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Some relations are like shadows…

Ecstatic but, Elusive!
Evade them…
They change with time
Don’t rely on them

They will always give a false impression
And never allow you to see the actual!

Though they appear your faith full follower
They withdraw themselves…
Once you turn back to extend your hand!!

Shadows indulge in self restrain
Never welcome them with open arms!

Remember they are shadows….
Time will erase them!!

Oxbow lake...Cut off …. After certain period!

I told once…Geology is the only subject which makes you in tune with yourself, nature and god.
There are so many geological processes which on close observation are similar to human relations.

Long back I studied geomorphology….may be when I am in M.Sc previous….but still....I remember the stages of river development…the morphological features characteristic of each stage.

I feel there is a similarity between the stages of river development and human relationships!
Especially the mature stage where we study about development of oxbow lakes.

An oxbow lake is a U-shaped body of water formed when a wide meander from the main stem of a river is cut off to create a lake.

As a mature river begins to curve, it cuts and erodes into the outside of the curve and deposits sediment on the inside of the curve.
Similarly with humans….
As we grow old…we are engaged in lot of hectic activities of the outer world that... we will be slowly filled with vacuum inside.

A river meanders widely, when …

Freedom To Live My Life!

Have you ever thought…
How life will be?
When you are not following yourself!
It will be so much agitated and frustrated.

Right now I am in the same condition,
I want to get liberated from this confused state of mind!

It’s just wandering…all around
Just like a missing child …searching for mother!

If it’s really possible …
I want to get back to that stage….
When I was quite happily enjoying life in my mother’s womb!!
Quite and warm… Experiencing all sorts of things
Without my involvement... without bothering about anything!

Wah…really life is life…
When you are really able to do things without bothering about the outer world!

But now… once I came out and started living as an individual….
I feel somewhere I lost the connection,

Not only with the umbilical cord
But also with the the cord of freedom

Freedom to live my life!

Thoughts are Bewildering …

Thoughts are bewildering …
Especially when it’s about you!

I and your thought are …
Two different poles
They can never co-exist!

Once your thought is in
It engulfs me, sucks me…
I am completely gone!

In fact….
It won’t allow me to exist!
The moment it comes…..
I get assassinated!

Otherwise also…
Do you think that …?
I am living without you???

Beware....LOVE Will Back Fire You!!!

There is a saying in Sanskrit…”athi sarwatra warjayeth”!
i.e.…too much of anything is not good!

It can be applied for anything …
General/ personal/ technical/ official etc…

But I feel more importantly…
It is applicable in case of love!

I strongly feel that…
Loving a person too much…
Brings problems rather than happiness,
For both the persons involved
The one who is loving…and
The one who is being loved!

There is a famous quotation by Richard Bach
“If you love someone, set them free.
If they come back they're yours;
If they don't, they never were”.

I truly agree with that…

Love should not bind any one
Rather it should liberate you from all mundane things

It should not restrict any one
Rather it should allow you to expand your horizons

Love should not be possessive or obsessive
It should be constructive…
In the entire aspects of one’s life!!

The concern or caring should be within the limits!
One should not over ride a person with love!!

Love should not increase your heart be…

Looking for you…..

Looking for you…..

Just like seeing the sun with every dawn
Just like watching the moon every night

I look forward to have a glimpse of you

You are a glittering star up in the sky
I am just a particle of dust on this eternal earth

I know….
There is no link between you and me
I know….
I can’t give any name to our relationship

But still…
I look forward to see you!

Standing in my balcony
Gazing at the evening sky….full of dark clouds!
I am waiting for the rains to come

Hoping that, the rains will bring down….
At least a message of yours…

From miles away...
For me!!

Mystic Beauty!


The Fantastic Four…Three

Sometimes we take time to notice a thing which is lying just before our eyes since years!
I still remember the day when I started talking to this guy for the first time…, (though I know him since 6 years)
On our way to Camp Chitradurga (Bangalore) of GSI Training Institute, as part of “Orientation Course for Geologists”.

He was my classmate in post-graduation, he was there in my marriage group photo with all my classmates, but I hardly remember any moment I talked to him.


Being from same place (I am more fond of speaking in my mother tongue, Telugu), same region of GSI and above all, knowing each other (being classmates), we became friends soon.

During our training period (Its full six months), we use to have of a lot of gangs…south Indian/ Bengali/ Maharashtra… etc etc…according to choice!

