We all are lonely stars

We all are like lonely stars
Having a standard orbit
Having a fixed acceleration
We all stay in our very own cocoons

When we look up...it's all bright
Close to each other making bonds

Go close….. you realize
All are just a mere astronomical dust
Bound loosely without any coherence

Look accurate…then you estimate
All are miles apart from each other
Just maintaining the distant relations

We often forget…we are made of same dust
The dust that is universal
The dust that is spread inseparable

Still we make constellations
Still we make galaxies
Still we make planetary systems

True… we believe in making boundaries
True ….we believe in being in isolation
True…. we all are lonely stars

For Poets United Poetry Pantry 299


Old Egg said…
We have had many thousand years to enjoy our isolation and get things wrong so don't let facts get in the way of making money and killing the world we love so much we are smothering it with toxins...with no Plan B.
Jae Rose said…
We are indeed - although i quite like the idea of having a 'standard orbit and fixed acceleration' - it conveys a kind of place in the universe..a hope that at some point another star may cross our path...a sparkling write
Mary said…
indeed we are made of the same dust as all. We are lonely stars, all of us.
brudberg said…
We are all part of it.. the I can feel the starwind in my hair.
C.C. said…
An interesting consideration here.....though we are all made of the same dust and could collaborate, connect....we remain but lonely stars!
PT said…
Hay you got the things right my friend
PT said…
As Jae Rose mentions probably that's the thing we want may be? being in individualistic!
PT said…
We all know the fact Mary...we ignore it and move ahead in life
I f we ponder we cant sustain
PT said…
Very interesting....hope you collide with another megastar to have a brighter future!
PT said…
ha ha ha...hold it tight...don't give up to the winds

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