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Off late I have realized one thing

I am not a good person

I always try to put blame on others

For my unhappiness

I always think that people have deceived me

But in fact more than anybody else

I have deceived myself

I always use to assume rather erroneously

That I have given so much

And expect others to give it back

When the estimation itself is wrong

How can I expect right things from the other person

Its not me, the other person should feel that

Yes, she has given me so much

I never bother to consider others opinion about me

What they think of me

How much do they care about me

Its all my mistake

I use to imagine

My stature

Irrespective of what they think about me

Then why should I now bother that

They are not giving me enough space

They were like that

Since the beginning

Its me

Who started thinking so many things

I myself gave so much credibility all relationships

And expect them to return

What a big fool I am

I was wrong, in telling that "I am always correct"

Infact I was…

Magic Called Love

I aways think
There is something untold...
Something unheard from you..
So I want to talk
Talk for my hearts content
But that day will be probably the last day in my life

When I want to convey exactly what I feel
The words won’t come to my rescue
They go here and there
They just can’t catch up with
My thoughts
My feelings
My emotions

So there will be always a part of me
Which is not able to connect with you

That makes me more frustrated
That’s what keeps me trying my best
By all possible ways of me to say...
Keep talking...
One-day you may succeed

Many a times I thought beyond the boundaries and limitations
Certainly it gives me pleasure
But more than that it also gives me tears
I never understand this phenomena
I keep questioning my self
My god
But never I got any answer...........

Earlier.... I always use to think
what all these people write in novels and show in movies
is somewhat unrealistic and more of imaginative
but once i experienced
I started believing in the magic calle…


I just happened to meet one good old friend of mine yesterday
Its not that we completely lost touch with each other
We are very much in contact by phone/ e-mail / greetings etc etc
But some how .........personally we could not meet each other since so many years

So yesterday when I met the person suddenly
I realized how valuable the presence of a person is
To get connected, feel connected and just really be connected............
Its totally a new feeling...... its totally a new me

I started recollecting all that we have passed through
All the so journey we have made in past years
How precious is that time and this person in my life
Once upon a time..........really........

One has to make an effort to meet the friends then only one will realize
No e-mail, no phone call can give you the feeling of belonging

The feeling one gets when you really
Meet the person ....see the person ...........
Touch the person........

A pat on the back.........
A hand in hand..............experience.....…

Good Deed

A good gesture always gives you more pleasure

Whether you are at receiving end or giving end

The process is always filled with joy and happyness

Ask yourself one question everyday before going to bed
"Have I done anything small/ big for anybody today?
without expecting any returns?"

If the answer is yes..... that means you are going to have a good night
Otherwise a sleepless night

So prctice doing good deeds for a goodnight's sleep

I swear it really works..............


I exactly don’t know what title to give and how to begin

But that should not stop me from writing

For that mater anything we do at the first instance it looks indescribable in totality

It gradually builds up .........step by step, then it will attain a shape

Maybe a very irregular shape, as in present case

But the effort is more important here than the result........

So here I am, writing some nonsense without thinking much into it

I am neither qualifying it into any category nor quantifying it by any figures

It’s absolutely absurd

How does u like it??????