Why Only Good???

Since last week I was casually thinking about a serious thing….
Why do we always prefer to be associated with something GOOD???

Good deeds, good qualities, good carrier, good children, good life partner
And even….good movies, good food…..

Why do we always try to put something in to the bracket of good or bad?
Is it our weakness or habit?

I think over the centuries we have become habitual of good and today it has become our weakness!!

We have trained ourselves so badly and madly that…. Everything has to be picture perfect.
Anything crossing the line becomes grave mistake…you have evidence of that you see…

Sita crossing the Lakshman Rekha…people take the negative aspect of that….
You should not cross the limit!

They never ever try to analyze that unless Sita crosses the Lakshman Rekha...

There is no scope of her getting abducted and …
The Rama-Ravana war….
Ultimately Ravana getting killed.

So, the lesson we all should learn from the history is….

Never hesitate to cross the limit….

Unless you cross… there is no scope for you to know the boundary between the good and the bad.
Unless you know you can’t be alert….
So, you have to have bad ….to know that it’s bad!

So, Never think big if something bad happens by you….knowingly or unknowingly…

We are human beings….and to err is human.
Try to learn something good out of your bad.

Bear with the initial little (even bigger) bad things…..
Ultimately….you will end up with something Really Good!!


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