Act before its too late……

I was just reading a book titled Un posted Letters by Ranga Rajan
The tagline of the book is “excited to be alive”.
Then I started thinking about the process called living

What makes us to say that I am alive?
A pulse rate/ heart beat or inhale/ exhale process
That we do irrespective of our knowledge and
The things on which we have least control…or
Is there anything more intricate than this??

Now a days they even coined a term called brain dead!!
God only knows what all the terminology they use to describe
Whether a person is alive or dead,
But one thing I am sure….
They all go by quantitative measures

Blood pressure
Heart beat
Sugar levels
Kidney functions…..
So much terminology is available in market today
All that I am not familiar with.

As far as science is concerned
They never ever bother about the quality…..
The quality of life…..
That is very much essential for one to ascertain that
Yes I am alive….

It’s not important to be alive
It’s important to live each moment in totality
It happens when all our senses work properly
In synchronization with nature, god and ourselves….

Have you ever thought???
Whether you are living?
This one and only life to the fullest….
Or spending time just being happy to be alive!!

Act before its too late……
Use your senses properly!!


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