If you don’t help anybody its well and good............

I never say I am very principled person, but there is one Funda which I believe in and which I always follow.

“If you don’t help anybody its well and good, but never harm anybody”.

I accept …there will be a few occasions in everyone’s life when unknowingly we may harm someone by our deeds.

But there are so many people in today’s world who never realize the repercussions of their comments they casually make, impact of their deeds they carelessly do.

Even if they realize they never bother…. Because they always think about their life, their benefit...not about the loss they cause to others.

It’s a sort of regular practice to many to put the blame on other person to save themselves. It’s a momentary thing for them but the after effects will be life changing for others.

Whether it’s official/ personal or your relationship with people around in society….


Impulsiveness doesn’t make any sense…

Never forget that a thing which is done spontaneously to prove you right is proving the other one wrong. You never know…It may adversely affect the other person.

Your words/ actions may spoil their career, personal life, neighboring relations.

Think twice before uttering a word …
Because word has its own life.
Take time to act…
Because actions have their own consequences.

If you can’t do good to anyone its ok…
Remember not to harm anyone by your words and deeds.


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