Whom am I?

Quite often I think

How this happened?

Without my knowledge

Nobody took my concern

Nobody bother to ask either

“would you like to”

And one fine morning

I am here on planet Earth

Seldom do I realize that

Moments pass into days

And days into years

All the time passes by

Life changes in such a fast pace

Quite often I think

Everything I can control

After all, this is my life………..

Seldom do I realize that

The first step was without my concern

I cannot hold back the last one too

When I cant fix up these two ends

How can I claim that this is my life?

Quite often I think

That everything I can hold back

After all, these things belong to me…….

Seldom do I realize that

Nothing is permanent

Time, matter or Person

Everything has to pass by

Life at any moment is so fragile


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