Living Their Lives....

I always have a doubt........

Whether we live our life for our sake
or its just to make others happy?

I think from the day one of our life
We try to please,
Rather we have been trained to please others.

I do remember myself training my daughter to utter
The first words like amma, atta etc.,
So, people use force you to tell
The words they want to hear,
Rather than allowing you to speak
What you want to speak.

So, our life has been planned
To live according to others choice.
Its not a new thing
Only thing is we recognise it a little later in life
That we are living for others sake
and we make a big howl and cry

No need.
Go with the flow
People will be happy
Who bothers whether you are happy or not
Living their lives..............


Shareef S M A said…
Wat u've written is right. One finds his happiness when he/she is of his/her own... At the same, one shouldn't be completely self centered. Sometimes we find happiness doing little things which makes our beloved happy..

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