rANDOM pATHS......

Looking back at the path
Life has taken...

Countless tracks
Trackless years
It was never the same
Though traveled in same lane

Mind spreading its wings
Heart opening its views

Life's trajectory... never was the same
Passing years
Bidding farewells
Parting hearts
Separating lives

All in one path
All in one life
All paths measure the time
All paths adds to life

You can go alone
Path can't be lone
You can act perfect
Path can't be  pristine

All paths leads to one
It can be hell or heaven.

(For Poetry Jam)


Sumana Roy said…
paths are many and the choice is ours and so at the end of the day it's either hell or heaven..nice thoughtful lines PT...thanks for participating :)
Carrie Van Horn said…
Full of wisdom bull of beauty...a wonderful write PT
Nicholas V said…
Yes, indeed, there is a multitude of forks and a choice around every turn of the road. Nice one! I also like the image that accompanies your poem.
Donna Smith said…
As in the image, though you may start down a wrong path, there is usually another path that will get you back on track - despite your time-consuming and life-consuming detour - ending up where you were meant to end up
Nicely written.
Peggy said…
So many pathways in life leading to where were meant to be!

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