Old Wine …In New Bottle

Today morning on my way to Office in the bus, an old song from film Aashiqui was playing...मैं दुनिया भुला दूंगा , तेरी चाहत में!

This made me to recollect that….

During my post graduation times a friend of mine use to cover the text book of paleontology with news paper containing beautiful… innocent face of Anu Agrawal from movie-Aashiqui.

He use to tell that “at least for sake of Anu Agrawal I will pick up the boring book of paleontology”.

After about 20 years, now…when I see my daughter keeping Mahesh Babu’s photo graph in her book shelf!
I realize that nothing much has changed with the new generation…

We still follow the traditions faithfully
Just like old wine …in new bottle!


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