The Only Believable Thing!

People often say, life is calling………
And they blindly try to follow it.
But, they often forget that
By following life… we are approaching death.

It’s not life, but death… which sends us an invitation.
We often ignore that, we rarely realize that …
Because, we never consider life as a sphere.

If one can look at life in total perspective…
One can really perceive that…
There is more faithfulness in death’s invitation rather than life’s call.

Isn’t it true? that life will cost you more than death!

Life always puts up some demand on you…
Life always expects some thing from you…
Life always takes some one from you…

I think …
Death is the only thing which never keeps you in abeyance.
It is the only one which never makes you any false promises and
It is the only one which never questions your integrity.

It accepts you, as you are….
No conditions, No rules.

Whether you are a king or a beggar
Whether you are a lover or betrayer
For death… every one is same
It embraces all with equal warmth.

It’s the only believable thing in this implausible world!!

What do you say??????????????


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