Off late I have realized one thing

I am not a good person

I always try to put blame on others

For my unhappiness

I always think that people have deceived me

But in fact more than anybody else

I have deceived myself

I always use to assume rather erroneously

That I have given so much

And expect others to give it back

When the estimation itself is wrong

How can I expect right things from the other person

Its not me, the other person should feel that

Yes, she has given me so much

I never bother to consider others opinion about me

What they think of me

How much do they care about me

Its all my mistake

I use to imagine

My stature

Irrespective of what they think about me

Then why should I now bother that

They are not giving me enough space

They were like that

Since the beginning

Its me

Who started thinking so many things

I myself gave so much credibility all relationships

And expect them to return

What a big fool I am

I was wrong, in telling that "I am always correct"

Infact I was never correct

I expect people to be nice

Irrespective of whether they feel nice about me or not

I expect people to like me

Irrespective of whether they like me or not


I am not a good person


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