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When a heart speaks to heart!

Where The Sun Shines.....

Let the world be simple… Let the world be humane

Catering to each other’s needs Bothering about what only matters

Let the peace prevail Let the nature sustain

Who want religions Who want resolutions

Who want policies Who want politics

Man was before all this Man is beyond all this

Let the man be one with nature Where the sun shines

Without any borders Let the man be one with the world

Where the water flows Without any barriers

Let the man be just humane Without any rights…
Let the man be just a man…. Without any riots

(For Poets United : Midweek Motif: Human Rights)

PT's Quote.....

More than love
what a woman expects
from a man is....Respect

You Are My Time......

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PT's Quote.....

I agree....Love is all about...
Losing something and gaining something

But if you are losing character to gain love
Beware...It's definitely not love!

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