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Why A Message?

Half way through night
Someone woke me up!

The gleaming moon…
The blinking stars…
The cool breeze…
The quiet sky…

Everything in its place!
Everything in solitude!!

Together, they are trying to convey something!
Conveying silently your message…I thought!!

But, it took time for me to realize…
Moon, Stars, Sky, Breeze....

Are you not with me already?

Your enchanting face...
Nothing but moon!

Your sparkling eyes...
Something like stars!

Your endearing grace...
Nothing but sky!

Your haunting smile...
Something like breeze!

When you are already here
Why a message....?

One Final Time..........

I never thought
You could do this to me!

You were there
You were not there

World seems the same
But for me!!

Where I went wrong
How accurate are you
It’s a matter of convenience!

Nothing going to change
The matter of our dissidence!!

Life became an unstuck string
The swing may go any side
Depending upon the heave!

Every moment is rolling high
Depending upon the shove!!

Now there is no ray of hope
You and me becoming we
Appears as a distant scope!

Let me call you one final time
Let me tell you one final goodbye!!

Who knows dear…?
Tomorrow I may not be there!!!

Erin Brockovich

Yesterday I was watching Erin Brockovich.
The film based on a true story is really impressive.
It made me to rethink about the famous saying “NECESSITY IS MOTHER OF INVENTION”.

Is it really true that if we need a thing we go
after finding it?

Where the question of necessity does arises for Erin Brockovich to go around places,
When she just observes some medical records in real-estate files.
That too…. when she is just a file clerk in the office.

That way, even Newton does not have any necessity to think about
“Theory of Gravitation” by just watching the fall of an apple from a tree.

It’s definitely not the necessity.
It’s the INQUISITIVENESS which is required to find/ discover a thing.

It’s the WHY that leads to most of the great things
in the world.

Whether it’s recent revolution in Egypt where people thought

“Why we have to bear oppression”


Siddhartha Gautama to become Buddha

Who went on a quest asking…?

“Why one has to face death”

What do you say?


From people to poetry
Emotions are just flowing
As if everything is seamless!

From beginning to end
Every road is just fading
Now world appears shapeless!!

From home to heaven
Everyone is just wandering
It looks death is aimless!!!

From dawn to dusk
Time is just passing
Yet life seems endless!!!!

Short…Is Sweet…

Yesterday I was travelling in an APSRTC Bus….
It was about one and half an hour journey.

With new metro-liners providing front to front seats
I can comfortably observe the persons
sitting in my front seat.

There was an old lady with her granddaughter sitting next to her.
On the way, whenever she comes across with any
Religious structure/ idol/ temple
She was faithfully offering her prayers from the window.

And in my city there is no dearth of such things
For every 5-10 minutes one can find one such thing.
It was quite interesting to observe her performing all
namaskars with such a devotion even from distance.

After some 30-40 minutes…she has diverted her
attention from outside view of the bus to inside,
And started carefully observing all the individuals
sitting and standing around her.

She slowly initiated conversation with some children
sitting and other ladies standing…
And as I have seen… she was really enjoying
the immediate world around her.

The bus has yet to reach her …

U Just Can't Lie To Him...

The biggest problem with me is.. I can’t lie
And I always land up in troubles because of this habit.

I always reiterate to myself and took firm decision many a times…
“Next time before uttering the truth… I will be careful “
But invariably it happens …
I just can’t lie.. and find myself in some awkward situation.

I always use to feel jealous about people who could easily lie and escape.
Till yesterday … I use to think that they are smart…
wise enough to live life happily.
But...…just yesterday, I read some good book…
which says...

“People who lie are the people who develop an attitude to escape”…
“People who can’t lie are the ones who develop an attitude to face”….

So, I just realized...

There are two categories of people...from this aspect,

The first category- those who lie to avoid conflicts and save themselves…for time being
The second category- those who can’t lie…and doing so
have to face the life’s challenges with courage…

Because of my inability to lie…
Today I may be facing …

Its Time....

When the very core of life is getting destroyed
What is there to utter about the crust?

When one by one...all the beliefs are getting distracted
What is there to describe about the trust?

When a bad dream is defining the very essence of life…..
What is there to say about the paramount?


Yes… I know this is the time….
I should learn to see the world at a different angle…

Yes.... I know this is the time….
I should learn to speak different language with the people…


I ponder through day-night
And wonder in amusement !

But…….Never did I stopped once
In search of dreams of alight !!

