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Act Spontaneous

People often commit one mistake
They plan for doing something extraordinary
They think of doing something so perfect that….
They miss the real timing and end up with something else,
They get something different than the actual thing.

The problem is not committing the mistake
The problem is never realizing that they have committed mistake.
Of ‘course I know pretty well that....
One is not going to gain something big by doing right thing at right time.
But definitely they are going to lose the actual value of doing right thing at right time.
It’s nothing but the satisfaction, the feeling of completing the task in right moment, in the right manner.
The person, who has achieved this, only can really understand what I am saying…
It’s all together a great feeling.

So my dear friends never postpone a thing or try to plan for a thing
Act immediately, act on your impulse.
If you want to say sorry…. say sorry immediately
Don’t wait for a day, when it no more has same effect.

It’s not just sa…

The Ultimate Tragedy

I was just wondering what is the ultimate tragedy in one’s life.
If I ask the question, the answer may vary from person to person.
But if you can think little deep, then you can really understand the thing.

It’s not that you losing someone dear
It’s not that you don’t gain something big
It’s not that you won’t get what you wanted
It’s not that you didn’t met with your expectations
It’s not the biggest physical abuse you have ever faced
It’s not the worst mental trauma you have to pass through.
It's definitely none of these....

Because, there is always a way out to overcome each one of these in our life
People survive for so many years, even after all these tragedies,
So, this itself is a proof that they are not the ultimate tragedies in life
by which life becomes void.

Then what is the ultimate tragedy of life?
According to me, the most tragic thing to happen in one’s life is…..
To know what is going to happen.
It appears very simple at the very first instance
But as I said, if…


“Assumption” is the word struck to me, when I started thinking
about the reasons for all the happenings of life, whether it’s good or bad.
Assumption is like a preconceived idea regarding anyone or anything.

The first mistake we all commit in life is…..
We often approach a thing or a person based on an assumption,
The second one is …we expect something based on that assumption.
We never realize that when the very assumption is wrong
Then there is every possibility of our expectations also going wrong.

An assumption is like mirage, yet it makes us believe that
we are seeing an absolute thing.
And then, we yield to it again and again,
Never ever making even a slightest effort to see beyond the assumption.
Our thinking, there by our living, becomes
so narrow once we start assuming things
that we lose the track of an absolute path.

We never try to act on our impulses, our intuitions, our senses
with which we are bestowed with....
We forget that we are humane, we practically live l…

When You Go Away

Everything appears so perfect when you are around
But, nothing seems to be alright when you go away

I walk, I work, I eat and sleep as the day passes
Yes, I become a mere perfectionist when you go away

I smile, I wave, I meet and talk when people come across
True, I behave just as a methodologist when you go away

Neither heavens fall on earth, nor Earth quake or brake
Yet, I loose everything on earth when you go away

Its not that I can’t live leaving you,
Its not that I am going to die without you,but
Life seems so imperfect when you go away!!
Life appears so disastrous when you go away!!!

Precious Moments

Just now I read …..”happiness is momentary
That is the reason why it becomes precious”
Then why can’t we treat sadness,
also momentary for that matter..,
As precious as happiness?

It’s all the mind game…….

Though happiness is momentary
You can always relive the moments of happiness
You can relish the thing again and again
Those moments refresh your body
They soothe your senses
Brings you a sort of contentment..
You ask for it more and more!!!

Though sadness is also momentary
You never ever want to look at those moments
As they will drain your energy
They will make you depressed
Those moments will bring you a sort of dissatisfaction
You never wish to repeat such moments in your life…

But just I started thinking......
Is there any way by which we can make
all the moments of our life as precious, irrespective of
whether they represent happiness or sadness?

It may not be possible all the time
But if make little effort to retaliate
and try to make out the reasons behind the

Lesson Learnt From “Lime”

Sometimes we learn big lessons from small things,
Of course one has to have an open mind to observe and analyze!

Today morning I was trying to extract lime juice
I was thinking something else and cut the lime along instead of across...
Then it became very problematic for me to hold the lime and extract its full juice.
In spite of all my efforts I was not successful to full extent …in extracting juice,
Definitely I couldn’t get completely what I want.

The reason is very simple I cut along not across….
But I have not realized the fact and at the same time
expected that it doesn’t make much difference in completing my job.

But today the lime has taught me a tough lesson..
Even though it’s a small one …if not treated in proper manner
It will not yield completely to us…

So my dear friends just think twice when trying to bend rules
To get something done…

You may assume “why not?” …
But every big or small thing in this world has its own individuality
You first try to understand it, accept it…

“ME” becoming "You"

In the midst of night
In the darkest of silence
You enter into my world
Taking dream flight

I never knew
How it happens
Seldom do I realize
How you creep in

All the doors are closed
All the windows are shut
My eyes are covered with sleep
I am tight lipped without taking your name

But you enter…
You enter into my world
Just like silence occupying the space
You overwhelm me
Just like wind filling the atmosphere

But you enter…
You enter into my heart
Just like hot gushing blood
You engulf me
Just like breath filling the lungs

By the time I realize
How? What? When?
I am no more ….

It’s totally you
My body and soul…
It’s just you…

You becoming “ME”

I started counting all the stars of the Sky to put it number
I tried to measure all the Air of universe to put it in space

I started reckoning all the waters of the Ocean to put it in volume
I tried adding up all the places on the Earth to put it in area

I started calculating all the heat of the Sun to put in warmth
I tried computing by all the magnanimous things I know….

But in vain my dear………….

You can really FEEL my love….
Only by one means…..

You becoming “ME”
Though it’s for a moment…..


Suddenly……sometimes …..
I loose the track….
I become quite random
In my thoughts
In my deeds

I don’t realize what’s happening
I don’t know why is it happening
Yet it happens………….

And obviously I become part of it
Without my concern.

The problem isn’t with the happening
The problem is with the end result,
For which I become responsible.
Irrespective of my involvement
People become judgmental….

Nobody ever bothers to ponder even for a minute
How do I become responsible for things which I have not done
Is it not wrong on their part to decide on my part?
Yet they will do that
Yet I have to bear the brunt……….

How stupid I am?????
To go along with the flow…
Instead of swimming across.
Why I become so timid at times?

Is it because I am “Latha”
Is it because of the belief?
Belief that I require a support all the time?
Is it because I refrain from swimming across the odds?

Probably the last one may be most opt answer…..
Yah true… at times I prefer to be an escapist
That may be the most …