Make room….so that good can enter!!

I have often observed many people, even when it comes to me… its true.
We keep bad things in memory for a long time than good things.

We often find it difficult to forget... if a bad thing happens to us.
Let it be big or small, we dwell in its memories.
We relive that moment many a times.
By doing so we get nothing but more pain.

Still we can’t forgo the habit of multiplying the tragic moments of our life…
And this thing is the biggest tragedy to happen!

We lose our present happiness, our present peace of mind and our present moment of life…thinking about the bad. Why it happened? How it happened? Etc...

I strongly believe that…everything in life has a reason.
Let it be good or bad.
It has got some meaning in it…

And nobody else but ….
You are responsible for every action of yours.
So, accept that you have to have both good and bad.

The problem isn't in lies in our thinking…

If we do something bad to someone we easily forget that.
We remember only the good we have done to people.

Similarly…if something good happens to us…we forget it soon…
We keep only the bad things in memory.

As I said it’s all thinking…
We think that…
We only deserve the good…
Never any kind of bad thing should happen in our life.

We forget that good and bad are two sides of the same coin called LIFE.
In life we have to face both ends.

Nothing is going to be permanent,
Whether it's good or bad.
Don’t give undue importance to either…

Receive both with equal integrity and
Forgo both with equal generosity.

Don’t let the bad things hang on you for longer…

Make room….so that good can enter…

It’s always there…..
Just a knock away from your door!


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