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The CORE called YOU!

I was rock solid …before I met you!
Really… I was a SOLID ROCK!!

You are the one who dissociated me
From the world where I belonged to!
You are the one who disintegrated me
From the roots where I belonged to!

You made me into pieces…into sediments!
You made me into all this eternal dust!

Always agitating…
Always unsettled…
With every action of wind!
With every action water!

Action of wind which brings in... your memories
Action of water which drowns me... when I recall you
Leaving me unrest!
In all parts of the EARTH that surrounds me!

I am still here….in this atmosphere!
Trying to settle in the deeper parts!
Deeper parts of the core
The CORE called YOU!

न जाने ....

न जाने किस रास्ते से आकर ....
चांदनी तेरे आँखोंसे बरसते है!

न जाने किस खोने में छुपकर
सूरज के रोशनी तेरे होटोंपे खिलते है!!

न जाने क्यों ये दिल तेरे आवाज़ से धडकता है...
न जाने क्यों मेरी जान तेरे सांसोसे से चलता है!

सवाल तो चाहें सौ किसमका कर लेंगे... तुमे हम
न जाने जवाब किस सवाल का मिलजाता है!!

Estimation and Expectation....

Estimation and Expectation are two things that need to be tackled carefully!
Especially when it comes to relationships!

Actually the problem begins….
When you start estimating a person or expecting something from a person.

Because no two persons in the world can estimate….exactly same!
No two people on earth can give you exactly what you expect!

It’s more or less like Seesaw game
You estimate a person and then expect according to your estimation...
Rarely will you realize that only one thing can sit up in right place at one time!
It’s not at all possible to balance the two.

So….leave all inhibitions that you are so damn intelligent ….
You can weigh a person and give his/her attributes accurately!

It's not possible...
I think it’s not even possible to the God who has created us.
And possibly that could be the reason why so many mishaps occur in one’s life!!

So…If you wish to make the world around you happy...and want to be in peace with yourself!
Then immediately get rid of…

बस यूंही

अचानक किसीका चहरा तेरी चहरेका याद दिला जाता है |
अचानक किसीका अंदाज़ तेरी अंदाज़ का याद दिला जाता है |

बोलने को ये तो कुछ बहाने है |
बोलने को बहुत सारी बातें है |

बस इतना समजलो मेरी जानम...

हर चहरे में हम तुमे देखने की कोशिश करता है |
हर अंदाज़ में हम तुमे पाने की कोशिश करता है |

न जाने किस मुखाम पे तुम मिल जाए....
ये सोंचके हुमतो बस...
हर रास्ता पे अपनी नज़र बिछाके रकका है |

Because it is a matter of heart!

I know some day I am going to get killed by some annoying person for all my strange thoughts!
Of course till that time I can freely think………..
Certainly thinking is the only thing which can be done freely…without any inhibitions.

Just now while having my lunch…I was thinking
“Why can’t a person have as many lovers as he/she wants?
Why we only restrict for one… ….
Of course I am not talking about to have only one throughout the life,
Now days it has become rather a rare sight.
But at least….most of us believes and practice one at a time.

One can have n- number of children, n- number of siblings, n- number of friends, n- number of neighbors and n- number of life partners, particularly wives…in some places at the same time.
But restriction comes only in terms of love interest…
You can’t tell that “I love n- number of persons” at a time.

When one can easily share his/her love among friends, children, brothers—sisters, relatives, colleagues… Everywhere…. then why not in case of lovers.


నీవు లేని నేను

నేస్తం నీవు లేవు....

ఈ భూమి తిరుగుతూనే ఉంది
క్రమం తప్పక సూర్యుని చుట్టూ!
సముద్రం నిశ్చలంగానే ఉంది
మింటికెగిరే అలలను చూస్తూ!

ఆకాశం ఉరుముతూనే ఉంది
మాయమయ్యే మెరుపుని తిడుతూ!
ప్రపంచం నడుస్తూనే ఉంది
భయంతో అనుదినం చస్తూ!

జాజితీగ పూస్తూనే ఉంది
వసంతంలో మల్లీ చిగురిస్తూ!
ఆఫీసు పని జరుగుతూనే ఉంది
ఏడాదికొకసారి నిన్ను తలుస్తూ!

అసలు ఇంకొక విచిత్రం
చెప్పనా నేస్తం..........
నా ప్రాణం, నీవు పోయినా
నేను జీవిస్తూనే ఉన్నా
అనుక్షణం నిట్టూరుస్తూ!!!


Have you ever thought?
What is the strongest weakness one can have…..?


I may be wrong in some people’s opinion but….
Certainly trying to prove our self as always good is the weakness,
Which is the worst thing to happen to any person?

Of course the only thing is one has to have the realization that they are trying hard to prove themselves good.
So hard that, they miss their originality!

Not once …but at every point of time!
One tries to prove…
Being a good son/ daughter
Being a good life partner
Being a good parent
Being a good office bearer
Being a good friend…
The list never ends!

The end result....
One keeps on try to prove oneself good
Leaving aside what really makes one feel good!

You never ever pause …you never ever relook
Hardly have you ever realized….

All through life you are doing so
And by doing so….continuously...
Somewhere you have not lived as YOU!

So my dear friends…
Don’t plan to please people
Be yourself
You need no…

It’s Possible…

Recently I watched the movie…Six Days Seven Nights!
I was wondering how a single incidence/ situation can change your whole perception,
Perception about a thing…person….and …LIFE!

But once I started thinking about it,
It all seems ... somewhat logical…
It all seems possible!
Of course…it need not be as dramatic as the movie.

But certainly a single…simple incidence…can make you to think.. totally different!
Different.. from your normal thinking!
A tricky situation can make you to take a relook!
Relook…. at the meaning of life!

We spend years….without much change…..without even realizing that!
Suddenly you meet a person, meet a situation, meet a challenge…
Life will take a 360 degree turn! will be at the same place …where you have started…but with a different outlook!
You start life afresh…with altogether a different perspective!

Life definitely gives you a chance…. if not quite often, at least a few times.

If it doesn’t give ….
You take a chance…
You make a choice…

तुम आगये हो

कितने साल बीतगये
कुछ पता ही नहीं चला

तुम आये कुछ पल बिताये ...चला गया

अब जिन्दगी तमसा गया है

न पिछले दिन याद है
न आगेकी सोंच...

दिलमे क्या जगा दिया
अब जिन्दगी बनगये?


आसमान के बादल मे

बारिश के बूंदों मे

हवा के झोंका मे

कोयल के पुकार मे

हर जगह तू बस जातेहो

मुझे छूनेके कोशिश करते हो

इतना क्यों तकलीफ लेते हो

दिलमे जो रहते हो

मेरे दिलमे जो रहते हो