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From ignorance to omniscience.....

From ignorance to omniscience From omniscience to ignorance Life completes a perfect sequence
By the time you learn to become unlearned By the time you attach to get detached Life finishes a perfect round
You get meanders en-route You get smudged off on the road Yet it doesn’t give you any scope to cleanse
In spite of all your endeavors In spite of all your happenings Life concludes a perfect series
Without even a single notice Without even a single blink Life wraps up a perfect cycle

(For Poets United: Verse First ~Omniscience)



There is a charm in remembering you....

Sitting pretty in a corner Looking amused with a grin There is a charm in remembering you!
My sole aim was to have…
A glimpse of you in my thoughts
It’s not that it won’t happen frequently It’s not that I can’t see you…when I close my eyes
But you see…
There is a charm in remembering you When I am consciously aware of my unconscious state Completely drenched in shower of your memories!!
There is a charm in remembering you When I am willingly surrender to my unwilling claim Just like taking a dip in holy Ganges!!!
Forgetting all the world Holding you in my heart Forging all the time Having you in my thought
There is a charm in remembering you!!!

Lunch break

Lunch break brings in The poet in me!! "Food for thought"... you know!!

(for Haiku Heights # 258)

Short …Stands Long!

In the short course of life...
We do a long struggle to live!

When life is at melting point
We try to freeze the moments!

When life extends its open arms
We prefer to remain cut off!

Always in a rush!
Always in anguish!!

When life offers us love
We tend to fold our heart!!

It’s not that how long you lived

Life… lived for a cause...
Though short …stands long!

(For Poets United: Verse First ~THE LONG & SHORT OF IT)

PT's Quote!

Life won’t hug you When you have spread your arms!
In deed...
You have to extended your hands When it offers a hug!!

Life’s enigma!

When nature reveals Life’s enigma
Man becomes.... mere spectator!

(for Haiku Heights # 257)

Love= Life?

Yesterday while taking a stroll in my complex….. Me and my daughter were discussing about love Particularly the love from the opposite sex
We were discussing about reasons beyond women yearning for love from opposite sex!
Why they always look up to men for approval From simple thing like their attire/ beauty to something as big as their choice of job / life.
I couldn’t answer her in exact words… But I do often feel the same … Why the hell I look up to someone else, And I know most of the women do, Either their partner/ lover for the approval
Let the whole world be with them But still they feel that one person’s opinion is of utmost important They can make them or break them
Is it really true that... women are of weaker sex compare to men? Or is it because …women make themselves weak... Making the men automatically strong
O.k ….whatever may be the reason Let us not discuss it further!
But ..the discussion has made me to come to some sort of conclusion....
Never over weigh your love!
Life is much bigger th…


A streak  of grey hair here and there A wrinkle or two on the bright face In fact….Age made him more beautiful
Nothing stops growing Including my yearning for him! In fact ….maturity made him more adorable
Life stops for none Me and he are no exceptions In fact….limited span made him more valuable
Love is directly proportional to time As we grow older….love multiplies! In fact….with time….he became... inseparable!

(For One Single Impression, Prompt:WRINKLE)



I am listening to.....



In life’s steady waters Love brings ripples Heart fossilize them!

(for Haiku Heights # 256)

I am afraid to take the hug....

You small PAWN!!