Citizen of Universe"

I want to go back...
Back in to the realm of time
Not years... not centuries

Probably Periods...probably Eras
Even may be Eons...
When  Earth has formed
4.6 Billion years ago..

No walls... no boundaries
No barriers
It was all one....
One beautiful Blue Planet

Only one such planet in the universe
Where life evolved slowly
Where man flourished steadily

I don't know when in the Time Scale
Who built the walls
Who made the divides

I don't know where in the History
Why people got differed
Why they become partial

I don't know...
How things changed
How Cities got built
How Citizens evolved

The only thing I know .....

"I want to be one with the world"
"I want the world to be one"
"I want to be the citizen of Universe"

Where people live in unison

Where people live in peace

(Periods, Eras, Eons are part of Geological Time Scale) 

For Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Citizenship



Susan said…
I think all of this happened in a relatively brief period of time. Maybe we get a glimpse of the beauty you conjure on death? Thank you!
Mary said…
It would be nice if we all had the feeling of being citizens of the universe....citizens of earth....just plain citizens in a world at peace, wouldn't it?
Myrna R. said…
I like what you say here. Wish we could see ourselves as world citizens.
Sumana Roy said…
Ah....if only we were...may be one day this dream will come true.....
PT said…
That's the truth we hardly realize until death knocks on our door!
PT said…
True Mary. that's what I wish for!
PT said…
Hopefully Sumana!

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