Mumbai Blasts ….

Serial blasts struck Mumbai …. AGAIN.

I am frustrated
I am desperate
I am irritated
I am shame full
I am guilty

How can one forget all the things happening in our surroundings and go back to their regular routine I never understand.

We fight for all useless things, which are not going to help anyone.
But when it comes to take stand on serious things like Terrorism
We all discuss among a group of people, a little bit of Hu-Ha….then forget.
Eat, go to your job, come back home and sleep.
We are ready to face next attack.

The Mumbai city has witnessed multiple acts of terrorism over the years.
I saw news papers giving statistics
When, where and how many dead.
Is that what we want?

Why can’t Anna Hazare or Baba Ramdev take a fast unto death till terrorism is removed from the roots?
Why can’t Government take a stern action against all those involved with these activities?
Why do we bargain at the cost of innocents?
Why do we take care of Kasab spending millions?
Why don’t people come out on streets to demonstrate against government’s policy on Terrorism
At least why can’t we ban people who help terrorists and
Finally why can’t we stop preaching PEACE?

Why we have to accept all the brutality with “abnormal calm”.

If a national leader dies in a terrorist attack
Their families are getting benefits for generations.

What about a common man?
They are also sacrificing their life for the country
What benefits they are getting?

Has anybody thought?
What happens to the family of if a bread earning person dies in a terrorist attack?
Who will take care of the boy’s education?
The girl’s marriage
The wife’s future requirements
Some ex gratia… that too after so much pursuance, that’s all!

Its common man’s problem
They are the one who are facing the tough situations
Instead of trying to become “Mahatma”….
By being qualm and accepting whatever happens with great Indian Philosophy.

Its time...They act…


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