Happy Birthday To You....

In the world of so many uncertainties
You are the certainty
In the world of so many confusions
You are the clarity

Hey... don't look at me like that
What you are today...you are
Because of me...and
What I am today....I am
Because of you

We are two sides of the same coin
We are two eyes of the same pain
We have grown together
Played together....learned together

Though you have been separated from my womb
You are still inseparable part  of me
Till death do us part

You are the essence of my life
My everlasting strength of love

May all the good things in the world happen to you
May you be the light of the world around you

May you flourish like the eternal sunshine
May you live like the long lasting spirit

Let me confess on this special day of mine
My dear daughter..........
You are the best thing to happen in my life!


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