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Any day I am ready!

Hey listen……….
Let me make it clear!
Any day I am ready…
Don’t hesitate …
To come to me!

I don’t take your time
I won't make you wait!
I don’t ask for...any big deals
I won't bargain with you!

I promise…
I won't let you down!
When you knock at my door
You won't return empty hands!

You have done so many favors to me….
This one I owe for you!!

I want to make you sure
I am ready to leave…
This whole world for you!

I will hold your hands
Walk along…
Up to the skies….
Till the doors of heaven

Dear god come to me
Any day I am ready!

Why to Question GOD....

Life comes in bits and pieces!
Let it be
Pleasure or displeasure!
Ecstasy or anguish!!
Everything comes in bits!
Most of us face problems because we take all these bits and pieces in totality!

Whether its love or separation….
We consider it as never ending phase!
We consider that it’s going to be permanent!!

Especially when it comes to
Things of our interest…
The people we love…
We can’t easily part with them.

But let me tell you one thing…
We being mere humans can't think beyond certain limits
We pray god not to give us anything bad
We always seek his blessings to keep us happy

Never realizing that
He gives all the things of life in bits and pieces!

Life is nothing but an AMALGAM!
Thank god that he has given you a chance to experience the love!
Don’t curse him for separation!!

You are entitled for both
So take them in separate bits
Don’t try to combine them

Enjoy the moment of love!
But equally enjoy the tears!!
Each has its own significance!!!

Why to question him when somethi…

Jaane Kahan Gaye Woh Din?????

Mukesh is my favorite singer.
And when I am young….specially during teenage days I use to madly listen to his songs.
There is a kind of magic in his voice with inexplicable sadness….
That use to take me altogether to a different world.

There are n numbers of Mukesh songs….which I know by heart and can sing along!
But this one is like the ultimate…..Jaane Kahan Gaye Woh Din!

Whenever I listen… there will be definitely tears in my eyes…. by the time the song is complete!
The voice, the lyrics and the music….no match at all!
And today I don’t know why? after long... long... time
I just felt like listening to it!

All those …who are sensitive at heart can listen and enjoy!
”Baadhe saukyamane bhaavana raanevoy!
AA yeruke nischalaanandamoy…Brahamaanandamoy”!

Learn Telugu if you want to follow it!

Sun & Sea!....Shot By Me!

Sun and Sea ….two indispensible things for existence of life on Earth!
And there is no better time than seeing Sea at Sunset!
Perfect for Soul Rendering!

Really The Real "YOU"

So many tasks to do
So many people to meet
So many things to tell
So many wishes to fulfill

I think …..
Life never gives you time to be real you!

It always prefers you in some other form
Which is defined…?
Which is fixed…?
As per the preference of the other person
Not you…the real you!

You think it’s me
Seldom will it be you
Always it will be….
“You” in different roles
Never in your real self!

So…when you look back
It’s all different figurative of you
Not the real you!

I think only Death is the one, which gives you freedom!
To be really the real YOU……….

What do you say??????????


ముళ్ళు ఉంటాయని గులాబీకి
అందం లేదంటామా?

ఎడబాటు ఉంటుందని మనం
ప్రేమించడం మానుతామా?

రేపు ఎప్పుడో చస్తామని
నేడు శ్వాసించడం ఆపుతామా?

ఓడిపోతామని నేస్తం
మనం పోరాటం మానుతామా??

Fragile Life...

I know it thoroughly…..
But today again life has hinted to me in bold letters
“I am fragile”

Whether you handle with care or don’t care
How it takes turn, at the end of the day…
Nobody can predict.
But certainly it has the upper hand!

I just returned from home of my colleague
Who died all of a sudden ….today in early hours!
He was not having any ailment or any complaint.
Everything happened in minutes.

Both husband and wife are geologists and work in my office
Happy go lucky sort of a Couple!

The news is a rude shock to all of us
But no one can do anything!
Except praying GOD to give the mother and daughter duo
Some courage to face the life!

Someone rightly commented
At least birth we can control to some extent....but not death!

May his soul rest in peace!

पागल नयना

नज़रोंसे इतना दूर

फिर दिलके इतना करीब कैसे रह्तेहो

हातोंमे तुम नहीं

फिर दिलको कैसे छु जातेहो

एक पलमे साथ पाती हू

एक पलमे खो देती हु

पागल नयना क्यों तुजे दूंडे

पलकोंमे जो तू बसा हुए हो

Universal Law Of Perception

Some time back a colleague of mine went to his native place to see a girl for marriage.
The next day when he returned to office, during tea time discussions,
A senior colleague of ours put a stupid question to the guy...
”Is the girl beautiful”…
Pat came a reply from the person “yes sir to me the girl is beautiful just like aishwarya”.
Obviously the person who enquired couldn’t utter anything after listening to that answer.

I think knowingly unknowingly the guy gave us the universal law….
Everyman’s perception to looking at a thing differs…,

And that’s what makes this world keep going!
Whether it’s with reference to beauty or duty,
Luxury or simplicity, negativity or positivity…towards a thing,
It all depends on how you perceive a thing.

If one can understand this, keeping in view that every individual in this universe is unique!
And everyone is entitled to a fixed set of perceptions!
Then, I think there won’t be any problem in understanding the people around you!


आकिर क्यों

याद बनके कभी

ख्वाब बनके कभी

बिन बुलाये तुम क्यों चले आतेहो ?

दिलके सितारको क्यों छेद जातेहो ?

आंधी बनके कभी

आंसू बनके कभी

बिन बुलाये तुम क्यों चले आतेहो ?

मन की गलीमे क्यों हलचल मचातेहो ?

నిజంలాంటి అబద్దం

నిశబ్దమైన నిశీధిలో
నిట్టూర్పుల శ్వాసలలో
నిజంలాంటి అబద్దమైన నీవు
కలలాంటి నిజమై వస్తావు

కనుపాపలలో నిండి పోతావు
గుండెలయలో ఇంకి పోతావు

నీ రాకతో

కలతతో కలవరపడిన హృదయం
ఉలిక్కిపడి మేల్కుంటుంది
మూసిన కనులతోనే నిను తడుముతుంది
నిస్తేజమైన దేహం కదులుతుంది

కనులు తెరిచి చూసేలోగా

గుండెలో నీ జ్ఞాపకం ముళ్ళును గుచ్చి
నీవు మాత్రం వెళ్లిపోతావు
కనులలో కన్నీరుగా మిగిలిపోతావు!!!

Personal Anthem….

Just like National Anthem if there is a provision for Personal Anthem….
I just choose this one...

Main zindagi ka saath nibhaata chala gaya...

And can never get bored to sing along!

There won’t be a better song than this…
Such a master piece!!!

Fondly remembering DEV…My Favorite Actor

Not for his acting skills,
But for the all those melodious numbers
In which he enacted and become time immortal!


If I ask all the persons I know.... to define luck
Each one may give a different definition

According to me lucky is the one who can make friends!
Luckier is the one who can keep up those friendships!!
(If not all ...atleast most of them)

Luckiest is the one......
Who have such friends …
(If not many ...atleast One)

In whose presence you can think "aloud"
In whose association you can grow…as a person! as a human!!

I have....

DO YOU????