Dying spirit
Falling hope
Closed doors
Day and night

Mind stops thinking
Heart hinders beating
One by one everyone is dying
Day by day every day is sinking

No warmth
No sunshine
No food to keep the breath alive
But still...
You make an effort

Courage is that
Which still keeps you thrive
In the deserted  life

Courage is that
Which makes you a winner
Even when you die!

(Inspired by Anne Frank Movie which I saw Yesterday)


Sanaa Rizvi said…
I like the idea of courage making us a winner even after we die :)
Beautifully put.
Yes indeed, Anne Frank is the epitome of that kind of indomitable courage!
Jae Rose said…
A wonderful poem - drawn from a great inspiration - true enough if we live the best of our ability, resources and strengths out deaths too can be dignified even if the circumstances are not..a fitting write for Holocaust Memorial Day
Mary said…
Ann Frank is definitely an example of courage....the kind 99% of the rest of us will never be called upon to summon up. I like the idea that courage is that which keeps you thriving.....indeed, without courage facing the trials of life, where would we all be?
Brother Ollie said…
Great source for your inspiration.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh what a wonderful testament to Keeping On, even when "everyone is dying". I love that movie, have watched it so many times in my life. She was a wonder.
Carrie Van Horn said…
Ann Frank certainly was a wonderful inspiration for courage. A lovely write!!
Myrna R. said…
Oh I can understand why you wrote this. Ann Frank is the epitome of courage. Enjoyed reading your poem.
Susan said…
WOW! Yes, exactly how she makes me feel.
Sumana Roy said…
Anne Frank is the epitome of courage and yes courage is thriving making one winner even when one dies...
James Toma said…
Very beautiful. this was a great tribute to her. :)

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