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Success Mantra

I was just wondering…. what is the most important thing?
One should have to be successful in life….
Is that depend on what they call as fate?
Is that depend on what they count as luck?
Is that depend on their knack of getting things done?
Is that depend on the intelligence they have?
Is that depend on the amount of hard work they can put?
A certain amount of all these things or
Just none of these things matter to be successful.

When I am seriously started thinking about people
Who have achieved real success in their lives.
“Resilience” is the word which struck to me.

It may look surprising at first instance
But once you go into finer details of life of
Truly a successful person,
You will certainly observe that…

It is their adaptability to new circumstances
It is their acceptability to consistent things
It is their adjustability to meet changing situations
It is their affordability to face challenging fields

In total it’s their resilience that makes them successful!!

Never fix boun…

Act before its too late……

I was just reading a book titled Un posted Letters by Ranga Rajan
The tagline of the book is “excited to be alive”.
Then I started thinking about the process called living

What makes us to say that I am alive?
A pulse rate/ heart beat or inhale/ exhale process
That we do irrespective of our knowledge and
The things on which we have least control…or
Is there anything more intricate than this??

Now a days they even coined a term called brain dead!!
God only knows what all the terminology they use to describe
Whether a person is alive or dead,
But one thing I am sure….
They all go by quantitative measures

Blood pressure
Heart beat
Sugar levels
Kidney functions…..
So much terminology is available in market today
All that I am not familiar with.

As far as science is concerned
They never ever bother about the quality…..
The quality of life…..
That is very much essential for one to ascertain that
Yes I am alive….

It’s not important to be alive
It’s important to live each moment in total…

Depend on........ Dependable!!

In world there are so many categories of people
Based on money, profession, education
Region, religion, cast, cadre, creed etc., etc.

But off late I have realized…..
There are basically only two categories….
Based on one fundamental criteria called belief or trust
i.e., a person is either reliable or unreliable
rather I can say …dependable….. Non-dependable

The biggest problem is to find…..
Without any mistake,
A person who is really dependable!

Seldom could we realize them
Because…..we often go by good appearances!
We often believe in great promises!!
We are often impressed by sweet talk!!!

We forget that …
Appearance is temporary
Sweet talk is to hide you from hard truth
Promises are just superficial

But yet, knowingly we become fools!
Thus, often, knowingly
We depend on Non-dependable!!

Everyone will stand for you on sunny days
The task is to find a person…..
Who will be with you on stormy days!

So, my advice is……
Never judge a person in good times
Let the worst situation come

Dil Hai Ke!!

At times it moves
At times it dwell
At times it sweep
At times it sigh

At times it obey
At times it rebel
At times it cry
At times it laugh

At times it yell
At times its silent
At times its tender
At times its tough

At times its hollow
At times its heaven
At times it makes you
At times it breaks you

Never ever believe it
My dear……
Just remember....
It's never yours!!

It’s a mirage……
Just a mirage......
In a day, when you dont come across any problems
You can be sure that you are travelling in a wrong path

- Swami Vivekananda.