A Place Can Change Your Life…..

Some people have lasting impression on us and similarly some places leave lasting imprint on us. Rarely does it happen that …a person and a place together make long lasting and, in my case, life changing impact which we might not even guessed at the beginning of that particular journey and meeting that particular person.

I was on a short trip to Karimnagar (three days) and during this trip yesterday I went to see two places…Vemulawada and Kondagattu after, I think, almost 25 years.

It looks so strange to go down the memory lane and recollect all the incidences associated with these places. The tender age of 16, the innocence, the ignorance and finally the imbalance in my character. When?, Where?, How? and Why?....it all seems so absurd now.

I never knew when I first made a casual trip to see my sister working at Karimnagar during that time that…. my life is going to take a complete ‘U’ turn from that day onwards.

I never realized at first instance that the person, a colleague of my sister, who took me to show places around Karimnagar, will become my Life Partner one day (after 4 years of pursuance).

Yesterday on my way back to home I thought…..

Never ever take anything for granted…
Keep all your senses open and alert

You never know …..

A casual trip may turn into a soul journey and
A just acquaintance will turn into one who can dictate your life…

So, Beware….. A place can change your life!!!!!!!


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