Depend on........ Dependable!!

In world there are so many categories of people
Based on money, profession, education
Region, religion, cast, cadre, creed etc., etc.

But off late I have realized…..
There are basically only two categories….
Based on one fundamental criteria called belief or trust
i.e., a person is either reliable or unreliable
rather I can say …dependable….. Non-dependable

The biggest problem is to find…..
Without any mistake,
A person who is really dependable!

Seldom could we realize them
Because…..we often go by good appearances!
We often believe in great promises!!
We are often impressed by sweet talk!!!

We forget that …
Appearance is temporary
Sweet talk is to hide you from hard truth
Promises are just superficial

But yet, knowingly we become fools!
Thus, often, knowingly
We depend on Non-dependable!!

Everyone will stand for you on sunny days
The task is to find a person…..
Who will be with you on stormy days!

So, my advice is……
Never judge a person in good times
Let the worst situation come
You will realize
Who are the ones,
You should depend on….

Don't depend on non-dependable.....
Go by character not by charisma...

Good Luck....


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