In this many years of life there are quite a number of occasions when I felt
“This is it”….. “I can’t take it anymore”
I should end….. End my life.

Always I thought that...
"this is the worst situation… of my life".
Never realizing that ...there is a much more worse situation waiting for me
than the worst situation, I have faced till that time.

It’s like…tributary, river…sea and ocean
Unless we see the mighty one …
We won’t realize how small the other one is!

The advantage of being in more and more worse situations than what we expect is….
We will get used to face and tackle the situation more efficiently.

The situation what we think ultimate… will no sooner be a passing phase.
Every complicated issue….
Makes us to think….
In much broader spectrum.

We will expand our view…
The horizon will extend!
It makes us tougher.

Definitely there will be 101 excuses to die….
But we ought to find that one reason ….
Which makes us to continue the journey called life.

There may not be a particular one at a given moment…
But it should not stop you from pursuing…
Perusing the art of finding a reason to live

And I think that’s…..
The “pursuit” is called ….LIFE!


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