Success Mantra

I was just wondering…. what is the most important thing?
One should have to be successful in life….
Is that depend on what they call as fate?
Is that depend on what they count as luck?
Is that depend on their knack of getting things done?
Is that depend on the intelligence they have?
Is that depend on the amount of hard work they can put?
A certain amount of all these things or
Just none of these things matter to be successful.

When I am seriously started thinking about people
Who have achieved real success in their lives.
“Resilience” is the word which struck to me.

It may look surprising at first instance
But once you go into finer details of life of
Truly a successful person,
You will certainly observe that…

It is their adaptability to new circumstances
It is their acceptability to consistent things
It is their adjustability to meet changing situations
It is their affordability to face challenging fields

In total it’s their resilience that makes them successful!!

Never fix boundaries in whatever things you do
Be considerate to everyone you come across
Be considerate to everything you do
Then success is sure thing to come to you...


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