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From this end of the Life.....

When you left me
I realized the thing
“I can’t live without you”

I know…now it looks silly
All through…. I have tried hard
Always… I tried to push you aside
In fact… I never wanted you

But let me tell you
You are the one…
Who have always taken me ahead

In all my endeavours
In all the situations
In all my conflicts
In all the temptations

You elevated my senses
You elated my feelings
You enhanced my traits
You embraced my memories

I never realized
In fact you are part of me
The day I landed on this Earth
You took me into your arms
Showed me the path
Lead me through life

Crooked mind....





Sharing all my dreams Comforts me with touch Hugs me with warmth (for Haiku Heights #301 ~ September Heights Day 28 ~ Pillow)

I am Listening to....

Golden Heart…


I know we are connected….

Who said we are apart
You are always close to my heart

Sometimes you take me high
Sometimes you keep me low
You make my mind a swing
With your eternal thought

Distances can’t part the souls
Miles are for those… who just want to pass

We may not hold the hands
But we are forever united
In this perpetual universe
I know we are connected….

Let the world think we are separate
World is for those….who just want to elapse
We may or may not live on this Earth
But we are intrinsic to this universe

We are not going to create any history