I went around mighty mountains
I went around deep oceans !

But …never did I found a place
That could take me in strait !!

All through life…. all through world,
I searched for you everywhere

But never did I got a chance
to realize…till date…

That you are one with me !
You are one in me !!


Just a day before I have mentioned that how
We commit mistakes by framing a thing before seeing the ACTUAL picture.

Today the CBI has done the same thing in Aarushi Talwar murder case.

Now, the special CBI Court held that "visible evidence" could not be ignored in making her parents accused and to stand trial in the case.

What happened to this "visible evidence" in earlier investigations?
It seems that the CBI has become ignorant at that time.

So, it has taken a new team, with a new outlook
To flip the case from that side to this side.

If one more team is deployed to investigate this case..
Certainly it will reveal some other story.

Whether it’s an organization or an individual
The problem comes when they go about a thing
Based on certain preconceived ideas...

One should always have the vision to see the other side,
The other possibilities, the other options….
When dealing with a thing!

Otherwise one will just land up like CBI !!

Don’t Imagine…

Day before when I was watching TV and changing the channels
Suddenly I bumped into DD-1 and I happen to saw
a programme on songs of Kishore Kumar.

At that particular moment, one of my favorite songs……
“Hume tumse pyaar kitnaa yeh hum nahee jaante”….
was coming.
I know this song since ages…. I heard it many a hundred times,
But this is the first time ….I could see the actual picture.

And I was totally taken aback …..As it’s absolutely disgusting…..
With blunt expressions of Hema Malini…..and the locales
What all I use to imagine regarding the song….
All went wrong.

There is no mistake of either the song or its picturisation.
They were like that …that is the “originality”….of the song
But the problem is ….I was imagining something else.
When it was not up to my belief…I was taken aback.

It happens with many of us
We always make some kind of prior opinion about
A thing, a place or a person….

And when we find that there is a shift in what we have imagined
We get disappointed…..
We feel…

No Way.....In Between!!

I often hear people saying
I did the mistake only once
I have lied only on one occasion
I copied once during my graduation exams
I had only one peg in party
Etc… etc….

They all do it…to save themselves….

Whether you have done it to save your face or
You have done it because there is no other go
Whether you have done it out of fear or force

The question is either you have done or not
Either you are on this side of the bank or on the other side
There is no way in between….
Yes....I am a firm believer that there is no way in between!

People often give this kind of explanation…just to escape
Escape from the situation or escape from the problem
This is nothing but…..absolutely a way of escapism

Claiming with reasoning…
Why you did what you did…
Won’t change the truth…

The truth is you have done….
It doesn’t matter whether once or twice

Accept it gracefully…
Admit that you have done…
The rest.... you leave it to the world.

People will interpret it... in their own way
It really does…


Sometimes mind becomes agitated
Sometimes it dwells in solitude

I never realize the exact reason…
Sometimes it makes me so weird!

It’s not the actions, it’s not the thoughts
It’s not the expressions, it’s not the moves

It’s the entire mind…which really creates...
Yes it’s the one which makes me boomerang!!

Seldom can I ignore it, seldom can I bind
Seldom can I follow it, seldom can I abide

It’s the entire mind…..which really plays…
Yes it’s the one which makes me go bang—bang!!!

“Human” - “Super Human”

I have just seen latest movie advertisement of
James Cameron with the tag line …..
The only way to “out” is down….

Probably this is true…
It is very true that unless one realizes ….
The "ROOT" of the problem
One can’t come out of the problem…

We often forget to concentrate on
The core of the problem

We go on think about the unnecessary things….
What? When? Who?

We forget that in spite of all our analysis and conclusions
Nothing is going to change about the past

What is in our hands is ….
To understand the situation….
That is responsible for the problem.

Understanding the real cause alone will take us to the solution
And it will prepare us to face the future..
If such challenges repeat in life.

Repenting won’t do anything good..
We have to learn from our mistakes

Once you accept and realize the cause
You are rest assured for life time….
You will never repeat the mistake again……

Of course there is always a scope for new mistakes……
But it’s O.K …..

We should ne…

From Everything to Nothing

There comes a stage in your life
When no one will stand by you
You belong to None!

There comes a time in your life
When everything comes to stand still
You define Quietude!!

There comes a day in your life
When all the finite becomes infinite
You become Eternal!!!

There comes a moment in your life
When all the strings attached are loosen
You merge with the Universe!!!!