually make, impact of their deeds they carelessly do.

Even if they realize they never bother…. Because they always think about their life, their benefit...not about the loss they cause to others.

It’s a sort of regular practice to many to put the blame on other person to save themselves. It’s a momentary thing for them but the after effects will be life changing for others.

Whether it’s official/ personal or your relationship with people around in society….


Impulsiveness doesn’t make any sense…

Never forget that a thing which is done spontaneously …


Days are passing into years
I remember you in silent tears

You never gave me a word of assurance
You never made any big promise
But the mere presence of you
Use to give me immense solace

How can I forget all those times?
You were there for me…
As undisclosed confidence

The cup of tea you use to prepare for me
During my early morning exam times
Taking time to drop me at my college
Changing your route to office

How can I forget all those times?

How glad we were to compare
The two doctorate degrees….
Yours and mine
On the day of my convocation

How can I forget all those times?
You were there for me….
As unconditional buttress

The number of temples you took me
When I was not well
The best doctor you found at
When my problem was resurfacing

Most important of all these things
You taught me...the lesson of my life

You taught me the thing called TRUST
You taught me the thing called FAITH
You are the one who guided me to God

Though you left me in between
You gave me the path to follow


In this many years of life there are quite a number of occasions when I felt
“This is it”….. “I can’t take it anymore”
I should end….. End my life.

Always I thought that...
"this is the worst situation… of my life".
Never realizing that ...there is a much more worse situation waiting for me
than the worst situation, I have faced till that time.

It’s like…tributary, river…sea and ocean
Unless we see the mighty one …
We won’t realize how small the other one is!

The advantage of being in more and more worse situations than what we expect is….
We will get used to face and tackle the situation more efficiently.

The situation what we think ultimate… will no sooner be a passing phase.
Every complicated issue….
Makes us to think….
In much broader spectrum.

We will expand our view…
The horizon will extend!
It makes us tougher.

Definitely there will be 101 excuses to die….
But we ought to find that one reason ….
Which makes us to continue the journey called life.

There may not be a …