My Thought.....

Wandering thoughts

Collide with each other

Dissipate in different directions

Trying to get liberate

From that closed chamber

The chamber called mind

All that they want …peace

All that they want …a place

All that they want...
A place where there is peace

A mind that is without thought

A thought that doesn't mind

Where, why…when, how

A thought that doesn’t bother

A thought that doesn’t have border

A thought that will originate in heart

A thought that will float in mind

Without any inhibitions

Without any intimidations

My thought….. trying to catch that thought

The thought that…moves in free spirit

The thought that…. lives in friendly sort


R.K. Garon said…
I see you're thinking about it :-)
Enjoyed flying through it in thought...
Björn Rudberg said…
Some thoughts needs to captured before the leave...
Sumana Roy said…
yes they rise like bubbles sometimes ...those that rise from the heart are worth keeping i think
Sherry Blue Sky said…
This poem floats in much the same way thoughts do, drifting through our write.
Anonymous said…
thoughts always depends on the day n ur state of mind.on a good day thoughts will always be positive.always hope for that day n good wishes for the day.

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