I am not saying goodbye today

I am not saying goodbye today

Goodbyes are... For those who part
Not for friends
Whose thoughts and hearts are never apart

Go... and fulfill all your dreams
Those which you have seen
Those which you are yet to see

Go and have all the fun
The fun you have missed during all these years

Singing aloud your favorite song
Watching late night movies
Playing cricket with friends
Leisure vacation with family

Don't trust if someone says you are old and retired
It is never too late to revive your life
Time is never too late to change yourself


Live life to the fullest...
Each moment... Each day...
You aren't going to live twice anyway

I am not saying goodbye today!


Mary said…
PT, wonderful to see you back at Poets United again! Wonderful message in your words.....it definitely is never too late to revive your life. There is always time to experience something new!
Jae Rose said…
What a wonderful refrain - today is the youngest we will be - so yes we must do even the smallest things which make us happy
It's never to late...until it is...so seize the day, I say!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
WOW! This poem speaks DIRECTLY to my heart and life experience right now. I have a dream I am following and those around me are saying I'm too old, it's too late. No it is not as I am still alive! BLESS YOU for this poem. I, too, am happy to see you back and hope you'll stick around! Thanks for making my day today with this wonderful poem. I'm not saying goodbye either, to life, or to my dream.
Melinda Kucsera said…
I agree! I also love the ending of the poem. Makes me want to dig out my bucket list and get cracking on it.
PT said…
Thanks for the warm welcome
It is written for my friend who was retiring on that day from my work place.
PT said…
True so...never postpone being happy!
PT said…
Thanks for your good wishes!
your words touched my heart
Don't listen to anyone
keep following what your heart says Sherry
Wish you all the happiness the world can offer!
PT said…
I agree with you my friend!

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