Days are passing into years
I remember you in silent tears

You never gave me a word of assurance
You never made any big promise
But the mere presence of you
Use to give me immense solace

How can I forget all those times?
You were there for me…
As undisclosed confidence

The cup of tea you use to prepare for me
During my early morning exam times
Taking time to drop me at my college
Changing your route to office

How can I forget all those times?

How glad we were to compare
The two doctorate degrees….
Yours and mine
On the day of my convocation

How can I forget all those times?
You were there for me….
As unconditional buttress

The number of temples you took me
When I was not well
The best doctor you found at
When my problem was resurfacing

Most important of all these things
You taught me...the lesson of my life

You taught me the thing called TRUST
You taught me the thing called FAITH
You are the one who guided me to God

Though you left me in between
You gave me the path to follow
Though you are not there with me today
You gave me the reason to live

I know it’s foolish trying to express
Because you are beyond all worldly things ….
Because you have become mortal to immortal!!

(20.10.1936 to 15.05.2006)


Bhavana said…
Oh my..how strange to find a post dedicated to father (or fother) as I call him in the same week that I posted one!
Your poem and your thoughts are lovely...sweet.
Read mine, I think you will find consonance: "To my fOther..."
Brian Miller said…
smiles...we all express love a bit differently...and it sounds like he taught you the things that will get you through and that were important...a nice tribute to your dad....
Kalpana Solsi said…
This post how much you miss your father.
TALON said…
A beautiful tribute...your missing is apparent in every line. That missing never really goes away (my father passed in 1998)...but their lessons remain and their love.
WabiSabi said…
What a wonderful tribute to your father!My Head is Beating with Wishes
Sherry Blue Sky said…
It sounds like he taught you all the things you need to get through life, and prepared you well. You must miss him. I'll bet he is still watching over you.
Sam Edge said…
That wat really well done and obviously from the heart - love the picture.
PT said…
Thank you all for the good words!
Everything a Dad should be! Beautiful photo, too.

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