Apart from practical batches (4 persons in a batch) for mapping and other technical things,
We use to have batch…

I am blogging…because I am confused!

Last week I was talking to a good old friend of mine after quite a long time
During the conversation when I mentioned that I just finished writing a poem
The immediate reaction was…
”So, you have not yet stopped confusing people”!
(His intention was about my writings)
Then I casually replied….
“When I am, myself, confused!
How can I confuse anyone else?

But, afterwards when I started thinking seriously…
I really got a serious doubt…
Am I really confusing people through my blogging?
Or I am blogging…because I am confused!

But after sometime
It seems so logical…that
All the people …ok…I know…most of you may not accept…
But…I still strongly feel that
Most of the people those who blog are in some sort of confusion!

It may not be a big one/serious one….but somewhere something is lacking in their lives!
Which they are trying to find out through blogging!!

It may appear simple to the other person…but for that particular person…the confusion becomes rather complicated one!
It can be anything…

Feelings can’t stand time!

Cooking teaches a lot of lessons of life!
Only one should have a critical observation, as I told earlier!

Today morning while cooking,
Suddenly I realized …. Why so many relationships go sour…
In spite of having all the ingredients!

Whether it’s cooking or relationship, I feel…
It’s only a matter of timely putting the required ingredients
So that you can savor!

Everyone has a set of requirements and each individual has a specific frequency
You have to know his/her requirement and understand that frequency
So that a particular thing can be done in a particular sequence….for that person!
And it’s a fundamental requirement to nurture the relationship….to allow it to grow!

Most often people say that “I am giving everything required in a relationship…then what’s the problem”
Whether it’s...
MOTHER-DAUGHTER or it can be a friend to friend!

You have to give them a thing when they are in need of that particular thing
Neither when you find time to give nor when you fee…

आज ना साही....

आज ना साही
और कोई दिन ही सही

बस तू एक वादा कर
अगले जनम के लिये ही सही

तेरे राह में पलके बिछाके बैटून्गी
जान चले जाये पर नज़र न पलटून्गी

जनमोंका नाथा है तेरा मेरा
इस बात को समज लीजिये सनम

एक जनम में ही... मै तुमे ना छोडूंगी

God….I won’t ask you today!

I won’t ask you today!
Why you did this to me!!

You know, I have never asked you!
When something good happened,
So, now I can’t question you!!

I know …you know better than me!
What, when and why!!

But still…

Sometimes I doubt
I doubt your integrity
Whether you are truly with me?

But it’s all temporary…

Time and again you have proved!
Whatever you have done,
You have done for a reason!!

Which I may not realize
At that particular moment

But certainly, I accept!


Whatever you have given me...
All of them are ….not what I want!

But...what I need!!

The Woods....

The woods are lovely...
Dark and deep!

But I have to go miles....
Before I sleep!!

Don't hesitate...

Hours, days, years…
Moments just pass by

You look around
Always with a hope…
To find someone!

The one who can hold your hand
To cross the boundaries of the world

The one who can pat on your back
When you require a push to move ahead

The one who can make you to confess
When you hesitate with the guilt in your mind

The one who can console you,
Amidst all the chaos of life

The one who considers you
In spite of all your flaws

The one who shares all your dreams…
The one who spares all your deals!

Let me tell you dear...
That someone is …

Miles away, Waiting for you,
At the doors of heaven!!

Don't hesitate...
Even if you have to leave this world

When you are sure...
There is some “one”

To live with you…
In another world!!

Marriages are made on Earth!!

Twenty two years ago on this day ….
At the age of twenty, I left my house!
Believing a person totally…in pursuit of new life!

Today when I look back…
It looks so strange!

I still can’t make out exactly what is that one thing
Which made me to take such bold decision?
Marrying a person who is just opposite to me in all the characters!

I know...and I use to tell him during my courtship days that…we can’t get along...we are poles apart!
But in spite of all complications…
We are together…for the past 22 years!
Definitely a long period in any one’s life!

I have lost many of my original characteristics during this period and gained some new!
In total…I can’t exactly tell …whether I have gained or lost due to my marriage
Because I know marriage is not a business!

I know and I believe that…
Marriage is a commitment…
A lifelong commitment, as far as I am concerned!

It may not be love…it may not be attraction… it may not be liking!
After some time …in a relation what you require is ….
A commit…