When a heart speaks to heart!

Trying to hear the unheard

Trying to see the unseen

Closing my eyes...

Searching within!

Silence sings the music of souls

Dreams display the image of life

Words fumble...words fall

Words rumble....words fail

Silence can convey every feel

Realms vanish...realms banish

Realms change....realms crumble

Dreams can withstand all the time

Music is same world over...

Crossing every border.....

Connecting each heart!

Language is not  a barrier

When love prevails

And a  heart sings to a heart!

For Poets United Midweek Motif ~ MUSIC





Susan said…
O! I hope this is falling in Love. But compassion, compassion works too.
Jae Rose said…
It feels at times that the world is scared of silence...i think you have captured the need to be still..to truly hear the magical song inside us...
Torie said…
It's quite something when a heart sings to a heart and there's a connection. It's good to be still and silent and find the connection within ourselves, too. Lovely poem :)

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