Magic Called Love

I aways think
There is something untold...
Something unheard from you..
So I want to talk
Talk for my hearts content
But that day will be probably the last day in my life

When I want to convey exactly what I feel
The words won’t come to my rescue
They go here and there
They just can’t catch up with
My thoughts
My feelings
My emotions

So there will be always a part of me
Which is not able to connect with you

That makes me more frustrated
That’s what keeps me trying my best
By all possible ways of me to say...
Keep talking...
One-day you may succeed

Many a times I thought beyond the boundaries and limitations
Certainly it gives me pleasure
But more than that it also gives me tears
I never understand this phenomena
I keep questioning my self
My god
But never I got any answer...........

Earlier.... I always use to think
what all these people write in novels and show in movies
is somewhat unrealistic and more of imaginative
but once i experienced
I started believing in the magic called love

There need not be any reason
There need not be any logic
It’s just a flow
And it will take you along with it

Neither one can escape nor one can control
When and where it will end
God only knows
Probably even he might not have any control once it begins
And he too becomes mere spectator ..just like you and me..

I know very well
Its not necessary that you should feel exactly what I am feeling
I even know yours is a need
Mine is an urge.....

But still………
I believe in love
I believe it because it gives me pleasure and satisfaction
It gives me hope
It keeps my spirits high

It all looks like a foolish thing but
what to do its the one thing which keeps me alive
Heard songs are more melodious...
But unheard songs are more melodious........

Hope you heard my silence
And got the message
In the right way..........


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