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A Place Can Change Your Life…..

Some people have lasting impression on us and similarly some places leave lasting imprint on us. Rarely does it happen that …a person and a place together make long lasting and, in my case, life changing impact which we might not even guessed at the beginning of that particular journey and meeting that particular person.

I was on a short trip to Karimnagar (three days) and during this trip yesterday I went to see two places…Vemulawada and Kondagattu after, I think, almost 25 years.

It looks so strange to go down the memory lane and recollect all the incidences associated with these places. The tender age of 16, the innocence, the ignorance and finally the imbalance in my character. When?, Where?, How? and Why? all seems so absurd now.

I never knew when I first made a casual trip to see my sister working at Karimnagar during that time that…. my life is going to take a complete ‘U’ turn from that day onwards.

I never realized at first instance that the person, a colleague of m…

Karoge Yaad To Har Baat Yaad Aayegi ....

This is one of my favourite songs.
The mesmerizing voice of Bhupinder,
The melodious composition by Khayyam and above all
The marvellous lyrics of Bashar Nawaz.

Whenever I listen, it takes me altogether to another world,
Specially the last four lines.
Enjoy the song....

करोगे याद तो हर बात याद आयेगी
गुज़रते वक़्त की हर मौज ठहर जायेगी

ये चाँद बीते ज़मानों का आईना होगा
बटकते अब्र में चहरा कोई बना होगा
उदास राह कोई दास्तां सुनायेगी
करोगे याद तो ...

बरसता भीगता मौसम धुआं - धुआं होगा
पिघलती शम्मों पे दिल का मेरे गुमा होगा
हथेलियों की हीना याद कुछ दिलायेगी
करोगे याद तो ...

गली के मोड़ पे सूनासा कोई दरवाज़ा
तरसती आँखों से रास्ता किसीका देखेगा
निगाह दूर तलक जाके लौट आयेगी
करोगे याद तो ...

Someone to Share...........

Hectic schedule…..responsibilities….deadlines…
Today the day was nothing less than a running machine.
I was just attending all the jobs without bothering about the surroundings.

Amid all these chaos suddenly I started thinking ….
What is that one thing without which life becomes rotten and routine?

In spite of having all worldly things
What is that one thing… one can’t live without?

I think it’s someone to share!

It literally doesn’t mean that …
The person will be sharing half of the jobs you do.
But yes…. definitely sharing your thoughts…views…ideas.

Everyone should have at least one such person
Who can listen to us…. as and when we want
Who can understand us…. as the way we want to be understood
Who can believe us …irrespective of situation.
Who can be available to us ….any hour of the day

I think that’s all one want to have at the end of the day…

Someone to lean on….
When we are too tired of standing………..

What do you say?

Welcome to Monsoon..

Now a days Hyderabad feels like Heaven!

The cloudy sky most of the day....

With Sun peeping out now and then.

The all embracing cool breeze...

The occasional drizzles....

The glimmering moon at nights....

Welcome to Monsoon..........

Everything I Do… I Do It For You!

“I would fight for you - I'd lie for you
Walk the wire for you - ya I'd die for you”

Everything I Do… I Do It For You!

Just now I was listening to Bryan Adams -

Can we really have one such person in our life?

I think that’s really too much of asking.

For me…..

The one need not fight….
But should help me to fight against odds!

The one need not lie…
But should save me from others lies!

The one need not walk the wire…
But should walk with me the life wire!

The one need not die….
But should help me live perfectly!

This too sounds….Too much?

Allow Love...... To Be Natural!

I heard people telling love is a natural thing to happen.
I wonder if it’s natural... where the question of happening is.

Just like wind and water, it has to be existent…
It has to have a natural flow….without any restrictions…
Beyond any boundaries, beyond any particular person.

I never understand...
Why there are so many categories?
Why there are so many limitations?

Why we want to specify a natural thing?
That person….this relation.
Why we want to quantify?
How much….so much.

This is what we try to make…
Make simple love complicated.

We always have intriguing nature.
We just don’t want love to be simple...natural.

Just like our pulse...
Just like our breath...
Let it exist in its own way!

Don’t count on it…

Just allow it to be its true natural self!!

Money can neither Create nor Distroy...........

Once upon a time
A good friend of mine
Befittingly told me...
“Anything that comes free

Days, months, years gone….
Yet it doesn’t sink into my mind!
Always I use to ponder….
How? How can it be true!


Some tears, some smiles…
Some friends, some love!
All that we need….
To fulfill our life!

All these things comes free
All these things have “no value”…
All these things are priceless
All these things are treasure!

Thanks my friend….
It took me this long to realize...
(Hope I got it right!)

“Money can neither create nor distroy these things”